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Thursday February 2005 3rd at 12:54:16
I hate to tell you brother but i have been in real engine shops and i have been in yours, and im sorry ill send my stuff to arizona so it is done right the first time.
Thursday February 2005 3rd at 11:03:41
steve, there is no reason to teach the street stock class “a lesson”…besides, what do you think you’re gonna do, act like a jonathan burton and run us all off the track…you gotta catch us first…hahaha, you’re REALLY funny steve!
Thursday February 2005 3rd at 06:24:44
tired of dupree::
dupree do you ever shut one cares what your doing or who owes you cant even drive a car,you crybaby.just disappear,and go play with your golfballs or something.
Wednesday February 2005 2nd at 22:15:43
arrogant idiot::
Duhpree, who are you talking about?
Wednesday February 2005 2nd at 20:55:53
” TOO BAD “::
Hey Kevin well i want motor anyways as long as its not locked up. But please let me know what you find we will come down sat. and pick it up and thanks for finding it for us. We need a spare motor this year. These street stocks need a lesson this year and we are going to try to give it to them. We raced both tracks last year and this year we want to show what we have for las cruces. We love playing in el paso but are main concern will be cruces. I am fixing to get rid of a few drivers I was sponsering so if you want to paint that car we will have a little room. Tired of the bull, shut up or pay up but regaurdless we are done. You have the money to fix your car or go on vacation with my money not going to happen my friend. Money being called in if you dont like it get lost. Steve Dupree
Wednesday February 2005 2nd at 20:30:19
Naw, just reiterating the lack of denero in my wallet.
Wednesday February 2005 2nd at 20:19:39
” TOO BAD “::
Sorry you think you have to post your name patrick. I mean everyone you didnt need to post your name not important to me but when you borrow money you pay it back if that upsets you get a life we all have bills not just you. We have loaned money to plenty besides you so that was a stupid post over 30.00 dollars my friend i spent that on gaskets today putting my stock intake back on. The others no who they are your 30.00 is just a dime. Steve Dupree
Wednesday February 2005 2nd at 19:37:28
Kevin McClendon::
Steve I apoligize for cutting you short on the phone today. I was short a machinist, and had alot to do. plus alot of action with the what I told you is happening right now. The engine turns over by hand. That usually means there just wore out not seized. Its a two piece rear main seal which means its in the 70’s. I’ll pull a valve cover and get a manufacturer date tommorrow. Any time you want to come see our facility feel free to do so. I’ll give you the grand tour. Maybe you can come with Patrick when he comes to pick up those aluminum, ported and polished, SB2 heads for his street stock. I can’t believe he paid $6,000 for two castings can you? I thought Dale JR. sold his old parts for less then that. Anytime any of you racers want to come and see what my machine shop is all about feel free to come also. My door is always open to racers of any class. I’ll give you guys the best price I can. Alot of the racers help me so I don’t mind helping in return. thanks
Wednesday February 2005 2nd at 19:27:25
If your referring to me Steve, you’ll get your $30 when I actually have money.
Wednesday February 2005 2nd at 18:42:29
” TOO BAD “::
Ok in a nice way all the racers that owe me money need to pay up i have a backup motor to build and i dont care what your problem is. You had the guts to ask for the money so lets get it payed back. I am not going to mention any names at this time but lets get it done and i do mean now. Thanks Steve Dupree
Wednesday February 2005 2nd at 13:41:39
Lloyd Wideman::
If anyone has Henry Aguirre’s phone number i would like to talk to him in reference of JR Patton.
Wednesday February 2005 2nd at 13:04:44
” TOO BAD “::
Hey kevin i will call you in a bit thanks i want it all lol. Thanks for looking and if i guess we will see what shape you find it in but yes we need one. As far as a spare motor in this class we want it ready to install so we want it all that way its only a cpl of hours too change if we need to. Thanks Kevin call you in a bit. Steve
Wednesday February 2005 2nd at 12:23:42
Kevin McClendon::
Steve this thing is complete. How much do you want? I got it from Carb to pan. It even has the disributer. electronic at that. Call me at 1/915/755/8703
Wednesday February 2005 2nd at 12:18:01
Kevin McClendon::
Steve I got a winsdor core today. I have to check it out.
Wednesday February 2005 2nd at 08:44:28
you are all jackasses.all you do is talk sh$t. shut up and race
Tuesday February 2005 1st at 22:45:15
jimmy ray
Tuesday February 2005 1st at 21:01:31
911carattheenduro:: @dumbsH**.com
I was just informed that a burton was driving. He cant drive he took out every DMV Car. DUMBa$$
Tuesday February 2005 1st at 19:26:37
Take a guess::
Money is at the bottom of the recent events involving the speedway. Someone stands to make money if track is shut down, and turned into something else. Someone in the local goverment stands to make money as well. Money is always the hidden agenda when it comes to the shenanigans such as what has happened as of late. The stupid comments that are expressed on this site are not those of the promoter, and as such should be taken with a grain of salt. A few people that lack maturity, and intelligence should not be the voice of the many positive others. I for one will be glad when the guestbook is shutdown, and those few worthless, gutless, nameless idiots no longer have a way to air their differences, and instead they will have to just bite their tongues in person, and hide behind their own shallow thoughts.
Tuesday February 2005 1st at 17:47:14
Track promoters: This smut on your website is probably part of the reason why your unsophisticated track is under the watch of the public eye and commisioners. Just a thought.
Tuesday February 2005 1st at 17:16:42
Wow those two comments seem pretty far off yander in left field considering its is a RACING website. Sounds like this 3G gal must be pretty powerful…hmmmm…or u misspelling idiots have no lives. lol. Is Gregory a girl or what cuz the……correction……G3 name belongs to him last the program was issued. back to racing loosers.
Tuesday February 2005 1st at 12:50:17
I think she is goin to wreck you life by nailin your dad so he leaves your mom and makes your life hell. How about it Melissa sound like a plan for this little $ hit for saying something like that
Tuesday February 2005 1st at 11:15:11
love 3g::
ANyone know who’s life Miss 3g is planning on wrecking this season?
Monday January 2005 31st at 16:54:57
Lloyd Wideman::
Visit the new and be sure to post your support for JR and the team on the new Team Patton Forum. Thanks, Lloyd Wideman ___
Monday January 2005 31st at 04:30:10
” TOO BAD “::
Can,t believe Hoosier wouldn,t let you have that motor if you said please he is usually a pretty nice guy.Yea 350.00 is at of the ball park for a winsor core but they are becoming hard to find and they think they are gold. I paid 100.00 for this core from Black,s but i guess i just got lucky. Those heads i sell on ebay already are adjustable and they dont usually go high enough to afford to put screw in studs but yes we will probally do that to these other heads. They just want to make it a stout street car nothing to much. I have this stuff kevin its like stone gaurd you spray on the bottom of the car. I put on my intake and then painted it ford blue and you cannot tell it is aluminum. We might use that on Donavans motor if we can get it from him. Well don,t freeze this week it,s going to be a cold one.
Sunday January 2005 30th at 19:43:32
Kevin McClendon::
We can do those heads, My seat and guide machine can also drill the later model heads for screw in studs.Small block ford heads I like to make adjustable valves, it just takes studs. I’m still looking for you a winsdor core. I have found a couple but I think people think there made of gold. $350 for a core is unreasonable. What are we putting that engine Hoosier got? He won’t let me have it. I even said please. We will have to paint it so it won’t look aluminum but don’t tell anyone.
Sunday January 2005 30th at 15:44:44
” TOO BAD “::
Hey kevin we got a car in today that i will be restoring and i will be starting with moter and tranny first. I will need crank turned probally heads done unless i sell them my cheater heads i have. I usually let leon do the block but if you do that we will look you up as they come up with the money. Its a 302 ford we will be rebuilding. We will keep in touch maybe that can help you trade out paint job plus we have some 69 and 70 heads that we fix and sell on ebay that we could let you do. Well talk at you soon sure you will need to get another car before we paint the truck you want.
Sunday January 2005 30th at 15:18:16
I was wondering if anyone could tell me where I can get some bumber fluid in 55 gallon drums. I just checked mine in my sprint car and it was low. Maybe thats why I rolled it at Manzy last time I raced. And while im at it can you also help me find some wiper blade sharpeners for my wifes’ 85 cadillac? Thnks guys.
Sunday January 2005 30th at 13:59:23
Kevin McClendon::
I forgot a couple things, The V8 valve job does include freeze plugs for you ford guys at no extra cost. Also we replace valve guides as needed.
Sunday January 2005 30th at 13:36:40
Kevin McClendon::
I’ll give all racers a 10% discount on machine work. V-8 valve job complete includes cleaning, magnaflux, grind all valves and seats, reassemble and resurface w/new seals, both heads for $120.00, does not include setting spring height, race springs that need to be set at a certain height is an extra $45.00, Oil Pan sale, stock appearing, circle track pans w/pick up $79.99, Check M&V; machine, good work at a fair price.
Saturday January 2005 29th at 23:51:55
If anyone is looking for a street stock, I have a camaro roller for sale, just needs motor, trany, and driveline, body in good condition, $800 e-mail for more info
Saturday January 2005 29th at 22:42:29
Troy Beach::
Hey, Steve! I’m sure he will want a 1-2-3 finish this year! And I won’t care what order.
Saturday January 2005 29th at 19:34:40
Hey TOO BAD I did go to personals, there is a guy named Steve bragging about how good he is at blowjobs.
Saturday January 2005 29th at 19:04:07
” TOO BAD “::
That was a very nice response toocool. If you had a car or if you do if you had the guts to put your name he could answer you. Nope i dont think he likes it that way but if you are looking for that type of person you might go to the personals.I am sure you could find someone there. PS You know there are 4 maybe more drivers from deming that will really show alot at the track this year and we do have cars and we use are real name. Not really sure how it will be but johnnybegood always wanted a 1st and 2nd finish and i think this year he will get it real soon.
Saturday January 2005 29th at 18:44:53
” TOO BAD “::
The 2 WILD CHILD will be fast we added too qaurts of tranny fluid to the paint when we sprayed it and when we put it through the wind tunnel…….. WOW what a difference. It will be fast and she will be just as good as her brother. By the way there wild child what a nice trailer you have there……. lol
Saturday January 2005 29th at 18:37:28
toocool:: beachesandho’
Hey Jay do you and Patrick take it up the rear?
Saturday January 2005 29th at 18:34:11
” TOO BAD “::
Well lets see that might just work fine in this ford and we will just move to super street lol. I dont really care you tell us and we will do it. Still think it would be hot in this ford. We will look for you guys soon and if you want to repaint car just get a hold of me.Get a hold of me soon i got the different offsets we need for the car and lets show these guys a little at the first winter race i think it is time. Hope you and the wife are fine and we will see you soon. Steve and Jen
Saturday January 2005 29th at 16:41:13
Steve, my friend Tony, just gave me a fresh Gaerte motor. It dynos at 810 horse. What do you think we need to put it in? I have to go to North Carolina to pick it up. Do you think we can put it in my Super Stock or do we need to get a Late Model? It’s just a 355, but it is real strong.
Saturday January 2005 29th at 13:55:37
The driver of the ” 2 Wild” Street Stock is Mercades Harris, She is 10 years old and I am betting she will be hard to beat by the end of the 2005 season.
Saturday January 2005 29th at 13:06:38
too cool::
Life is a beach
Saturday January 2005 29th at 12:54:15
Jay Keller::
Too cool,why don’t you shut up.He more than has proved he can race.He has also proved to this old timer that he can set up a car,and I wasn’t really a fan of his until this year.So what if he talks on here,at least he can back himself up.You can’t even use your real name,why should anybody care what you think.
Saturday January 2005 29th at 12:18:16
I wish I could give you a response, but I’m going to be very busy with working on two cars, and getting ready for the March race. C-YA !
Saturday January 2005 29th at 11:44:35
Too Cool::
Patrick why are you always beaching at everyone????
Friday January 2005 28th at 21:21:12
Friday January 2005 28th at 20:54:48
You guys are a total joke!
Friday January 2005 28th at 20:02:36
” TOO BAD “::
Hey i will do a donut for a top five lol. Good luck to all and may your keyboard not get a virus.