If you missed this you missed crazy!

The Border International Truck ASCS 305 Winged Sprint Cars returned to action tonight, May 30th, at Southern New Mexico speedway at just like last night in El Paso not a single lap went without action. Joining them was the Revolution Realty X-Mods, Sun Valley Harbor Street Stocks, Bombers and the Southwest Late Models.

X-Mods mains started out the evening for us. The X15 of Rick Hall sat inside pole with the UNO machine of Brian Kleine just outside. 44D Troy Phillips sits just behind Rick Hall with the inside of row two. It’ll be Phillips makes it interesting early when he smacks the wall hard having to pull from the raceway early. The 3 of Dickie Gorham slides in for Phillips but Rick Hall is looking to check out early.

After 1 lap Hall is already got the X15 five car lengths up over Brian Kleine. The real battle is back in third where the J17 of Nicky Rivera has made it three wide with the 33 of Justin Allan and 00 of Stevie Gutierrez. After 5 Laps it s becoming the Rick Hall show but Kleine is still attempting a charge. Justin Allan finally winning the battle for third with a hard charge out of turn 4. Allan is coming hard for Kleine. It only takes one more lap for Allan to come blistering into turn 3, slide outside wide open and take second from Kleine.

7 laps in and the leaders are catching lapped cars coming into turn 1. Unfortunate for Hall who is up by 4 car lengths, last nights winner the 7C of John Carney Sr. takes a spin with possible help from the 38 of Hector Prigione. To close to call from the booth but the 38 stays clear is the word from the corner. 14 laps to go and Rick Hall leads Kleine and Allen back to green.

On the restart the 33 of Allen gets inside the UNO of Kleine and takes away second. Top four X15, 33, UNO, J17 all goes nose to tail while the rest of the field goes 2 wide all the way back. The next 4 laps see the UNO slide back to fifth while Rivera moves to third and Sherman Barnett in the 82 moves it to fourth. 10 down, 10 to go.

3 wide for third coming into turn 1 as the 07 of Donavon Flores pushes deep inside with a slide job to pass the 82 and the UNO. Gets loose coming off of turn 2 and falls back to fifth again. Valiant attempt from the 07 machine.

5 to go and the X15, 33, and J17 once again run bumper to bumper for 1,2, and 3. Lapped traffic is back in play as 33 and J17 split with Allen 33 going low and J17 Rivera going high. 33 come’s away with it out of 4.

Just behind them out of turn 2 the UNO of Brian Kleine gets loose and spins off into the backstretch. Caution with 2 to go. Green waves and its Rick hall X15 leading the 33 and the J17 around for two more circuits.

1 to go and Rick Hall leads emm by more than a few car lengths. Rivera gives it a last ditch effort into 3 and makes it stick inside of Allen!

Rick Hall wins it by a car length in his X15 machine with Nicky Rivera J17 sliding into second and Justin Allan 33 bringing it around for third. Allan and Rivera definitely keeping the fans on their feet at the end there.

Bombers brought us a little more fun as they pushed each other around the track for the 12 lap main event. This is the only schedule change fro El Paso as the bombers take over for the hornets. 8 bombers line up for the main and they surely wont disappoint.

The 357 of Chris Gutierrez leads the pole with notable from the heats, George LaRose 44X starting inside row 3. At the the drop of the green they are gonna go 4 wide with the 7 of Sean Privette diving to the inside! That doesn’t last long but somehow Privette is gonna come away successful out of 2 and down the back stretch.

After 4 of 12 laps complete Privette leads Gutierrez, La Rose, and the 4 of Smith whom are all going three wide for second. 44X Larose dives the bottom of the track passing both Gutierrez 357 and 4 Smith in one swoop. Its now all on Larose to catch the 7 of Privette who is attempting to run away with the thing. The top two are holding an even distance of 6 car lengths but pulling hard away from Smith in the 4 and Dane Boerger in the 13RLT who is now challenging hard for third.

2 laps to go and LaRose is hanging in patient just behind Privette after driving hard the last few laps. White flag waves and Larose is gonna give it an attempt into 1 but no luck! Close enough to try again into turn 3 but Sean Privette was the man to beat tonight in the 7 car and he is gonna take it all the way to victory lane. 44xX of George LaRose needed one more lap but not tonight! 13RLT of Dane Boerger had pulled close and will finish out the podium for the bombers.

14 Southwest Late Models would start the main event but only 11 would make it the distance. Fito Gallardo in the G17 was El Paso’s main event winner after a late spin from Perez with 2 to go. He will be looking for the repeat as he starts up front on the pole after a rough heat race. Nita Deetz in the 22D is just to his outside and this promises to be a great showing.

At the first time by Fito is going to jump to the very high side of the track! Cant go much higher than where Fito is running. HE grooves in right at home up top and all eyes go to the 4 way battle for second between 744 Logston, 3D Dave Deetz, 57 Billy Roy Harris and the 29 of Mercedes Abercrombie.

We are 4 laps in when and Logston finally solidifies the second position. But has quite the distance to catch Fito Gallardo G17 who has found the perfect high line and is checking out. Lucky for Logston, caution is gonna come out on lap 6 for debris in turn 1. Fito was about 8 car lengths ahead but now they restart square! At the drop we have Fito on the gas hard showing us the best way to do a restart. He immediately jumps to the outside with Logston doing everything he can down low to stay with Fito.

As the G17 and the 744 push each other to the limits, the 3D of Dave Deetz is doing everything he can to hold of the 29 of Mercedes Abercrombie. NO luck Deetz as Abercrombie is gonna give it everything she has and make it stick low for the pass into fourth. They now run G17, 744, 57, 29. Billy Roy Harris is all alone in the middle of the two battles in third.

10 laps in, 15 to go and its already been a heck of a race. The 29 Abercrombie has been working on the 57 of Harris. Fito has put 5 car lengths between himself and Logston whom is also 8 car lengths ahead of Harris and Abercrombie.

Caution flies with 10 to go. As the 89 of James Laing gets into 3 a little to warm and spins it off turn 4. Fito Gallardo again gives up about a 5 car length lead but with his speed all night it most likely doesn’t even cross his mind.

At the restart the 744 chases down Fito hard with the 29 and 57 battling deep into the corners. We complete only one more lap before the 89 spins again out of 2 and caution flies. They will restart 9 to go with G17 being chased by 744 and the 57 and 29 toying with each other. One more lap in the books on the restart but then the 3 of Javier Zapien Jr. and 59 of Alan Bowers go over the berm out of 2 in a cloud of dust as they battle for top 5!

The restart goes just as expected for Fito but this time all top 4 cars hold on to each other and things are about to get dicey up front! 6 laps to go and Mercedes Abercrombie in the 29 makes her move on the 57 of Billy Roy Harris. Harris and Abercrombie are actually brother and sister so the sibling rivalry here is a good one. Abercrombie goes low around Harris clean but is she going to have enough laps to catch Gallardo and Logston who are on rails up in front now!

4 to go and its Fito Gallardo by a car length. Coming into turn 3 the car of Alan Bowers 59 spins just before getting lapped by Fito. He is completely backwards on the track and Fito has to dive bomb the bottom in front of Logston to avoid contact. The 59 keeps the car moving in a 360 and we stay green. Logston has now moved right onto Fito’s bumper after the near catastrophic collision with the lapped car.

2 to go and Logston is gonna be there all the way around! With Fito’s speed up high its gonna be a tough pass. 1 to go and Fito still runs the high line just in front of Logston. Logston knows Fito is gonna run high into turn 3 so he dives low! It won’t stick.

Fito Gallardo in the G17 is going win 2 nights in a row for the Southwest Late Models!! Scott Logston in the 744 drove his butt off for a second place and Mercedes Abercrombie driving the 29 car fought hard with her brother Billy Roy Harris 57 the last few laps to clinch the third position. 14B of Sean Bray brings in the top 5.

15 street stocks on track for the main, it was guaranteed to be a rowdy good time for fans and drivers alike. The 29 m of Greg McCoy would start on the pole with the 42 of Brent Dreyer to his outside.

It would only take one turn for the action to start. 4 cars get together out of turn 2 and three spin to the infield. They all somehow keep moving in the right direction and we stay green.

McCoy will lead lap 1 in his 29m but the L750 of Todd Froats squeezes in and will lead laps 2 and 3. Lap 4 sees another lead change as the 1C of Patrick Beach comes barreling out of turn 4, down the front stretch and grips the outside around Froats.

Beach looks to be pulling away after 5 but 10 laps in with 15 to go it all changes as the 3H of Noah Hollingshead finds his groove down low and starts reeling in 1C who is about 8 lengths up. Everybody who is paying attention knows the 3 H is coming hard and fast.

As Hollingshead catches Beach on lap 11 caution flies for George LaRose who blows out tire in turn 4 and comes to a complete stop on track. Beach will lead them back to green just ahead of Hollingshead.

Hollingshead looking low into 1 as the restart. As they leave turn two they are door to door with Hollingshead having a slight advantage down low. Into turn 3 Hollingshead is gonna stick the inside smooth and take the lead cleanly from Beach. Looking back into the pack nobody even saw the 0 of Lloyd Turner move right into third position on the bumpers of Hollingshead and Beach. The 0 is looking to make it interesting.

Last nights winner 44JT of Jaime Torres has moved himself into fourth not far behind the leaders. Top 4 are now running bumper to bumper with 10 to go. They are all running the low line following the leader Hollingshead 3H. Caution comes out for the 29 m as he spins off of 2.

One lap cleared before the 44JT and 74 of Casey Preece get together into turn 1 hard. Both drivers will move to the rear of the field for causing the caution.

On the restart both 44Jt and 74 Preece are gonne move back to the top 5! Jaime Torres really pushing for the second win in a row.

Top 4 are battling hard when the caution comes out again for the 3D whom tries exiting the track but cant quite make it.

Green white checkered finish for the street stocks as the 3H leads the 1C, 0 and 44Jt to the line.

1 to go and the 44JT is going to drive the bottom hard for first! But it wont stick and he is going to go spinning into the outside of turn 2. White flag had already waved the race will finish! IT is gonna be close out of turn 4 but Noah Hollingshead in 3H takes the win in the Revolution Realty USRA Street Stock Feature!! 1C Beach pushed hard the entire race and comes away with a second on the night. ) of Lloyd turner takes home a close third, and Jason Josselyn will take over fourth after Jaime Torres spins on the last lap.

The Border International Truck ASCS 305 Winged sprint cars had the wildest start and finish of the evening. Both included on man, the 18 of Lorne Wofford. He was untouchable in the feature at “The Park” but his driving at Southern New Mexico speedway was definitely something for the books!

The 99.5 of Demartino starts on the pole with the 3D of Don Reynolds just to his outside. Lorne Wofford starts outside row 6. Dylan Harris in the 4 is the notable from the Heat races as he darted from 8th to 1st on the very first lap! HE gained more passing points than some do in multiple races and was on fire looking for the win tonight. He would start outside row 2.

Green flag waves and all the cars drop low except for the 18 who must have been watching Fito Gallardo run the high line to victory in the Late Models. Wofford almost rolls coming in the middle of 1 and 2 and has to drive it way wide off the track to save himself. Wofford saves it and pulls it back onto track at speed but it looks like the begging of the end for last nights feature winner.

Demartino will lead the first lap but Harris is right there with him! Harris will dolphin dive to the inside coming into turn 1 but cant make it stick. Sean Sander in the 48 is still running third but he is pushing the middle of the track to its absolute limit and it is working for him!

Here Comes Cesar Fuentes in the 27 Hard! He is going to pass the 48 then the 4. Fuentes into second after two amazing passes in two laps. 4 laps in now and Demartino is going to have to drive high off of 2. Fuentes sees the opening and he takes it! Its Cesar Fuentes to the lead over Demartino. The 4 of Harris and 48 of Sander still battling hard for the third position.

Now all eyes have moved to the battle for sixth place. Its Lorne Wofford who has moved all the way to sixth in 7 laps after being last across the stripe lap 1!! 7 Laps, 10 drivers. Don’t count out Lorne Wofford just yet it seems.

Sean Sanders moves back into first with a move inside Cesar Fuentes . They will go hard back and forth. Lorne Wofford now up to fourth as he passes Demartino around the outside! The outside is fire tonight foe Wofford as he doesn’t even lift out of the throttle all the way around.

10 laps to go and we see one of the craziest laps f the night. So much going on at once its hard to keep up! Sean Sander leads Cesar Fuentes and they are 8 lengths at least over Harris and Wofford who battle for third. As Fuentes puts the move to the inside of Sean Sanders, Lorne Wofford goes to the outside of Dylan Harris. Wofford seems to find another gear from the blistering pace he has already set and blows by Harris around the outside groove. Wofford is a man on a mission.

Fuentes to the lead over Sander. Wofford to third with Harris. Wofford working to catch top 2! Harris jumps in line with Wofford and the two catch Sander who seems to have slipped the pace just a little. 9 to go!! The 18 and the 4 split sanders and take second and third. Sanders back to fourth. Fuentes still has 8 lengths but Wofford id moving hard!

4 to go and Harris has passed Lorne Wofford back to the inside. Fuentes is 8 length up with Harris being pushed hard by Wofford in third.

Wofford is going to sling it down the backstretch and load up to the inside of Harris into turn 3. IT sticks! Lorne Wofford is using every inch of track to catch Fuentes. HE is reeling him in quick!

At the white it is Fuentes over Wofford by 4 lengths and closing. Fuentes is coming onto one lapped car out of 2 but it doesn’t look like itll be a factor. Lorne Wofford is right there out of two as well after slamming the middle into 1! Only 3 lengths separate Lorne Wofford from Cesar Fuentes coming into turn 3.

Fuentes is going to go to the middle but here comes Wofford to the inside!! Textbook slide job from Wofford but he has to take it so wide it looks like Fuentes is gonna square him back. But no!!! Lorne Wofford is going to WIN the Border International Truck ASCS 305 winged sprint car Feature after driving off turn 1 on lap 1!!! Cesar Fuentas gave it everything he had coming out of 4 but Lorne Wofford was in a league of his own tonight. From last on the first lap to first on the last lap Lorne Wofford showed everyone what determination really means.

I caught up with the #18 Lorne Wofford after the race and this is wht he had to say about his amazing race and spectacular weekend.

“It was a great weekend at both tracks. Both tracks where excellent but tonight I could do anything I needed to on the track and that really helped me get the win. Its special for me to win 2 nights in a row like this. It doesn’t happen often so it really does feel great.”

What happened to you turn 1 lap 1?

Lorne- “I didn’t know the high was gonna be so good. The car was a little tippy so I just drove it off the berm and figured it was better than rolling. Guess I made the right call there.

Which was more fun last night being chased or tonight coming from last?

Lorne- “I really love coming from the back like that.” It tests my skills as a driver and that just makes things so fun. I think having the fastest guys start at the back of the pack every week is what going to keep the fans happy because it gives us all racing just like that.”

Did you know where you were going to make your move on Fuentes?

Lorne- “NO I was just gonna give it everything I had to get the win. Had he gone low I would have gone high. Ive been beat just like that plenty so I was just hoping to have a little opening at the end. I knew it would stick if I could just get there. I actually thought he was going to square me back because I had to drive in so hard.”

If you missed us this time at southern New Mexico Speedway make sure to come out next weekend, June 5th and 6th for 50’s night!! Friday at the El Paso Speedway Park and Saturday at Southern NEW Mexico. Dress like a 50’s character and you’ll get in for just 5$! Great racing for whole family. See you there!