It was a wild and crazy night at the Southern New Mexico Speed as over 70 racecars got set to rock and roll for the big one. The Southern New Mexico State fair race night! Border International truck 305 wing sprint cars have been putting on a battle all season and it all comes down to tonight. The 18 and 19 of Lorne and Wes Wofford have been cleaning house and tonight they will battle for the 2015 Track championship! Father and Son going toe to toe. It’ll be battle for the ages but Rick Ziehl in the 20Z has won the last 5 times he has been here in a sprint car and that streak is going to be hard to break! Bombers, Mini Sprints, Street Stocks, and legends would join the 305’s to make 5 classes of jam packed adrenaline pumping racing!
Bombers rolled to the speedway first tonight. It would be a drag race for the entire thing as they pushed for 20 laps. George LaRose and Sean Privette started pretty deep in the field but it wouldn’t take long for the 7 of Privette to get start makin moves after a couple cautions. The 88 of Nathan Smith started on the pole and ran solid for a bit as the 4B of Brian Bagwell chased him down. Bagwell had his car decked out in pink lights for breast cancer awareness in October and you gotta give it up to him as he made those lights look good. Bagwell ad Smith would go bumper to bumper for the lead but a few cautions early on would let the 7 of Sean Privette to move up and slide right by the both of them for the lead. Privette would try and get away but with 3 to go the 44x of LaRose had caught back up and wouldn’t give up until he crossed the checkered. LaRose would drive low into 1 on the last lap just as he had all night but it wouldn’t stick enough. He didn’t lose any ground though and into turn 3 LaRose would dive as low as he could go inside of the 7. Privette tried to squeeze hi but too little, too late and LaRose would take that last lap pass all the way to the bank!! They drug doors all the way down the front stretch but Sean Privette will have to do with second tonight after that tough pass.
Mini Sprints got 15 laps around the circle tonight and 12 cars are going to take it to the house. Fabian Gomez and Sal Gomez started on the front row but the track point’s leader Will Gonzalez would start way back in 7th with some work to do to get to the front. Sal Gomez 3S had the lead early and was pulling from the 49 of Tristan Gattis and 20 of Ricky Holden was charging hard. The 1 of Will Gonzalez moved up quickly on the start and it was no more than 8 laps before he took the lead and wasn’t looking back. Tristan Gattis would fight with the 20 as the 1 pulled out and we would have caution for a car stuck on the exit so these guys had another chance to hold on. Clean start and the 1 was gone again just as he had all season. As the checkered waved the 1 of Will Gonzalez would be #1 on the track and #1 on the season becoming your 2015 SNM Track Champion for the Mini Sprints!! Tristan Gattis would run a completely solid race and hold off the 20 of Ricky Holden for second.
Border International Truck 305 winged sprint cars normally run last but tonight they are gonna run third because they all have a big race on the other side of the state tomorrow night. Lorne and Wes Wofford are 1st and 2nd in the points as this final race gets set to go and they are only separated by 43 points! With Cesar Fuentes gone it means a Wofford will be your 2015 Track Champion no matter what! Rick Ziehl has been unstoppable the last 5 times he has been here so he might not have a shot at the championship but if I know all these guys they aren’t even thinking about points. It’s all about getting that Win when the green flag drops. Don Reynolds 3D and Derek Demartino 99.5 will start on the front row with the Wofford’s both Row 5 and Rick Ziehl Outside row 4. The 4 of Dylan Harris would go the lead early after the 99.5 lead a couple laps in this 25 lapper, and start to check out. The 9 of Robert Herrera held on tight to fight off the 20Z. The 18 and 19 are both charging through the field with the 131 but trouble for the 131 of Royal Jones in turn 3 would also cause trouble for the 18 has Lorne Wofford had nowhere to go. Those two both stop in turn 4 as the yellow came out. The 131 would fix a right rear flat in the time limit and both he and the 18 would join the end of the field for being involved in a yellow. The 18 will restart in 12th which is 1 point short of beating out his Son for the track championship if Wes can move from 4th into the lead on this restart. It’s a clean restart for the 4 of Harris but neither one of those guys are going to have anything for the 19 as he slides it up into the cushion and is grabbing gears. The 19 goes to the lead hotter than heat in July and he won’t be looking back as the last 4 laps go smooth up front and he pulls away. Dylan Harris will fight off a last ditch effort from the 20 for second. Rick Ziehl settles for third ad a podium finish on the night. The big winner though, Lorne Wofford moving back in the top 5 from that last restart!! Wes Wofford may have won the race but because Lorne got it back together after that tangle he will make enough points to hold onto the lead and Lorne Wofford will be your 2015 track Champion for the 305 Border International Truck Winged Sprint cars!! Great racing all season from Wes, Lorne, Rick and all the other countless Sprint car drivers that put on a show every time they pushed up the hill.
Casa Nissan Legend Cars with a full 20 laps tonight as 14 cars a buzzin around. The Ak47of Jesse Esquivel would start on the pole with the 66 of Wilbur wells to his outside. The 01 of Dusty Rigs started inside row 5 but as the green flag dropped he wasted no time and with a couple early cautions for the 85 of Jr Esquivel and the 66 spinning turn 4. The 66 would smack the front stretch wall hard coming out of turn 4 collecting the 54 of Gunner Harris. Harris would be ok but the 66 of Wells ended his night as he front end was junked. Rigs took advantage on the General Lee 01 car and wasn’t looking back. The 902 of Mike Zuloaga was sitting in second and all he had to do was finish there to win the track championship. Gunner Harris found the outside line from the Sprint Car race and he was moving to the front of the pack like a speeding bullet. Harris and Zuloaga would play cat and mouse as the 01 pulled away. Late caution but it would have no effect because Rigs would get the jump and be gone. Zuloaga would fight his way back into second as the white flag dropped but the last lap would be a heartbreak for the 54 and 902. The 54 would gain some ground back coming out turn 2 and into 3 he would try and go low under the 902. Zuloaga would try and hold the line but to no avail as the 54 would push high in the middle and they both go around!!! The 54 had no choice to back out after he committed ad that one will cost he 902 of Zuloaga the track Champions. Dusty Rigs piloted that 01 all the way to the checkered with ease tonight to be the big winner. Steven Arellano missed the race tonight but with so many wins this season the 237 of Steven “Scuba” Arellano will be your 2015 Casa Nissan Legends 2015 track champion.
Grand Finale of this awesome fair night is going to have to go the USRA Street Stocks for 25 laps! A full field tonight as 20 cars qualified and kept their cars running from the heats. Brent Dryer and Bryan Bennet would start on the front row with almost every winner this season starting deep in the field. Lloyd Turner would be on a charge from 15th bringing Jaime Torres 44Jt right along with him. The 29m of Greg McCoy would fight up front all 25 laps but it would be t no avail as the 0, 44jt, and 74J would both get around. The 44Jt of Torres was charging with laps left on the clock but as the white came out Lloyd Turner had it locked down. The checkered would wave for the final time and as the 57 Chevy of Lloyd Turner came roaring out of turn 4 he would be the USRA Street Stock A main Winner! The 44Jt charged from 18th to finish second and another solid finish from the 74J of Jason Josselyn who brings it home in third.
If you missed us tonight then you better be here tomorrow night, Saturday 10/3, as we go modified racing! Gates open at 5:30 with racing going green at 7:45. Thanks for joining us and we will see you next time around!