It’s a special night here at Southern New Mexico Speedway as we go racing for Josh Jackson. Josh has been recovering like the true champion he is and is now in Denver for rehab. Everything the track makes tonight is going straight to the Jackson family.  We love you buddy and your presence is missed around here at the track! Remain #37STRONG and we will all be right there with you.
Hornets are starting out the night for us and its gonna be a 12 lapper. Brenda Carr is going to the lead quickly and she isn’t looking back. 5 in with 7 to go and the 28 of Carr is way up over the 74 Ives and 28T Tarin Jr. The 74 and 28T are going door to door for second and that’s the best battle on track. Only 5 laps remain and caution for the 13X locking up a front end on the front stretch. It’s a good restart for Brenda but Ives will not let her slip away this time and he is on the bumper. 2 to go and Brenda Carr has trouble with her car! She blows a motor while leading and its Ben Ives to the lead! Ives will take the lead but red flag for Carr who has caught fire underneath that 28. Carr will get it stopped and get that fire out but because the white flag came out and then we went red, this race is over. Ben Ives in 74 will be your winner after that motor goes south for Carr. The 28T of Rudy Tarin Jr. also got by Carr before that red came out and he will be second. Carr holds onto third even with no motor.
USRA Xmods rumbling out now as these dirt dogs are going 25 laps tonight. The 3 Gregory Gorham fends off a fight from the 15x early and will lead the first 5 laps way out! Jammin Jimmy Ray is on a rail and coming hard but a big distance with 19 to go. We got bumpin and bangin, fender-bending action in the pack for 6th and caution will come out for the 5x and 94 getting together. Back to green and the 3 like a rocket away from the field! 14 to go and Jimmy Ray is back on the gas and headed toward the front but the 7c of John Carney Sr. and 52 Paddy Rush have come to play. The 9 is going low in 3 and out of 4 it’s Jammin Jimmy Ray with an incredible move and to the lead at the line! The 7c is going to work on the 3 for second but they will both need a caution if there is any hopes of catching Jimmy Ray tonight! 10 to go and miracle for the field as we have a caution. Bunch them together and Jimmy Ray has to give up that big lead. 9 to go and Jimmy Ray leads the 7c and 3 but Fireball Donovan Flores is working high and low into 4th! 52tx Paddy Rush isn’t going to give up that easily and we got a battle for 4th as he darts back around into 4th. 5 to go and Jimmy Ray in his own zip code tonight. A clean last 4 laps and it’s the 9 of Jammin Jimmy Ray taking a solid win tonight and sweeping the weekend in the Xmods! John Carney Sr. holds onto second again after fighting off a hard charging Gregory Gorham in third.
USRA Street Stocks with a big A Main tonight as we will give these guys 25 laps! We are about to go green and its time to fins out if these guys can even go 25 laps without killing each other. The 13 of Victor Colorbio will be quick on the start but the 0 of Lloyd Turner has the speed tonight. Unluckily for the 0 because as he makes the pass we got caution and it’ll be a complete restart. Seems like everyone took some notes from that first start because this one has a little different results as the 5x of Rick Boelter leading lap 1.  We got 2 complete and the 0 is there for the lead again. The 5x and 0 going nose and tail all the way around. 3 complete and big wreck front stretch. The 11 and the 00ET getting together hard but everyone ok as we sit under red. 22 to go on this restart and the 5x is going way out again. 19 to go and the 3H of Noah Hollingshead is in third and charging but caution again. This time for the 42. The 5x is starting good again but now Hollingshead into second! The 3H will have to do it again though because it’s a caution before they complete that lap. Hollingshead will do it again on the restart but still 19 to go. Boelter leading still but 17 to go and the 3H is closing. The battle for third between the 0 and 74J Jason Josselyn is heating up and now they are catching the leaders to make this fun. 12 to go and Hollingshead gaining speed into turn 1 but no drive off. The top 3 running within a second of each other but the 5x is giving it throttle now. Lappers in the way but Boelter around easily and gaining a little more room on the 3H now. 6 to go and Boelter has pulled again as Turner pushes that 0 machine hard around the outside! They are battling hard and loosing the leader but 5 to go and caution comes out. The 5x will have to gain that big lead again but Hollingshead and Turner are coming and not backing down. 3 to go and Lloyd Turner around the 3H in the middle while Hollingshead is down low. At the stripe it’s Hollingshead coming back even and into turn 1 they will have crazy speed and they split the 5x for the lead!! The 0 will come out of the battle in 4 with the white flag lead but Hollingshead gonna dive low into 4 and give it one last attempt! It won’t stick tonight and at the checkered flag it’s the 0 of Lloyd Turner with an amazing 3 wide pass for the win! The 3H will finish a strong second tonight and the 5x coming home with third.
Mini sprints are the buzzing swarm of bees and they are headed your way for but red flag early! The 3 of ken Ruble has done a one flip to his roof in turn 2. Ken is ok but what a wild ride that was. Back to green with 3S leading us around to green but Will Gonzalez in 1 is going high and low and he will dart to the lead for this lap! One more complete and it’s a red flag again! The 11 of Theron Flack has drove straight through turn 4 and slammed the wall with his rear end causing him to take a tumble into the front stretch. Theron is ok and so is his car somehow! He will get back on the wheels and attach himself to the rear of the field. 2 Red flag s in 2 laps and we go back to racing with 13 to go. Will Gonzalez leads the 7 Jerrad Warhurst and 167 Cory Taylor and they will all pull from the field. 9 to go and Gonzalez is looking to pull from the others even farther than they have the rest of the field. 7 to go and the second place battle is the best on track between those two pit buddies of the 167 and 7. 3 to go and Will Gonzalez has not even thought of looking back. The 167 has pulled from the 7 but almost no chance of catching the 1 tonight. As the 1 car takes the white we have big trouble turn 4 again! The 4 Jett Carney and 22E Emily Haley getting together and the 22E going straight into the turn 4 wall hard! The 22E is ok! However, because of the red flag after the came white this race is over and Will Gonzalez is your winner! Cory Taylor holds onto second and Jerrad Warhurst sticks it into third.
Its showtime! The most #Dynamite show on dirt. Its NMMRA 360 Non-wing Wingless warriors!! Set for 30 laps and it’s the 74 of Josh Hodges leading lap 1 and looking to pull. The 45 Jason Grady and 20Z Rick Ziehl are both there for the lead after 4. Bobble for the 45 and the 74 checking out again. 7 in with 23 to go and the leader has already caught lapped cars! The 74 is cutting them like butter but the 45 and 20Z are still able to make up some time. Diving into turn 3 with 19 to go at the line, Rick Ziehl into second! He has a long way to the lead. 12 in and 18 to go and caution #1 in this Non-wing A main. A full straight away lead is gone for the 74 and he will have to do it all again. Hodges with a great restart but its Jason Grady back into second! 15 in and Grady coming quick but it wont matter because we have another caution as the 56 of Spencer Hill is bombing through turn 2 and taking a little tumble. Back to green for 15 laps of racing. The 74 and 45 are going to rocket away but into turn 3 Grady overdrives and the field wills hoot by him! The 20z Ziehl now inherits second with last night’s winner, 51 RJ Johnson, in third after starting way back in 7th! 14 to go and caution for the 99.5 Derek Demartino going upside down and catching major air into turn 4! The 7 is also involved but both drivers are ok. The 7 will rejoin the pack with a left front flat but the 99.5 is totaled and his night is over. Bad restart so we try it again and the guys get it right the second time around. Down to 12 remaining and the Real Deal Rick Ziehl has come to challenge! The 74 and 20Z are hauling the mail fast tonight! The field has no chance to catch those two. The 20z is going middle while the 74 goes way high but the track is slicking up and the 51 is sliding back in third. 8 to go and Ziehl is still there kicking at the door for the lead. Into turn 1 it’s the 20Z with a textbook slide job and the lead is his! The 74 had no chance to block on that. It was as perfect as they come. Ziehl will lead the next 2 laps and start to pull away but still 4 circuits left in this one. Down to 3 to go and Hodges loosing it high into turn 3. Staying green as the 74 comes back on but Ziehl has doubled his lead with the 74 slipping and 51 gaining second. Ziehl at the white flag with this one in the bag! The Real Deal Rick Ziehl is tonight’s big winner as the track slicked up late in his favor. The 51 of RJ Johnson took the win last night and a big second place tonight. Josh Hodges rallied back into third after that slip late in the race.
Rick Ziehl is a guy who just loves to drive the car and after this great night he was definitely happy to have a win. This is what he had to say about his recent dominance in the sprint cars at SNM Speedway.
Two weeks ago we saw you with the wings and now without the wings so which one do you prefer and what is the recent strike of gold?
“I love both ways of running. The speed of the wings and the driver input of the Non-Wings is what makes both so much fun. I could drive either car 365 days a year and be happy. Tonight was all about experience when the track slicked up.”
How was the track and the car?
“The track really slicked up later on in that one and that’s exactly what I was hoping for. We set the car up to run for the slick so late in the race it came in perfectly.”
Will we see you for the Richard Griffin Classic?
“No, unfortunately not this year. I am the point’s leader for the ASCS and we are racing in Arizona that same weekend. I am the only champion they have ever had so I really want to keep that going for as long as I can. Ill be back for the wing shows and 305 stuff though for sure.”
If you missed Rick Ziehl put a whopping down tonight then don’t miss next weekend as we go racing all over again! Gates open and 5:30 with racing starting 7:45 for the normal weekly racing! See you there.