Tonight isn’t the normal night at Southern New Mexico Speedway because not only are we having 5 awesome classes but we also bring you the Sun Valley Hardware 3000$ to win USRA Street Stock feature main event that was rained out 2 weeks ago on the 4th of July. This means we have 40 laps for the street stocks before the intermission with 3000$ on the line and then 20 more laps for them after intermission for the weekend points! 24 Street Stocks are here to run the Sun Valley Hardware race, as this is the biggest prize ever offered to Street Stock drivers from Southern New Mexico. With that many cars racing for that much money, things are bound to get a little bumpy!
Jaime Torres in 44JT was fast during the heats two weeks ago and is always consistent here. Torres will start on the pole tonight and he has waited 2 weeks to race 40 laps for 3000$ so he will not be wasting time tonight. Jaime Torres will dart out quickly but 2 laps in the 00 of Derek Demartino is going to stall as he charges for the lead but luckily just behind him the 29m will spin and collect the MR13 of Rudy Tarin the III. Tough break for Tarin as he was looking really fast tonight. The 00, MR13, and 29m will go to the rear of the field. They will only complete 2 more laps before caution comes out again for the A-21 who spins causing the 3d to spin the 74 and all 3 cars go to the rear. Also under caution the UNO will leave the racing surface not to return. Only 5 laps in once they restart and its still the 44Jt trying to gap the field but now it could be a little harder as Lloyd Turner in 0 has made his way to second.  A bunch of cars with problem in turn 2 and we have another caution before the leaders complete the sixth lap. 4 More to the rear with some leaving the racing surface. Finally getting some laps complete as we as we are 9 laps in with the 44JT smoking the field with the 0 just behind and the 5x all the way to third after starting this one way back! But luckily for the 5x he won’t have to work too hard as caution flies for the 5th time in this 40-lap main. 13 laps in with 27 to go and not much has changed in the last 4 laps but now Lloyd Turner is going to loose second to the 5x but before they can finalize that at the line the caution flies for the 51 who is sitting in turn 2 and has come to s stop on his side! As the track crews rush to Kenny McCoy in that 51, the pit crews are allowed to rush to their respective cars an fuel up because at this point the cars aint makin’ it to the finish without topping off. After the track crew does an amazing job of checking on Kenny we go back to green with Jaime Torres still blistering the paces. Only 5 more laps and the 00 has come blistering to the top 5 but he gets way to excited and will slam the 3H sending them both around into turn 2 exit. The 3H will retain his spot as that was all the 00 fault. Demartino in 00 will go to the rear for causing that caution. Luckily we have finally made it 20 laps in with 20 laps to go and Jaime Torres has led every lap so far. 3 more laps and the 81 will spin turn 4 bringing out the 7th yellow of the night before we even complete one race. We are cooking down the laps again and with 15 to go the 44JT is still obliterating the field while the 00 is already back inside the top 4 battling with 5x of Rick Boelter for third! Another caution but clean restarts take us back green quickly and they are able to run 5 more laps and Lloyd turner has caught the 44JT. The 44Jt is blocking like a champ but caution again for the 74m who has spun turn 4. Jaime Torres will rocket that restart just like he has all night but this is where things will take a turn! As they cross the stripe for 8 laps remaining Jaime Torres is going barrel up and over turn 1 berm like it doesn’t even exist! He will spin as he over the berm and caution flies! News from the track crew is that his throttle stuck wide open so he couldn’t even turn. The 44JT will fix that busted spring very quickly and before we go green flag racing he is able to jump at the end of the field and give this one last shot with 8 to go. Now, if you where paying attention you know what is going on because by default it’s the 00 of Derek Demartino to the lead after going to the rear twice!!! Demartino will run a good time but Lloyd Turner is right there for the next 4 laps until would you look at that, Another Caution! Demartino will nail this restart and all the way to the checkered he will go in the 00 machine! That 3000$ Sun Valley Hardware check is going straight to the hands of Derek Demartino after winning this 40 lap main event from the rear twice! Lloyd Turner gave that race every inch of his car but second tonight is the best he will do. Only 11 cars will finish this race after 24 started it.
Super trucks are up next with 17 of these bad boys gracing us with their presence for 20 laps. The 22 of Chris Dermine will jump to the lead and will dart ahead for the first 5 laps as the 6 and 066 bump around for second. That led from the first 5 laps wont matter tonight because caution flies for the first time in the super truck main. Garcia in the 10 machine will jump to third on this restart and it looks like he really wants this win but he cant clear the 6 or the 22 for 3 laps until on lap nine the 6 and the 10 will split the 22 high/low and dart to the lead! They barely complete that lap before the Uno of Brian Klein has trouble in turn 4. With 10 in and 10 to go the 6 is leading and looking to gap out while the 10 is stuck meddling with the 2 for second. Luckily for the 10 they only have to fight for 3 more laps until caution flies for the 21K spinning through turn 2. The 10 will go to the very top as the 6 and 2 go all the way to the very bottom. 5 laps remain and the 10 fights back as the 6 is only 8 lengths ahead but holding now.  The next 3 laps have the 6 giving everything he has and sticking his lines like a seasoned veteran. With only 2 circuits remaining Walton Kyle Sr has the lead and looking to win this one as he sees the white coming through turn 3. Not in dirt racing though and the 16 has an issue in turn 4 bringing out the caution before Walt can take the white. We have a GREEN, WHITE, CHECKERED in the Super Trucks! On the restart the 6 gets a great jump but it’s Mike Garcia to the highline and out of turn 4 he is going to appear to have rockets trapped to the back of that 10 machine! By the time they enter into turn 1&2 Garcia has slammed to the lead in textbook fashion! Garcia will block wayyyyy low into turn 3 and hold on to lead the last lap. Garcia may have only led one lap tonight but it was the most important lap and he will win this Super Truck main event in spectacular fashion. Walton Kyle Sr. in 6 and Kenny Alons in 2A will round out your top 3.
Legend cars are always an interesting bunch of drivers and with 15 cars running 20 laps in a double points qualifier tonight is going to be absolutely intense! Mike Zuloaga in 902 is always a front runner in these zipping little cars and he will lead the first two laps until the Ak47 spins turn 2 after an earlier altercation and the caution will eave for the first time in this main. The 902 is going to dart out again and the real action is going to come from second as the 01, 72, and 237 are all going to go 3 wide! The 72 will win that battle but 1 lap later they go at it again into turn 3 and this time it is the 237 of Steven Arellano who will win the battle out. The 237 will waste no time and with 11 laps to go he has caught the bumper of the leader to make this fun! The top two of 902 and 237 are trying to pull away from the field but it isn’t that easy and the General Lee 01 of Dusty Riggs will bomb the bottom into turn 3 with 7 to go and take the lead from third! The 237 is going to lose traction as the 01 blows by and he goes spinning into the infield. 4 circuits remain and as the top 4 are running nose to tail the 58L is going to spin and bring out the second caution of the night after that 14 lap green flag run. Lights out in turn 4 and as the 01 drags the field to the green he has the 902, 72, and 54 right on his bumper! The 01 will lead every lap from that point on without a challenge at as they cross the stripe for the last time it is the General Lee 01 of Dusty Riggs coming home with the huge legends car win! Mike Zuloaga raced hard and bettered last nights finish by 1 as he comes across the line in second.
Look at your watches because it is Southwest Late Models time and we go racing for 20 laps with 18 cars! These cars are topless tonight so that the fans can have a direct view of what goes on inside that cockpit! The front row to start this one will be an Arizona show, as the 12 of Greg Jelvik will start on the pole with the 89 of James Laing to his outside. Here comes the DYNAMITE out of turn 4 as the late models go green flag! Only 1 lap complete and the 14 of Sean Bray is going to get loose way up high in turn 3. He almost collects the G17 and 3K but as caution comes out both those drivers receive their spots back for staying clear of Bray. They get a decent run in the next 4 laps as the 12 will steal lead but as the top 4 are running nose to tail a caution will fly for the 24, 2, and 22 who are spinning mid pack. Jelvik will lead the 57 of Billy Roy Harris and 89 James Laing to the green with 16 to go. Down to 12 laps remaining and as the leaders bring it to the line the 29 of Mercedes Abercrombie will spin all by herself bringing out the caution from turn 2. Great restart from the top 3 and they run away from the field for 3 laps until 9 laps remaining and big caution turn 2 again! Jelvik in the 12 will gun that restart and away he goes so we look to second for some action. Fito Gallardo in G17 is going to battle and hold off Billy Ro in 57 for 4 laps but 5 to go and the 57 will find a traction patch a shoot by the G17. The 12 is way up over the 57 with 3 laps to go but luckily for the 57 he is gonna have a perfect shot at it as the 29 spins turn 2 again and brings out her second yellow. At the white flag it will still be the 12 barely leading the 57 but G17 still sits third ready to make his move. Neither the 57 or g17 are going to have the speed tonight and Greg Jelvik will get his very first Late Models win in the number 12 machine all the way from Tucson Arizona!! The 57 and G17 battled hard but they will have to settle for second and third places tonight, as there was no catching Greg Jelvik.
Street Stocks may have already run a 40 lap main event but tonight is no ordinary night and now they will run 20 more! After that crazy 40 lap 3000$ to win, only 23 of the scheduled 28 cars are able to make it back onto the racing surface. This race is going to get off to a very bumpy start as the 30th caution of the evening will wave for the 97 who is spinning in turn 2 just after that restart. The 0 of Lloyd Turner is going to take the lead and run with it from this point. Lloyd will gap the field for two laps then another caution. He will gap the field again for two laps and then caution. This time restart we are 4 laps in and Lloyd Turner is looking strong but once again after only 1 more lap complete, you guessed it! Caution… Only 5 laps in with 15 to go and we are at 4 cautions already. They try and go green but these guys are all fired up tonight and caution waves again before any more complete. Track officials have decided that’s enough crashing and will drop 5 laps from this main event. Leaving us with only 10 laps remaining. The restart goes the exact same for Lloyd Turner as he pulls away but one complete and caution. They do the one lap caution 2 more times and that’s enough of that track officials have called the race with 6 circuits still left on the ticker.  Lloyd Turner will take the defaulted win but still a good performance for him and a good end to his night after getting second in the 3000$ to win. 44JT Jaime Torres was there in second for every one of those restarts and Garrett Stearns in 53JR will finish out the podium. A little confusion after the race on who finished where under that black flag finish but it is the MR13 of Rudy Tarin the III, who in his own words “drove his butt off to get to the top 4” and was definitely glad to be there.
USRA Modifieds are the final and main show of the evening and with 20 cars ready to rumble this one is going to be fire. The 39H of Herrera will start on the pole but it is Jake and Fito Gallardo to the lead early from the outside of row 1&2. The 3T of Todd Harper has come flying to second after 1 lap inside of Fito. Just after that pass Fito Gallardo will take his G17 machine up and over turn 4 but somehow save it and remain inside the top 8. Bumper and Royal Jones started outside’s row 3&4 and now they are chasing down Jake Gallardo for the lead as they have teamed up and blown by the 3T. 10 laps in and the J17 is in his own zip code with the 111 and 131 still jostling around in second. Fortunately for them as the ticker clicks 9 to go the caution will fly for the first time in this one and we bunch them back together to go racing out of turn 4! This restart has Gallardo J17, Jones 111, Jones 131, and Gallardo G17 all running nose to tail for about a lap until Jake Gallardo finds another gear, some extra traction somewhere and he is absolutely gone! Down to 5 to go and Jake has gone all the way back to his zip code again as Bumper and Royal Jones hold of Fito for second. Jake will take this race by storm down to the white flag and its Jake Gallardo who is going to lead flag to flag in this USRA modifieds 2o lapper. Jake may have been ahead by almost half a track but back in second Bumper Jones in the 11 put in a heck of a fight with his dad, Royal Jones in the 131. Fito Gallardo was charging hard but settles with 4th tonight after that early mishap. Todd Harper holds on and rounds out our top 5.
Jake Gallardo was calm and relaxed after the race like usual but he was very pleased with his car and the way it handled tonight on this tough track:
“The car was almost perfect and with the way we had it set up I could put it anywhere on track I needed to be. That was great for the lapped cars. The track was like driving on glass but fortunately that is what I love to do so tonight was just a good night. I couldn’t tell what was going on back there behind me but I saw Bumper Jones on that restart and I knew I just had to keep doing what I was doing. It feels good to finally get another win here, tonight.”
IF you missed all this action tonight you will not want to miss next weekend as the Border International Truck 305 Winged Sprint car series returns for the first time in over a month!
Gates will open at 5:30
Racing starts at 7:45
Bring and appetite for speed and leave with the adrenaline rush of a lifetime.