2012 Track Rules, Regulations & Procedures

We would like to welcome all drivers and pit crews to our track. We hope that you have lots of luck and enjoy the race program we have scheduled. This is a set of our track rules and regulations that need to be read by YOU and YOUR pit crew members. Our officials are not perfect, but they are the best around and try very hard to conduct a fair and fun place to race.

  1. Drivers Meeting You must attend or have someone represent you. If you have any questions, please ask them at the drivers meeting or before the 1st race. There should be no unanswered questions by the end of the drivers meeting.

  2. Pit Passes Anyone caught in the pit area without a pit pass will be ejected for the night. The race team they are with will also be held responsible and ejected for the night and/or not paid.

  3. RACEceivers All drivers must use RACEceivers while on the track racing. If you are found without a RACEceiver, you will be fined $25.00 for each occurance.

  4. Pill Draw/Driver Check-In All drivers MUST check in no later than 7:00 p.m. (1:00 p.m. on shows that start at 2:00 p.m. or 5:30 p.m. on shows that start at 6:30 p.m.). Any driver arriving later than stated times will have to start scratch in their heat races….NO EXEPTIONS. Either DRIVER and/or CAR must be present AT TIME of check-in.

  5. Drugs or Alcoholic Beverages NO drugs or alcohol will be allowed in the pits before or during the races. If caught, you will be ejected for the night. If you or any of your pit crew members choose to purchase any alcoholic beverages from the bar, you will not be allowed back into the pits until the race night is completed.

  6. Driving in Pits NO SPEEDING coming off the track or in the pits. SPEED LIMIT IS IDLE SPEED. If a car is caught speeding, you will be fined $50.00.

  7. Wheel Packing All cars in the class specified during the drivers meeting are required to pack the track. If you do not pack the track, you will start scratch that night. Please pay close attention and follow the flagman and infield crew directions when packing the track. Leaving the track before you are flagged off the track will result in starting scratch in your heat as well as the main event. Refusing to wheel pack for any reason (besides mechanical failure) will result in starting scratch in your heat as well as the main event and points will not be rewarded to any driver that refuses to wheel pack.

  8. Staging Area All cars stage on south end of pits prior to racing, once the pit steward makes the first call. If you do not stage on time, you will start scratch. If the light is green GO. If the light is red DO NOT GO. Enter in order. We want to go green the first lap.

  9. Starts and Re-starts Anyone hot lapping before racing will start in back. Race starts in turn 4 at the white line, front two cars need to be side by side. (No Texas Starts, if you are caught you will be penalized 2 positions per car you passed at the next yellow flag. If there is no yellow flag then your penalty will be assessed at the end of the race). On the initial lap, if the first lap is not completed, you are allowed to fix your car. If you can get back on the track before the race starts-you will be allowed to tag the back. (Just like a yellow.)

  10. Heat Races Any car causing a yellow flag will be asked to leave the track. This will apply to all classes except Sprint cars.

  11. Main Events Any driver causing 2 yellow flags in the main event will be asked to leave the track. This applies to all classes. If a car leaves the racing surface during a race and becomes laps down then re-enters the race, they will be scored laps down until a yellow flag is displayed. At that time, the car will be sent to the back of the line-up and will receive 1 lap back and will restart in the back of the line-up for each yellow flag until all laps down are made up. One “Lucky Dog” will be awarded to all cars laps down per yellow.

  12. Black Flag If you are black-flagged for any reason, you must leave the racing surface immediately. Stopping to argue with the flagman or official will result in a $50.00 fine and each lap taken after will be an additional $25.00. The black flag will be given to any car for extreme rough driving or to any car deemed unsafe to race. If a crew chief wants his car black flagged off the track, he must go to the pit stand to report this.

  13. Red Flag means STOP—there is a car and/or driver in danger. Please don’t stop too abruptly and cause a pile up.

    1. Under a red flag, you MAY work on your car only if told by track official that it is an OPEN red. If not told it is an OPEN red, please do not go out onto the track to work on your car. You must re-enter the track when told to do so.

    2. If you change a tire—you MUST go to the back of the pack at the re-start.

  14. Yellow Flag means caution but keep moving. If you are off the racing surface, you won’t always get a yellow, so get back in the race. Yellow flag restarts are Delaware style unless instructed otherwise. The racing surface is green under the Delaware restart as soon as the flagman displays the green flag.

  1. Delaware restarts: Leader has the lonesome pole, 2nd place chooses inside or out, 3rd place does the opposite of 2nd and 4th place and all even place cars line up on the inside row and 5th place and all odd place cars line up on the outside row.

  2. Involvement Rule: Cars involved in a wreck go to the back. “Involved” is defined as follows: Any car making contact AND stopping on the track, and a car that was the “cause of the yellow” whether or not that car stops will go to the back. Cars making minimal contact while trying to avoid the wreck, which do not stop on the track, will not be considered involved. Cars making NO contact but stop on the track to avoid the wreck, will not be considered involved and will retain their original position. If two cars have inadvertent close contact and one car spins, the spun car will go to the back. In multi-car pile ups, all cars involved go to the back.

  1. Protests All protests must be in writing, signed by the driver(s) protesting. Fee of $25.00 per driver must accompany the written protest when turned into the Pit Stewart. This must be done within 15 minutes of the checkered flag. If car is found to be illegal, protester gets his $25.00 back. If car is legal, that driver gets the $25.00.

  2. Rough Driving will not be tolerated. If you slip out of groove and someone comes under you, you may not drive back down on them. You slipped out of the groove, so hold your own line and race. If you are faster than the car in front of you, you need to pass them, not drive through them. If you inadvertently knock the car in front of you out of the groove or sideways, back off and allow them to regain their position. If it appears that you spun the car in front of you sideways to gain position, you will be black-flagged or you tag on the next yellow.

  3. Unsportsmanlike Conduct of any kind will not be tolerated. This includes going to another drivers pit area after an incident on the track. You can tell him what a fantastic driver he/she is later, but not in the heat of the moment. Penalties or disqualification will result if you go into another pit area or cause any problems. Drivers will be held responsible for the conduct of pit crews or wife/significant other. There will be no cursing at the pay window or while in line. You will not abuse the pit steward, flagman or any other track official, or you will be ejected for the night and fined $50.00.

  4. Track Officials/Tower Any situation arising that concerns a track official should see the Pit Steward/Manager. You, your pit crew, or family members are not allowed in the announcer’s tower. If you have questions, please wait till after the races to speak with any officials. A $50.00 fine will be assessed to the person or affiliated driver abusing this.

  5. Rainout Policy There will be no refunds. Pit passes are good at the next race that your class races. Completion of heat races constitutes a show.

  6. Driver and/or Car Change must be reported to the Pit Steward prior to that particular race. Driver must start scratch if qualified to race. If not reported, driver and car will be disqualified for the evening.

  7. Complaints are to be directed to your class officials FIRST. If they cannot give you an answer, they will contact a track official for a final decision.

  8. Pits will close one hour after the last race. Winnings not picked up by that time will be returned to the track, so please get to the pay window in a timely manner. Gates will be locked and lights turned out.

  9. Push Starts If you are unable to restart under your own power, you will go to the back of the field unless you are stopped by an official in which case you will be allowed a push start and will retain your position prior to being stopped. This goes for all classes. If you are aware of the fact that your car will not restart KEEP YOUR ENGINE RUNNING.

  10. Fans If it wasn’t for the fans, we wouldn’t be here. Any driver, crew member, or track employee who is the instigator of abuse on a fan whether it’s verbally or physically will be ejected, fired, and fined $100.00. NO EXCEPTIONS!!

  11. Young Drivers Any persons wishing to race and are under the age of 16 MUST go through a 50 hour orientation period and be signed off by track owners before being allowed to compete

  12. ATV’s The use of ATV’s in the pits is a privilege. ATV’s are not allowed in the grandstand area UNLESS you are moving a car to show before the races. No showboating, No speeding (speed limit for ATV’s is 5 mph), No nonsense!!