After a long week for the racing community we are set to go racing once again at the Southern New Mexico Speedway with Josh Jackson on our mind and in our hearts. Tonight most the amazing drivers and crew have pledged their earnings to the Jackson family and we all know your gonna pull through buddy. See you soon and know that every lap tonight is run for you. #37Strong
The night starts with super trucks and 11of them have graced us with their presence for 20 laps. The 98 of Rusty Bowen will start on the front row after a strong run last night early on. Bowen will lead the first two laps clean but Caution #1 on the night. Sherman Barnett in 82 is now up too second but after 1 more lap is complete its caution #2 for a slow car on the back straight. 17 to go and the 98 will drag them back to green with the 82 and 6 charging. 8 in and 12 to go and the 82 has caught the 98! The 10 of Mike Garcia has driven that machine to third with the 21 of Walton Kyle Jr in fourth and coming hard! 9 to go and Sherman dives low in turns 1 and 3 but Bowen still the leader at the line! The 21 is there to wrestle for third and 2 laps later its all his over the 10! Only 5 circuits remain and now the 21 is inside the 82 for second! The 82 is blocking the line hard but at the line for 2 to go the 98 still leads! The 21 will clear the 82 finally and he has the speed for the lead! White flag and the 21 has caught the 98! They go nose and nose, neck-and-neck all the way around! Out of turn 4, around the outside, the 21 and 98 are going to drag it to the line slamming panels!! Walton Kyle JR wins by .2 seconds!! Rusty Bowen comes just short of winning but second on tonight is a great finish. Sherman Barnett in 82 held on for third.
Hornets are up on track now and we have 8 cars for 15 laps ready to rumble! Batman Rudy Tarin JR in 28T will slide into first after 2 laps from starting outside row 3. The 28T will begin to pull away from the field for the next 3 laps but 5 in 10 to go and RED FLAG!! The 24S Saul Delgado has taken a big push from the 13x in turn 1 and over the top of turn 2 the 24S is barrel rolling down the backside. The crew is quickly there as always and Saul Delgado is ok! Boy oh Boy was that a crazy sight. The 24S is done on the night and the 13X will be black flagged for that altercation! The 28T will lead us back to green after that 5 minute Red flag and away he goes! While the 28T pulls away the 74 of Ben Ives will battle with the 12 of Larry Maag and they are door-to-door. The 12 will lead the next by as those two drivers go cat and mouse. 14 in 1 to go, White flag racing now and it’s been all Rudy Tarin JR in this one. The 12 has puled from the 74 and the rest of the field is even farther from them. Rudy Tarin JR is back on the top of box again in Southern New Mexico.
Get ready for the show because we are set to go racing for 20 laps with 12 Sun Valley Street Stocks! The 13RLT starts on the pole but the fastest cars from the heats are the 44JT and 3H who both start in row 3. The 13RLT will get jumped on the start and we redo it. Take 2 is a little better and it’s L750 to the lead but 44JT Jaime Torres is there to the inside for 2 laps. 3 laps in and its Hollingshead all the way from 3rd to the lead!! Hollingshead looking to pull away but the 00 of Shane Smith is into second and not letting the 3H check out yet. 6 in with 14 to go and the 3H is all but gone now but yellow for the 29m who has stopped on the exit of the track. The 44JT was in fourth and charging but under caution has a flat right rear and to the work area he goes. The 44JT will return to the speedway after his three-minute time limit but to the rear he goes. The 3H will take us back to green for 13 laps but the 1996 track champion, Shane Smith 00, is sitting pretty in second. Half way there and the 3H has pulled 8 lengths ahead after that restart. 8 to go and 44JT up to third Around Rudy Munoz in 3D after starting that last restart from the very back! At the line with 4 to go the 3H is way up and 44JT is catching the 00 for second, when the 3H looses a motor on the front stretch!!! The 00 is now the leader and the 44JT has only one car in his way to sweep the weekend! 2 to go and its Jaime Torres who is faster in second! To the white flag they are door to door and Shane Smith is holding on strong barely ahead. The 44JT is running the outside cushion and out of turn 2 the cushion holds! It’s Jaime Torres ahead by a nose as they dive into turn 3. Jaime Torres gets another great drive off turn 4 and the win is his! The 44Jt sweeps the weekend in true champion fashion. The 1996 track champion, the man who hasn’t raced in 15 years, Shane Smith brings home second! 3D of Rudy Munoz slips into third as the wildcard out of nowhere tonight, so congrats to Rudy on that strong finish.
Legends are always a great class to watch but tonight our legend class is a man short and so before this race starts we all have to stand and say to Joshua Jackson, we race for you and you are in our prayers. Get well soon buddy because we all miss you. #37STRONG Brady LaBree is running the 37 tonight for in the place of Josh Jackson and he took the dominating win last night! 2 laps in and the 66 will loose power down the front straight; this causes the 902 to spin in turn 1 and that the first caution in this one. The 66 of Wilbur Wells was leading but now it’s the 84 of Ed Hansen who will inherit the lead. The 37 is now all the way up to second! The 84 will loop it on the restart and its Brady LaBree leading that 37 on lap 4 by a hair over the 01! The 11 year old of Gunner Harris is now in 3rd with his 54 machine! 2 more laps complete and with 11 to go we have caution. The 01 will take the lead on the inside of turn 4 but LaBree is still running high. LaBree will lead lap 10 on the high side! The 01 of Dusty Riggs is still in second but Gunner Harris is on the charge now. LaBree will drop to the low side in turn 1 but still running high in 3&4 with 7 to go. The 237 now into third around the 54! 4 to go and the 37 still leads. 3 to go and we have caution again. Its going to be a single file quick restart as a storm is moving in from the South and its LaBree dragging us back to green. RED FLAG on the restart turn 1! Chris Smith as collected with the 11 of Lucas Ward and the 41Z has rolled hard. Lucas Ward and Chris Smith are both ok! Just broken cars tonight luckily for those drivers. However, before we go back to green the storm catches us and this night is over. With that rain out we still have some laps left on the ticker but it’s the 37 car of Brady LaBree who takes the second win on the weekend!! The 01 had just held off the 237 for second while Arellano settles for third.
Congratulations to the 37 car and what an impressive run to do it for Josh.
The racing was great tonight but at the end of the evening we must all remember that this sport is tough and that one of our own, Josh Jackson, needs all our prayers and support that we can give. The link to help the Jackson family is here and with anything you can do is greatly appreciated. http://www.gofundme.com/joshjacksonracing
Racing starts at 7:45
Gates open at 5:30
See you there, as we all remain #37STRONG