It is a massive car turnout tonight and if you missed it then you missed a full track in every class! Super Trucks, Casa Nissan Legends, Mini Sprints, USRA Street Stocks, USRA modifieds are headed your way. The track missed a little rain cloud in the area and it has prepped in perfectly for all theses drivers and you the fans better get ready for a show.

Best turnout yet for the super trucks tonight as we have 17 of these horsepower puppies headed your way for 20 laps! The 68.5 of Jason Pearson is on the pole after some bumping and bangin’ it’s the 82 of Sherman Barnett going to the lead for the first lap! 3 laps in and Sherman is looking to check out but caution in turn 1. Bunch them back together and Barnett will lead them to the stand for 17 laps. Sherman with the blasting restart but here comes the UNO of Brian Kleine into second with 15 to go! 14 to go at the stripe and caution again for trouble turn 2. Sherman will drag the UNO and 98 of Rusty Bowen to the green and it’s a clean restart once again for “The Sherminator”. Down to 11 remaining and The UNO is coming hard for the lead but caution again and he will have a really good chance now. Sherm with another solid restart but now it’s the 01 of Dr. Dave Deetz into second charging! 5 to go and Sherman is still leading by distance but he isn’t gaining anymore now as the 01 tries to hold on. 3 to go and Barnett isn’t loosing any ground to Deetz. This one looks to be all but over. At the checkered flag it’s the 80 year old, Sherman Barnett taking the win in dominating fashion! The 01 slides his way into second. After the race is over Sherman Barnett will have trouble in tech and the win is succeeded to the 01 of Dr Dave Deetz! Brian Kleine will now be your second place finisher.

Sun Valley Hardware USRA Street Stocks are raring to go racing and now they are going to get their chance for 20 laps! 16 cars coming out of turn 4 full throttle and it’s the 5 leading lap 1. However, into turn 1 the 5 will overdrive and around he goes giving us the first caution in this A-Main. 19 to go at the stripe and the 44X will lead us around. George LaRose may be your leader in 44X but Jason Josselyn is on a mission in that 74J machine tonight. Josselyn will make the pass for the lead at the line but he spins it in turn 1 and looses a ton of spots!. We stay green though and its LaRose back to the lead. The 44JT Jaime Torres is in second and putting pressure with 13 to go. Here comes the 3H of Noah Hollingshead in third. At the line its 44Jt going wide outside and to the lead! Hollingshead also slides by the 44X and into second. 9 to go and the 3H is there taking that outside line and working it hard. The 44x is third but 74J back to fourth after that spin. Hollingshead using the lappers and into turn 3 he has the lead around the outside. As the leaders cross the line its caution for the 44Jt spinning turn 3 with a flat front. The 44Jt gets that fixed and to the rear he will go. The 3H is flying but the 74J has the speed to get it done tonight.. 6 to go and the 74J cant make it stick yet but he is on the bumper for the lead. 5 to go for the leaders and out of turn 4 its Cheyenne Arone getting head on into the exit turn 4 wall! Lots of cars in that mixup and Cheyenne will be ok but done for the night. Josselyn is trying the outside on this restart and 4 to go its Jason Josselyn to the lead! 3H runs second but 3 to go and the 44JT is already back into third! Josselyn will lead at the white but the 3H is on the bumper. Hollingshead looking low into one! Tonight its Josselyn leading all the way to the checkered! Jason Josselyn wins by inches! The 3H of Hollingshead faster on that last lap but tonight isn’t the night and he will settle for second.

They may sound like bumblebees but these cars are quick and light. They are legends! 14 Rajin monsters take to the oval tonight for 20 laps. The 84 of Ed Hansen will lead lap 1 but out of turn 4 as the leaders cross the line it’s the Ak-47 of Esquivel loosing control and going around! They complete 1 more lap after that restart and its caution again. Just as the caution happened the 5 of Joe Cuilty had made the pass for the lead and lucky for him a majority of the field had crossed the line so he is your new leader! The 5 takes off like a rocket but the 84 is coming back and looking for another piece of that lead! The 37A of Alex Esquivel is coming hard inot third! And then Second down the back stretch low! Esquivel starts working on the 5 car but to no avail and he slips back. There goes the 72 of Rob Shepperd and 237 of Steven “Scuba” Arellano into second and third! The 5 is still leading but it’s the 237 coming hard now! Scuba is into second and he is dive bombing turn 3! 13 to go and out of turn 4 its Steven Arellano leading in 237! 11 to go and Arellano is looking for a zipcode with his name on it tonight while the 5 holds off the 72. The 902 of Mike Zuloaga had that issue early in this one but he is back into third and he is workin hard on that 72 machine! 8 to go and the 237 still leads the 5 but its Zuloaga around the 72 for third and charging hard. 6 to go at the stripe and Arellano and turned in the keys and checked out in this one. The 902 outside looking around the 5 and its his! Zuloaga made that pass in the perfect spot too because as he crossed the line we have a caution. We bunch emm back together and here they come out of 4. Into turn 1 it’s the 11 year old Gunner Harris going way outside and into the top 3! What a move right there. The 54 has come to life late in this race with the help of a high line and he is all over the bumper of that 902 for second. Harris is faster than both leaders but only 2 laps remain and Arellano is way out as Zuloaga holds down the fort for now. As they come out of turn 2 Zuloaga bobbles slightly and Harris pounces! Down the back stretch its Gunner Harris into second but he will only have one more lap when he crosses the line and he is 8 lengths back. Not enough time for Gunner Harris on the last lap as he closing but its Steven “Scuba” Arellano taking the win again tonight just as he did in El Paso last night! Zuloaga holds onto third in 902.

We have a big ole turnout for the Mini sprints tonight and its another swarm of bees headed your way! Theron Flack in 11 will lead lap 1 and he is looking to be dominant tonight as he pulls away quickly. The 5 of Fabian Gomez is second but out of turn 4 with 4 down and 11 laps to go the 1 of Will Gonzalez will take that second spot like a speeding bullet. 9 to go and Theron Flack is wound up in that 11 machine with will Gonzalez catching him slowly. 5 to go and Flack still leads by almost a whole straight but Gonzalez is faster on the clock by 2 tenths! 2 to go and Gonzalez faster still but having trouble getting around the lappers that flack just cleared easily. Flack appears to be loosing some power on that last lap but to no luck of the 1 as tonight’s feature A main winner is Theron Flack in 11 by 2 car lengths! The 1 had really closed in on that last lap but Will Gonzalez will have to settle for second this evening. The 27 of Jeremy Stamper will squeeze into third.

Now we may have had a modified race tonight instead of the heats because of the rain out 2 weeks ago but we got another one headed your way! The is the regularly scheduled race and they are set to go for 30 laps. It was a pill draw for starting position tonight so with 24 cars on track a lot of fast guys got a bad draw and will be starting near the rear. However, The fastest of them all in the earlier main was Jake Gallardo as he lapped all the way into 5th place at one point in the race and he starts on the outside pole position after an amazing pill draw. The J17 is like a dart tonight and he will lead lap with no hesitation. Jake is just putting in the practice laps now as he cruises through the track way ahead tonight. 5 laps in and Jake has already caught the tail end of the field! Before Gallardo laps into the top 20 we have caution #1 for 5 cars spinning all together in turn 4. The J17 will lead us back with 25 to go and the 9 of Jammin Jimmy Ray is sittin pretty in second. The 9 has something for the J17 on this restart and down the back its Jimmy Ray into the lead! That lead last about 7 seconds as Jake Gallardo lays into the throttle into turn 3 and throws that machine completely sideways around that outside cushion! At the line it is Gallardo J17 back to the lead. 3 more laps complete and the 82 will catch fire as he exits the track and we have red flag to get that blaze out quickly! Barnett is ok and we go back to racing after that short red for 22 laps. Jimmy Ray is grabbing on to the J17 once again on this restart and away the top 2 go. 2 more complete with 20 to go and the J17 is back to grabbing gas because he is checking out over the 9. Jake is going to have to give up this big lead once again because its caution. Back to green after the cars get rolling and this time Gallardo is not letting anybody grab on this time. 17 to go and the J17 is already a full straight ahead of the 9. The biggest mover so far is the G17 of Fito Gallardo all the way up to 4th after starting 21st! Down to 13 to go and Jake is lapping cars left and right while the 9, 44 of Christ Barnett, and G17 have barely even reached the back of the pack! Jake Gallardo way ahead with 10 to go but Fito Gallardo is faster back in fourth through traffic. 7 to go and the J17 is through all the rear end lappers up to 8th place but caution will once again kill that lead. Jimmy Ray was still in second but Christie Georges has driven up into third while holding Off Fito Gallardo who is into 4th. Out of turn 4 it’s the J17 darting away again but now it’s the G17 into third around the 44! Only 4 circuits remain and Jake Gallardo is back to be the fastest while Jimmy Ray and Fito battle it out for second. Fito is putting down the hammer but we have another caution before we click 3 to go. Jake with the lone front row with Jimmy high and Fito low in row 2. This is about to be a run of the best! Clean restart and Fito into second! Itll be a Gallardo show at the line with 3 to go! J17 is looking to check away but dear ole dad is in second and coming hard! Seems like the J17 had another gear to give all night and boom town he is gone! Down to the white flag and it doesn’t look like Fito Gallardo will have time to catch his son tonight. At the checkered flag it’s the J17 of Jake Gallardo winning by 12 lengths over the G17 of Fito Gallardo! The Gallardo clan give it a good show tonight but in the end it’s the younger taking home the winner sticker. Jimmy Ray holds onto third while Christie Georges Barnett cracks the top 4!

Jacob Gallardo was calm as always after the race but with a dominating performance like he had tonight its hard to not be a little excited. This is what he had to say about tonight’s performance and the upcoming Fall Nationals here at Southern New Mexico Speedway in October.

“The car and the track worked almost perfectly together tonight. I have been trying to do different things with the car and I think we are really close to being exactly where the car needs to be.”

With a dominating performance like tonight are you just getting to the lead and running practice laps for the Fall Nats?

“Well its still racing out there but when I can do something like that it sure feels like it. We have definitely been trying things we normally wouldn’t so that when those guys get here we can be ready for the showdown. I think the car is really coming around and I have wanted to win that race since I was a little kid. Its one of the biggest races for Modifieds in the country and this year I think we have finally hit gold and have a great shot at it. I want to win that race real bad.”

If you missed Jake Gallardo put the hammer down tonight then you better not miss next week as the 360 Non-Wing Sprint cars return to Southern New Mexico Speedway for an exciting weekend of adrenaline packing fun. Next weekend is also the Josh Jackson Benefit race and all proceeds are going to Josh and his family! SO make sure you bring your friends, family and strangers off the street out to the speedway because we all are #37strong.
Gates open at 5:30
Racing Starts at 7:45
Don’t miss out!