Its race time once again at the Southern New Mexico Speedway and are we gonna have a wild show for you tonight! The track took a ton of moisture and we just regarded the entire thing! The Border International truck 305 Winged Sprint Cars are back for action and you better get ready for some hard racing as they battle for points championship and glory alike.

Super trucks will slide into this heavy track first for 20 laps! They will go 4-wide multiple times in the pack but its 5 Russell Allen taking the early lead. Russell Allen is pulling that truck away but 5 in with 15 to go and the 22 of Chris Dermine is charging all the way to the bumper for the lead. A couple more laps complete and the 30 Josh Hammond has come to play. Only 5 lengths will separate the top 3 with 11 to go. 10 in 10 to go and the 22 goes high! Dermine will gather it back together but Hammond will go by and Allen will gap out even farther. 8 to go and the 5 will dart through lapped traffic with ease but the 30 does the same and this one isn’t over yet! 7 to go and the 22 has more trouble but this time he will bring out the yellow. Bunch emm back together but this restart doesn’t go so good for the 5 as the 2A of Kenny Alons is slingshotting around him for the lead! The 5 will settle into second but Alons is way fast tonight. 4 to go and the 5 is 5 lengths from the lead but he has company as Hammond has that 30 machine back in contention. 3 to go and one more caution in this main. The 5 and 30 have another shot at the 2A on this one. Alons with a stellar restart but the 30 into second this time. White flag in the air and 33 Lloyd Duffey is making his move into third. They run that way all the way around for the final lap and at the line its 2A Kenny Alons holding off Josh Hammond and Lloyd Duffey for the win tonight!

Street Stocks rocking and rolling out now for 20 more laps. The 36 on the pole and it’s a clean start luckily. He will have to do it again though as we have cars all over the place down the back stretch and yellow comes out. We remind the drivers that they cant win it on the first lap and give emm another shot. The 36 Randy Mims rockets off again but now the 22s Jack Skillin is there and he will make the high line pass out of 4 to lead the first lap for the second time. The 22 will lead lap 2 as well but the 0 of Lloyd turner is charging from the rear and already into third! 5 in 15 to go and the 22 still leads but 0 is coming and the 74J Josselyn has moved it into third. Caution before they complete another lap and bunch the field again. The 22 with another clean start but Turner and Josselyn still grabbing on that bumper. Turner is love tapping the 22 all the way around as he works the track low. 10 to go and the top two are pulling from Josselyn who has company for third. The 74J holds off the 44JT Torres and 3H of Hollingshead but that wont last long as the field is coming strong. 6 to go and Turner is in trouble with a lapper and he will loose a little ground. 4 to go and the 0 is back on the bumper for the lead. They are way ahead and the 0 is making his move but caution one more time before he completes the pass in turn 1. Finally a Lloyd Turner famous restart on this one and the 0 will take over the lead with 4 to go. The 22 is holding onto second but the battle of the 74’s is heating up behind him as the 74J holds off the 74 Preece. Checkered flag will wave as the pack gets jumbled up but out front it’s the 0 of Lloyd Turner taking another big win this weekend! The 74 of Casey Preece darts into second on the last lap with 22S holding onto second.

A rumbling start for the XMods as they take off for their 20 lapper. The 93 of Gregory Gorham smoked the field in his heat and he is looking to do it again. 5 complete and its both heat winners up front as the 00 of Stevie Ray jumps in line with the 93. 12 to go and the 93 will push a lapper high and it’ll be clean racing once again. 9 to go and Gorham still leading but the 00 hasn’t given up anything yet. 5 to go and the 00 is slowly catching the 93 and lappers will play a factor as they are all over the track in front of Gorham. 3 to go and the 00 is pushing the limits of car and track. 2 to go and it’s the very first caution in this XMod A main feature. Almost a complete race with no caution but that is a rarity in these parts. The 93 will lead us back but the 00 was quick! Jimmy Ray will slide into third! The 93 will take the white and he hasn’t looked back once. Gregory Gorham in 93 takes a huge Flag-To-Flag, Main event win!! The 00 was second for the whole race and that will have to do, as the 93 was uncatchable tonight.

Hornets are buzzing out on the track now and they will only have 12 laps to get it done on this track that is coming around perfectly. The 74 of Ben Ives is going to the lead and not looking back any time soon. The 13x of Benny Penna is in second but he is too busy with company from the 28 of Brenda Carr, to worry about getting to the lead. Carr lead every lap 2 weeks ago before catching fire and ending the race. 6 laps in and 6 to go has the 74 just pulling farther away as the 13X holds off the 28. 3 to go and Ben Ives leading but Penna has finally broke away from the 28 but it looks like he wont have the time to catch the leader tonight. Ives is taking the white and it looks like time is up for the 13X as the 28 is back. Ben Ives going Flag-To-Flag in 74 and taking the win!! The 13X holds off the 28 for second as they battled almost the entire race.

Mini Sprints should be a good one tonight as 8 cars go toe-to-toe for 15 laps. The 20 will lead the opening lap but 48 of Tristan Gattis is fast and coming. They try to go 3 wide on lap 3 and Gattis is the obvious looser there as he has major car malfunctions. We stay green and the 20 Ricky Holden is checking out over the 3S and 1. Will Gonzalez in the 1 will clear the 3S of Sal Gomez and Gonzalez will have 8 laps to get to the lead. 6 to go and Will Gonzalez has caught the leader in no time! Door-to-door down the back for the lead with 5 to go at the line and it’s the 1 of Will Gonzalez to the lead! 4 to go and caution. Gonzalez will nail the restart but the big mover is Jett Carney 4 going all the way into second! Gonzalez was blistering fast tonight and out of 4 on lap 15 it’s the 1 of Will Gonzalez taking the checkered tonight! Jett Carney slides into second as the 20 is third.

Its time ladies and Gentleman! Border International Truck 305 Winged Sprint car time!! Its what you have been waiting for so you better get off your seats as these Rajin monsters are getting set to go 25 laps on a track that has come in just in time! Only 2 races left for these guys so things are bound to get hot out there tonight. Lorne 18 and Wes Wofford 19, Father and Son, are 1&2 in the track points but they both start deep in the field tonight. The 20Z of Rick Ziehl has also been on fire with 3 wins here in his last 3 sprint car races. Be prepared for a blood bath if those three drivers can hook it up and get it together. The 54 of Art Quijano will lead us to the green and he is looking to check out early as he leads lap 1 way ahead of the field. RED FLAG! Your point’s leader, Lorne Wofford was on the move but he will go full bicycle on those right side wheels and take a little tumble! It rolled to the side but luckily flopped back down to the wheels. The crew gets there quickly and Lorne is OK! The 18 will actually continue this race with just a bent up wing and a mishandling car! That wreck right there is gonna get him the nickname “Honey Badger” because he doesn’t care what happens. That man is here to race! 24 to go when the green drops and the 54 leading us away again but it’s the 20Z already into 5th! Caution again before one complete so we try it again. The 20Z will get an even better restart this time as he moves his way into third! The 54 is pulling away as the 20Z goes to work on the 4 of Dylan Harris for second. 21 to go and another RED FLAG as Cesar Fuentes was gaining quickly but pulls a Lorne Wofford through turn 4 with a bicycle city to roof. The 27 climbs from that car as he wasn’t as lucky to have it flop back on the wheels. Fuentes is ok but to the pits he goes as his night is over. Clean restart and completing three laps before its caution again this time for the 77 CJ Hulsey pulling a bouncy ball through turn 2 and sticking it in the outside berm. We go back to green with the 77 rejoining the tail end of the field for 17 more laps. The 20Z is into second and the 19 Wes Wofford is into the top 5! Royal Jones and Dylan Harris are sitting between them in third and fourth. Clean start at the line but out of 2 its Dylan Harris doing the bouncy ball over turn 2 and into the boards! Huge air for the 4 car but he is ok! We will try this restart again. 1 lap complete on this attempt but RED FLAG again… The 17 of John McDaniel has gone barreling through turn 4 but he is ok! Short red as they take that car off in pieces and we try it again. 8 laps in with 5 Red Flags and 2 cautions. The 20Z finally finds some traction on this restart and he is to the lead around the 54! Finally 10 laps in and the 54 is holding onto the 20Z; fighting for the lead! The 54 gets loose and its Royal Jones into second! 12 to go and another RED FLAG in turn 2. The 48 of Sean Sander has gone full G-Force triple corkscrew to the roof. That one will sting in the morning but Sander has climbed from that mangled car. Ziehl takes us back racing with Jones, Quijano, and Wes Wofford chasing. The 54 will get back around the 131 but 10 to go and another yellow. The 19 of Wes Wofford was coming hard and as they bunched up in front of him he went full bicycle and slammed into the 65 of Richard Willbee hard! So hard actually that the 65 sprayed fluids everywhere and came to an abrupt stop in turn 4 exit. The 65 is done but under yellow the 19 pulls from the raceway as well with major right side damage on that car. Heartbreak there as Wes had moved himself all the way in the top 5 from starting way back! It will be a single file restart on this attempt because of all the reds and Ziehl will let the field have it. They run pretty single file for the next 5 laps and with 5 to go there will be another caution as the 18 Lorne Wofford does a 360 quick as a hurricane which causes the 49 to be the next victim of the bicycle in turn 4. Small tumble for the 49 but luckily just like everyone else all-night, Chuck Jackson will be ok. Wofford saved himself from going over again and will continue in 5th place after that early crash! Ziehl takes us back to racing for 4 more laps! The 54 will reach out and grab hold of the 2Z and those two are gonna drag race to the finish. 2 to go and the 20Z is fighting hard to stay in the lead over the 54. White flag and Rick Ziehl is leading and pulling the 54 with him. Fast on the last and at the checkered flag its Rick Ziehl in 20Z taking the win in the Border International Truck 305 Winged Sprint Car A-Main!!! 4 in a row for Rick after tonight. Art Quijano brings the 54 across the line in second with 77 coming back all the way into third. Lorne Wofford will remain your point’s leader after tonight as he rallies back to 6th place with a crushed wing!! Out of the 20 starting cars only 7 will cross the line with checkered waving. The bicycle was the big car wrecker tonight.

Rick Ziehl is becoming the man to talk to after these sprint car races and tonight was as interesting as them all. Here is what he had to say about the wrecks and what was key to yet another victory.

“I just had to keep the car as straight as I could tonight. A little luck and being smooth with experience was the key once again. Once I got out front I could chose the line I wanted and that was really important to being clean.”

If you missed the great racing tonight then you better not make the same mistake next weekend! Gates open at 5:30 with racing taking flight at 7:45. See you there!