The action on this evening will start with the father son Dash for Cash as there is 1000$ dollars on the line for the man who can beat his father or son and also hold off the 3 other pairs of father son duo’s battling for the money. That’s right there are 4 father son duo’s tonight in just the modifieds class alone and now they have a chance to win the big money together on fathers day weekend. Two pairs of Gallardos’ will start the dash with Royal and Bumper Jones running together and the Armada clan joining the father son force. The 187of Josh Gallardo starts on the pole and when the green flag drops it will be he who is going going gone! Rocko Gallardo is Josh’s dad and in this one he is cheering his son on from a lone fifth place. Josh will work it way up after 5 laps as the 131 of Royal Jones and G17 of Fito Gallardo battle hard for second. They will run out of laps as Josh Gallardo will go flag to flag in this Dash and take home the very large prize of 1000$ dollars! Josh was up by a mile and will take that momentum into the Modifieds Feature starting pole there as well.

The first Feature race of the night is going to be the Super Trucks with 20 laps and 14 cars to bring the heat in this one! IT will be the 6 of Walton Kyle Sr leading early on in this one. It only takes two laps and the Sherminator, Sherman Barnett, has moved all the way to third place already. Sherman is coming on hard and this one is about to get wild only 3 laps in.

We look to turn 4 as the leaders of Walton and Sherman come to the line for 15 laps to go and Sherman is there but just can’t make anything stick just yet. The 6 is running low but the 82 is running lower! These two are bumping and bangin but the 6 is holding strong against the Sherminator who is normally dominant in this class.

At the line for 10 to go Sherman will come out of turn 4 high like a rocket and take the lead by a nose! Just as the 82 completed that tenth lap, caution will wave for the 22 who has come to complete stop down the front stretch. The 82 is credited with leading that lap but unfortunately for Sherman he will get a flat left rear while we are under yellow and he has to leave the racing surface to change it. Sherman had just taken the lead but now will restart at the rear for having to leave the racing surface. The 6 of Walton Kyle Sr leads them once again but in just the right time for Fathers day weekend, his son the 21 of Walton Kyle JR has moved into second and will be chasin down the man. The 98 of Rusty Bowen is still there in third.

They restart clean and its not until 9 laps to go that the 21 finally clears the 98 clean for second but now he has to chase down his dad! Luckily for the 21 they have just completed the for 8 to go hen caution waves one more time. NOW Walton Kyle JR has a straight shot at Walton Kyle Sr and we go racing with 8 to go!

On the restart the 21 will go top shelf, door to door around the outside with the 6 and down the backstretch he will take the lead! What a father son battle to have just after that Father Son Dash for Cash. After that pass it will be the Walton Kyle JR show for the last 7 laps while Walton DR holds off the 98 in a fiery finish for second.

The 21 of Walton Kyle JR wins by a mile and the 6 Walton Kyle SR brings home the well fought second. Rusty Bowen crosses the finish for a hard thought third and the 2A of Kenny Alons rounds out the top 4.

On to the 20 lap main event for the USRA Street Stocks and its the 3 of Dennis Anderson who will lead all 13 cars to the green. Anderson takes the drop of the flag but Todd Froats in L750 and Rudy Munoz in 3d are going to the front early. The 3d takes that battle quickly and jumps to an early lead.

As the top 5 all battle door to door for second its going to be Llyod Turner in the 0 who is working his way up already to fourth after starting 9th! He is on a rail in his 57 Chevy after winning last night at El Paso Speedway Park.

Only 4 laps complete and this race will see its first caution for the 39H who has stopped in turn3. The 44x of George LaRose was coming from way outside to pass the 3d just before that caution came out and had it not been for the caution he would have made that stick almost guaranteed.

On the restart the 3d will lead them around but it will be the 0 to third quickly and he isn’t looking to waste anytime here as he starts to work on the 44x. Into turn three Llyod Turner will split the 3d and the 44x and to the lead he goes! He is credited with leading the 5th lap in this one and it doesn’t look like he plans on taking any looks back as when he comes to the line to lead the sixth lap he is already gapped the field substantially!

Red Flag! Lloyd Turner was way up and just as the 44x passes the 3d for second the C4 catches a blaze in the infield and we go to red flag. Track crews get the fire out quickly but the 42, 8, and 97 will go to the rear for not completely stopping under red flag racing. The 74J of Jason Josselyn who was running top 5 will also go to the rear as he exited the track to have a tire fixed.

The 0 will lead with 14 to go but LaRose is going to challenge all the way around! 44x goes low into 1 and off turn 2 he has the lead! But into 3 Lloyd Turner grabs another gear in 0 and off turn 4 at the stripe he is the leader once again.

George LaRose is going to push the 0 hard for a few more laps but with 10 in and 10 to go LaRose will spin around in turn 1 and it’ll be the 0 who is up front and running all alone now. We stay green as LaRose gets it together but near the rear of the field. The 3d now runs second but it’s going to take a caution for him to catch Lloyd Turner who is looking to sweep the weekend cleanly.

The 0 is putting in fast laps up front and with 5 laps to go Lloyd turner is over a half a track ahead of Rudy Munoz in 3d who is now trying to hold of a hard charging Todd Froats in L750.

Lloyd Turner cruises to the finish out of turn 4 and will win this one by a half a track minimum! The 3d holds on for second but it’s the 44x who comes back with a strong finish to pass the L750 in the last corner for third. Todd Froats fought hard but will have to settle with that fourth place tonight. The 97 of Wyatt Loveland will finish out the top 5 after he started in the back after that red flag.

Legends always bring a little excitement and with 12 cars running 15 laps, this race is sure to be no different. The Ak47 of Jese Esquivel them early but he will dive to the infield coming off turn 4 and it’s the 55L leading lap 2. They run pretty consistent but it’s the eleven-year of of Gunner Harris who has moved his 54 machine all the ay up too 5th after only 3 laps!

The 55L is going o fall way back and give the lead to the 902 of Mike Zuloaga but Zuloaga wont have it easy as the 37 of Joshua Jackson, last nights winner, is coming on a mission for the sweep! He is coming so hard that into turn 1 he spins and brings out the first yellow in this one! 6 laps complete with 9 to go and the 902 with now lead 37A Alex Esquivel and 237 Steven Arellano to the green. That second row is chomping at the bit as the green flag drops.

The top 3 will all go door to door into 3 and out of turn 4 and at the line it will be the 237 who has taken the lead! The 37A will also pass the 902 who now runs third. The real kicker here is the 54 of Gunner Harris who is running fourth right on the bumper of the 902.

At the stripe its 5 circuits remaining and the 237 leads by 10 lengths over the 37A who has his hands full with Zuloaga and Harris for second! The 37 of Jackson is also coming strong and is all the way back to fifth place trying to get around Harris when the 37 spins again this time in turn 3. Jackson was on a rail in the 37 but he will be asked to leave the raceway for causing 2 cautions in the main event.

The 237 will lead them back to the green with 3 laps to go as the 902 and 37A will try and battle while also holding off a hard charging Gunner Harris. At the wave of the flag Arellano wastes no time jumping way ahead to make for smooth sailing in the last few laps. With only two laps remaining Harris will dive low and make this exciting to the end. He cant stick it and stays in fourth for the time being.

Steven “Scuba” Arellano will take the big win in this one and the 902 of Mike Zuloaga brings it home in second. The 37A Alex Esquivel holds off a last lap effort from Gunner Harris for the third position. Harris goes home with the 4th place finish and that makes two nights in a row with a top five for Harris!

Bombers are going to keep things interesting tonight as 13 cars will run 15 laps for the glory! The 4B of Bryan Bagwell will lead the opening lap from the front row but coming back to the stripe to complete lap 2, they will go three wide for the lead and the 4 of Devan Smith comes away with it. Here comes the 7 of Sean Privette though and we have 3 leaders in 3 laps!

They run 7, 13RLT, 44x until lap 7 when the flagman Eddie decides to make things interesting and drops a flag onto the track! We have to go yellow so he can retrieve it. These things happen sometimes and as that is Eddies first yellow on the night he wont be asked to leave just yet. Eddie scrambles down the ladder, gets the flag, and we restart with 8 laps to go.

The next three laps are going to see the 13RLT of Dane Boerger all over the back of Privette while LaRose runs third in 44x. its 5 to go when 13RLT makes it door to door with the 7 and here comes Boerger! Its Boerger time as the 13RLT will make that outside line stick and lead the 11th lap.

White flag for 13RLT still leading the 7. The 7 will fall off the pace just a bit in this last lap and Dane Boerger will “brings the Boergers (Burgers) to the table” with a solid win in this one! Sean Privette will hold off a hard charging George LaRose in 44x for second.

We always save the craziest and wildest racing for the end of the night and here we go with USRA Modifieds!! 21 cars will start this race but the G17 of Fito Gallardo is the man on a mission after being completely dominate last night at El Paso Speedway Park. However, Josh Gallardo is starting on the pole and is coming to the feature with all the momentum and the 1000$ dollars from winning the Father Son Dash for Cash Duels!!

At the drop of the green it’s the 187 making it look good early but here comes the 111 of Bumper Jones to the top shelf early and Fito Gallardo in G17 is going to follow in suit. Fito will drop low in turns 3&4 to take the second spot from Bumper smooth as silk only 4 laps in.

The 187 is still leading but he is loosing ground to his uncle quickly. The 111 is still in third but another Gallardo, the J17 of Jake, is there to put the pressure on. Fito has been running high again while catching Josh but to the bottom he goes only 7 laps in and reels in the 187 like a fish on the line. He will make the low line THE only line as he rockets under Josh for the lead. They now run Gallardo, Gallardo, Jones, Gallardo. Which is exactly how the Father Son Dash for Cash Duel went down.

They are 10 laps in to this 20 lap main event and its all Fito Fashion up front once again. Somebody better break out the broom because Fito is looking to sweep this weekend clean! The 187 is still second but here comes Jake Gallardo, Fito’s son, up to third and charging hard! The 111 hasn’t lost touch yet either.

With 17 laps to go Fito Gallardo has caught the tail end cluster of lapped cars. He cuts them like butter but opening up such a good path gives the other 3 a better shot at him and he will loose quite a bit of ground in just that one lap.

The 111 of Bumper Jones has passed the J17 back for third but the J17 is going to dive low into turn 3 and in textbook fashion will pass both the 111 and the 187! The J17 is now in second and it looks like he has fond his line. Again in this one we have a father son battle for the lead on fathers day weekend!

Only 12 clicks remain in this one but don’t count out the action yet! J17 is closing fast on his dad and it wont be long before he battling him for the lead. Right on cue the J17 catches the G17 and we have a race on our hands with 10 laps remaining!

It will only take a few more turns for Jake to do to his dad exactly what he did to his cousin and drop way low in turn 4 for the lead! Turns 3&4 have been absolutely amazing for Jake tonight and he is using that entire inside to get the job done. At the line for 9 to go it’s the J17 leading by a nose!

Fito is still battling as hard as he can but to no avail as Jake Gallardo is on an absolute rail down low tonight. As the two drivers enter into turn 3 it looks like Fito might have Jake back for the lead but before they reach the line the caution waves for the 82 who has spun out in turn4.

Father Son weekend and we have a father son battle up front!

The top 3 are all Gallardo but the J17 is the Gallardo to beat tonight as he jumps out early on the restart. Fito wont let him get away just yet but with 5 laps to go Jake leads Fito by over a length with Josh sitting in third patiently. The drivers are absolutely married to the bottom as they take the green flag for 2 to go.

The G17 is driving all over hard but it’s the J17 of Jacob Gallardo who will take the white, hold of a last ditch effort from his old man in turn 3 and take the checkered on this great fathers day weekend!

Fathers Day weekend and Jacob Gallardo in J17 will finally stop the Fito Fashion show of Fito Gallardo in G17. Fito will finish a close second but Jaacob has stopped his dad from sweeping another weekends of Modifieds. Josh Gallardo will come home third but after winning the 1000$ dollars in the father son dash, Josh can have no regrets on the weekend. Donovan Flores takes home the rough and rowdy fourth place finish while Bumper Jones rounds out the top 5.

It was a great weekend of racing and if you missed us this weekend you do NOT want to miss next weekend as the crazy and wild Southwest Region ASCS 360 Winged Sprint Cars join us for an awesome night of racing. Those guys will be running lap times under 13 seconds and it isn’t something to miss. An amazing fireworks show is also in order for the Southern New Mexico Speedway on Saturday night. So come, enjoy the racing and the fireworks, and don’t leave disappointed!

Parking will be available at 3:30
Gates Open at 5:30
Racing starts at 7:45 so don’t be late!