It is the Final night of regular season racing here at the Southern New Mexico Speedway and we are set to rock and roll during the southern New Mexico Fair!! A little moisture earlier in the day and rain all around us, it is time to go green flag racing with 5 classes and championships in the air!

Super trucks pull the lucky straw and they got 25 laps to start the night! Final first race of the 2015 regular season and the lights are out. Big trouble turn 1 as the 5 spins around and takes a major tag in the front end from the 51. Both those cars are done for the night as parts of their trucks are all over turn 2. Complete restart with 066 Sampson will take the pole after that spin but lap 1 down and the 98 of Bowen will lead it. The mid pack will dive into 1 and another caution. Two cautions in 1 lap and we will take 5 laps off for time constraints. 19 to go as Bowen drags us back to green. 1 complete again and the 68.5 will loose it in turn 2 spinning the 22 hard and the yellow comes out. 18 to go and the 98 still leading. Clean restart this time. 16 to go and mother-nature strikes!! The trucks come pack racing out of turn 4 as the rain comes pounding! The pack dives into turn 1 but heavy rain coming out of nowhere makes that entrance way to slick to be racing on and all but 4 trucks going over turn 1!! The rain hit hard for about 30 seconds and those guys had no time to react. The trucks all going to rolling again to keep the track alive and luckily the rain is gone. A few laps to roll the water out and everyone will get there spots back to go back racing. That was absolutely nuts! Bunched back together with 16 to go and the 98 dragging them out off 4. The 501 of Bejerano pushing the bottom and charging but the 98 holding strong. 11 to go and Bowen pulling slightly but the 82 of Sherman Barnett is sliding low into turn 3 and into second! 9 to go and the 82 closing on the 98 but still really slick all the way around. 5 to go and the 82 not making up anymore ground as the 98 clicked it up a notch in the middle line. 4 to go and caution for a single car yellow. Bowen with another good jump and the 82 into second over the 21 who had slid into third before the yellow. White flag in the air and the 98 way out over the 82 who has his hands full with the 21 Walton Kyle Jr. As the checkered flies its Rusty Bowen 98 taking it by a along shot!! Sherman Barnett will hold onto second but as the 21 of Walton Kyle Jr crosses the line in third he will be your 2015 Super truck track champion!!

Quick on the track and go for the Hornets now as we got rain moving in on us quickly. 12 laps to start this and they will spread out quick. 28T of Batman Rudy Tarin Jr is back to form and will lead way out and not look back. 6 in 6 to go and batman leads Brenda Carr in the regular purple 28. 2 to go and the 28T is way ahead! White flag flying and out of turn 4 for the final time in 2015 it will be Batman Rudy Tarin Jr winning and taking the track championship by storm!! Brenda Carr slid her way up to second but no catching Batman tonight.

Modifieds where scheduled for the main event tonight but with rain in the area and National points on the line we are moving them to right now! Rain is just out of sight and we got 23 modifieds ready for 30 laps. Fito Gallardo G17 and 71 Phillip Houston on the front row and its dynamite tonight. Houston to the lead but Fito looking high! Lap 2 and Fito is charging outside through turn 3 and out of 4 he will lead it at the line!! Fito Gallardo is the new leader but unfortunate for him the caution comes out before the majority of the field crosses the stripe so we got back to the last completed. Fito will have to try it again on this restart with only 1 complete. 29 to go in this 30 lapper and we got a rocket restart! Houston will take off from the front row but Fito Gallardo holding second strong as his son, Jake Gallardo has moved himself all the way into third!! Houston, Gallardo, Gallardo with 25 to go! Phillip and Fito running high, as Jake is dolphin diving to make everything he can on those front two. Fito going low into 3 but not enough grind coming out and Houston has it by a nose!! 23 to go and Jake is moving under his dad for second but Houston still holding out front. 21 to go and lappers in the way but caution! Houston leads us back to the stand for 21 more laps of dolphin diving action! Fito high and Jake low in row 2. They switch on the restart and Jake looking high, Fito looking low! Houston leading but Fito and Jake are giving him a door and bumper full. Slide job for the lead 18 to go and Jake Gallardo to the lead!! Houston diving back low and leading! Slide job city! Jake Gallardo won’t follow for long and dive it into turn 1 slide it high in front of the 71 and Jake back to the lead!! Gallardo got a little grip out of 2 on that one and now he is gone! No chance for the 71 to slide him back. 2 laps since the pass and the J17 is 10 lengths ahead and cleaning house! 15 to go and the G17 low for second under Houston! Houston holding but it’s a drag down the back for second! 13 to go and caution after Fito makes the pass. Jake Gallardo was leading way out but we bunch the field back together and Fito and Phillip not yet. Jake with a solid restart but the 71 will clear back around the G17 and into second. One more down and Fito sliding back low into second. 10 to go and Fito has some work to do to catch his son tonight. 6 to go and Jake has Fito by 10 lengths and Fito has Houston by 10 more. 5 to go and Jake has lappers in the way. 3 to go and Jake cleared the lappers and pulling more from the G17 as he stomps on the gas. 2 to go and Jake is way ahead but caution! Fito had no chance to catch Jake but now we got a green, white, checkered and its anybody’s race! Jake blitzing away but Fito has one more to catch him and try and hold off the 71! Out of turn 4, Jake Gallardo will go way outside and slide that J17 across the finish line in first for another win at the Southern New Mexico Speedway. Fito Gallardo will settle for second as he fought of the Arizona driver of Phillip Houston who comes home third. IF you thought tonight was awesome then you better hold on because the 23-25th of October 2015 we are going to do it again for 3 days with over 40 cars from all over the country!!! The 3-day fall nationals are headed your way in just three weeks.

Xmods out on track before the last Modified even leaves the track and we are set for 25 laps. The 44D Troy Phillips will lead lap 1 but its 4 wide for the top 5! 2 complete and caution. Quick caution and racing again with 44D dragging us around. The 9 of Jimmy Ray would be on the move but have traffic as the 4 Melissa Gorham and 07 of Donovan Flores battled for second! The 4 would win that battle and charge for the lead but a couple more cautions would allow the 9 to charge the outside and go to the lead! 17 to go and Jimmy Ray is not looking back tonight. The 07 of Flores would also get around the 4 but as lightning strikes the 9 is gone tonight. A clean last 12 laps for the 9 as he blitzed lappers leaving the field in the dust. The white comes out and Flores stomping on the gas but to no avail. The 52tx of Paddy Rush slides into third over Justin Allen to make things interesting late in this one. At the checkered it’s the 9 of Jammmin Jimmy ray taking another big win on the season! Donovan Flores held on strong for a second as Paddy Rush was coming hard.

It’s the baddest show on dirt; the fastest wheels this side of the Rio Grande! It’s the Southwest Late models!! The 8x Arturo will lead lap 1 but here comes the 24x and 22 of the Ortega’s! 3 complete in this 25 lapper but the 22 of Jonathon Ortega is in his door! 22 going low out of turn 2 and he will take the lead into turn 3! Ortega is leading the pack at the line! 10 in 15 to go and the 22 still leads the 8x as they pull from the 24 who is barely holding off the G17 of Fito Gallardo. 14 to and Caution for a single car losing it turn 2. We are trying to line them back out quickly but under yellow the rain is back and this time it brought its friends wind, thunder and lightning!! Some of the hardest, wind and rain I’ve ever seen and this one is over with 14 left on the clock.

Thank you all for joining us all season! None of this is possible with out you all joining us every week. Don’t forget to join us in 3 weeks as we have Modifieds from all over the country coming down to make some dust in the desert for 3 straight days of action! See you all there. Keep the adrenaline up and the speed high.