We are set for another night of great racing here at Southern New Mexico Speedway and tonight definitely holds a lot in store on track! After tonight there are only 2 nights of racing left for the Border International Truck 305 Winged Sprint Car series and you better believe these drivers are Pullin on the reins for that track championship. Lorne Wofford locked up the track championship last night at El Paso Speedway Park and he leads here as well! “Whiskey” Wes Wofford finished second in last night’s race and he is only 25 points behind his dad for the track championship here! Those two might be father and son but they run each other harder than anybody else and you better hold on tight because the fire for the championship has been lit! As our great announcer Ruben Mireles, always says, “Its about to be a #Dynamite night!” The track has rolled in perfect and we got Bombers, USRA Xmods, USRA Street Stocks and Southwest late models headed your way along with the 305 Winged Sprints!!

Street Stocks are going to light up the night first for us this evening and as this is the fastest growing car class in the nation, you know it’ll be a good show tonight. The 70 of Jared Perez will start on the pole and we have 13 cars ready to do 20 laps. Rough start to this one so we try again. Attempt two is clean and the 70 will lead lap 1 over the 51 and 44JT. Caution #2 one lap in, this time for the L750 of Todd Froats and a flat right front. L750 to the rear after that fix and Perez will lead us to green with 19 to go. 44JT of Jaime Torres will go low into one and down the backstretch it is last nights winner, Jaime Torres, to the lead! Torres will lead the 70 after 4 laps but Lloyd Turner is looking for that second spot low all the way around. 5 in with 15 to go and Caution once again. Torres will perfect this restart but Lloyd Turner will get his 0 machine around Perez for second! Turner is faster all the way around by using that low line but the traction off just isn’t there yet for the pass. Turner looking low for 2 laps and that low line is coming in hot! Into turn 3 on lap 8 and Turner is going to have the grip coming off and at the line its Lloyd Turner in 0 stealing the lead like a thief in the night! Torres going to push his car to the limit to get Turner back but into turn 1 with 11 to go and Torres will push that car just a little to far and AROUND GOES TORRES from second. Torres will keep it going but slip to the rear and we stay green! Half way there and kicking but its another caution in turn 2 from the rear of the field. The 0 lead us back to green and is gone on this restart. The 44X will sit in a lone second but its Jaime Torres already up to third! 7 to go and Torres around LaRose for second! 15 in with 5 to go and the 0 is way up over the 44JT but he is giving it everything he has tonight! White flag racing but Torres is to far back to make anything happen tonight. He will almost catch Turner. At the line it’s Lloyd Turner in 0 taking home your USRA Street Stocks A Feature. Jaime Torres charges to second from the rear and it’s the 44x of George LaRose coming home in third.

It’s been a wild night from hot laps to heats and now you better buckle up because its USRA Xmods time for 25 laps! The 4 of Melissa Gorham leads the pole and she will lead lap 1 with the 44 pushing middle in second! 5 in and we will have caution #1 in this one. The 4 of Melissa Gorham leads this race with Christy Georges Barnett chasing in second. It’s the ladies getting it done tonight up front. We complete 3 more and its still Melissa and Christy still showing the boys how to get it done upfront. Unfortunately just as those 2 break away into their own zip code we have caution again. The 4 drags u back to green with 17 to go. Donovan Flores to second after 1 lap of restart! Fireball Flores low in 1&2 and its Fireball Donovan Flores to the lead down the back! Flores will have to do it again though as its caution before they get back to the line to complete that. The 44 has trouble under green and now its 4 leading with 07 chasing. The 93 of Gregory Gorham is into third and on the restart he will dart around the 07 and we have Gorham 1 and 2! Flores will challenge back and 14 to go its Flores low into turn 1 to take that second spot back like a champ. But caution again and the 07 has to slip back once again. The 07 wastes no time on this restart and Flores will go straight to second to work on the 4. Into turn 3 it’s going to be Donovan Flores low and at the line he will lead it! 11 laps to go and the 4 is looking outside back for the lead. She can’t make it stick, but she has opened the door and now Jammin Jimmy Ray is there in 9 to make things hot! Down to 9 to go and Jimmy Ray is all over the 4 car for second. 9 to the inside of 3&4 and its Jimmy Ray at the line. Fireball Flores is up front leading clean air now but the 9 is charging hard and not backing down! Another caution and the 9 doesn’t have to worry about catching the 07, we will do it for him. 5 to go at the stripe. Donovan will hold for the next two laps but down to only 3 remaining and we might as well have another caution! This caution finally in Donovan Flores favor as Jimmy Ray had just made the pass on him. We go back racing for these 3 laps with the 07 leading the 09 and Uno back to it. It’s a Jammin restart for the 9 and he will lead it back around with two to go! As Jimmy Ray completed that lap, we have cars spinning turn 3 and its another caution. Jimmy Ray with another perfect restart but no complete and the 44 will spin the 4 on the backstretch. Jimmy Ray is will nail the second attempt at a green, white, checkered finish and its Jammin Jimmy Ray leading late in this one to take that 9 machine to victory lane! Fireball Donovan Flores has another good showing in second and Justin Allen sneaks his 33 into third.

Late Models put down some heater laps in the heats and we got 15 of these dirt devils ready and Rumblin’ to race! Scott Logston is last night’s winner and he starts outside row 4 with Fito Gallardo to his inner. Big wreck in turn 2 on the start and we got 5 cars from the front of the pack all bunched together. Complete restart here but now your leader is the 911 of Cliff Hansen Logston and Gallardo both moving to row 2. Keko Perez is on the outside front row and he will lead lap 1 in that 3K machine. A Scott and Fito both close in we have a caution again. Logston will start to fall back on this restart but he gets lucky as we only complete one more lap and its caution. 2 laps complete now with 3 cautions and 13 minutes of racing. The G17 squeezed into the lead just before that yellow and he will lead us back to green. Its Fito Fashion like usual and the G17 is going to check out on that restart. If you give that man clean air he is gonna take it! 15 to go and it’s the 911 into the front stretch wall hard. That’s already 4 cautions in 5 laps so track officials, Eddie, decide that taking 5 laps off of their total is going to be good for us all. Back to green with 10 to go and its Gallardo, Logston, and now Mercedes Abercrombie up to third in that red 29! Logston will go low and looking but he better watch the 29 because she is coming high. 8 t go and its caution again. Only 1 more complete, with no passes, and caution flies another time. They restart clean and 7 to go Fito leads like a rocket but Logston holding on tight. Down to 3 left and Fito is pulling from late in this one. The G17 will pull away at the white but Logston will have his hands full with Mercedes Abercrombie. She is on his bumper all the way around but Logston will hold on! Its Fito Gallardo in G17 taking yet another win on the season. Logston will pull a second place out of his hat and Mercedes gave it all she had but third will have to do tonight.

Bombers are a nice pause from the high flyin’, break neck speeds of the late models and here they come. 12 of these tanks will give us 15 laps tonight. The 4B of Brian Bagwell will start on the pole and lead the first 4 laps but Red Flag for the 4 of Devan Smith who has flipped into the fence on the front stretch! The 9 got into the back of the 4 car there and sent him flying! Violent Wreck there but we get it goin again for 11 laps. The 4B was way up but now its Sean Privette into second in the 7. Privette with a great restart and he will take the lead all the way to the stripe! 5 to go and the 13Rlt of Dane Boerger will finally clear the4B but caution again before they complete that lap. Clean restart for Privette and 13Rlt into second. No more laps left tonight for the 13RLT because at the line, for the checkered flag, it’s Sean Privette in 7! Dane Boerger holds onto second while Brian Bagwell finishes a strong third.

If you check your watch then you will clearly see its 305 time! Border International 305 Winged Sprint car time that is. Rick Ziehl in 20Z was last nights Feature A Main winner with “Whiskey” Wes Wofford showing up strong in second. However, the big winner on the night was Lorne Wofford coming home third and clinching the El Paso Speedway Park 2015 point’s championship for the 305 Winged Sprints! Lorne and Wes are 1 and 2 in the points here at Southern New Mexico Speedway and they are set to both start row 6 in this one! Those guys aren’t point’s racers but let me tell you, the fire has been lit and they are on the hunt! However, Rick Ziehl is not going to be easy to catch tonight as he starts on row 2 and is looking as good as always. The 54 of Art Quijano will drag us to green for the first time and here come the 305’s for 25 laps! Ziehl darts to the lead and he wont be looking back! Rick Ziehl leads lap 1 but after 2 laps the big mover is Lorne Wofford all the way into 6th. Ziehl might be out front and getting after it but the 77 of CJ Hulsey is on a mission and on the bumper of that 20Z after 5 laps! Hulsey is looking low but 15 to go and it wont stick there, allowing Ziehl to gain some breathing room and drive that car hard. The 77 will get a little loose but he holds it together and manages to keep second with the 54 fighting on in third. 11 to go and it’s the Rick Ziehl show up front! The 27 of Cesar Fuentes will slide by the 99.5 for 4th and its Lorne Wofford looking to do the same in 18. 7 to go and the top 3 are spread out but its Lorne Wofford breaking the top 5 and headed for the bumper of that 27 car now! A caution would do this field some good but it doesn’t look like that is in the works tonight with 6 to go. The 54 was running third but 5 to go and Cesar Fuentes will slide around dragging Lorne around with him. Those two running third and fourth now but it looks like the laps might be to short to have anything for the top runners tonight. Down to only 2 circuits remaining on the ticker and Rick Ziehl will not be caught tonight! White flag for Ziehl and he will cruise that last lap for victory. Nobody even had a prayer tonight and its Rick Ziehl in 20Z doubling down on the weekend and taking the win again tonight! Hulsey will run 2nd the entire race while Cesar Fuentes and Lorne Wofford battle their way from the rear to top 4 positions. Wes Wofford will come in seventh after some rough laps but he and Lorne both still running 1&2 after the points play out. Good night of racing all around from that 305 Winged Sprint Car field.

Rick Ziehl was calm and collected after the win tonight but you could see the happiness on his face. This is what he had to say about the lead up to tonight’s wins and how special they really are:
“Winning two nights in a row is pretty awesome but doing it at my home tracks is even cooler. I really enjoyed that tonight. We just ran the Knoxville nationals and we didn’t do as good as we wanted but we sure learned a ton. So going and learning that way is always good and its helps when you come home and run these smaller motors on these much smaller tracks. The car was actually great tonight and like I said, just learning about the car is really helping us out.”

If you missed us this weekend don’t make the same mistake as we go racing with all our regular track classes next weekend right here at home! Gates open at 5:30. Races start at 7:45. Come hungry, leave pumped because we will put you on the edge! See YA!