Ziehl banks $1,000

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July 8, 2017  |  by Ruben Mireles

Rick Ziehl won the Casa Nissan All Star Race.
Rick Ziehl won the Casa Nissan All Star Race.

The Lucas Oil POWRi 305 Sprint Cars danced around the Southern New Mexico Speedway tonight after being rained out two weeks ago, and did they put a show on! The Sun Valley Hardware USRA Stock Cars, Jack Key Auto Group USRA X-Mods, Claimers, and Mini Sprints joined the action as well on a beautiful July 8th edition at the Southern New Mexico Speedway.

The Claimer division at the Southern New Mexico Speedway is growing as eleven checked in for battle calling for a fifteen lap main event. At the start Dawson Manicki made a quick move from second row starting position and got the lead. Bryan Christie would get to runner-up with his hands full of Orlando Ortiz. While they battled for second Manicki would run away. A couple laps later lapped traffic came into play and your leader got stuck behind them on the bottom. Bryan Christie and Orlando Ortiz would then find themselves battling for the lead threw lapped traffic. Both drivers put on an outstanding show until Rudy Tarin the III came on the bottom and snatched the lead with five to go. Tarin was never to be seen again and would roll away with the Claimers feature win.

Rudy Tarin won the Claimer feature.

Eight Mini Sprints checked in for an quick ten lap main event. Sal Gomez and Melissa Gorham shared the front row. At the green Sal Gomez was gone! A caution flew before a lap was completed therefore making Sal Gomez to do it again. Take two at the start was very different. Melissa Gorham took good notes and took off. Gorham would lead while Gomez ran second and Tucson, Arizona racer George Zills battling Jared Warhurst for third. Zills would win the battle and finish third. Sal Gomez was just as fast as Gorham with nothing for Gorham. Melissa Gorham would show the boys how it's done in the Mini Sprints and pick up the Mini Sprint feature win.

Melissa Gorham won the Mini-Sprint feature.

Twenty-two Lucas Oil POWRi 305 Sprint Cars checked in at the Southern New Mexico Speedway with a great track on hand. Don Grable and Robert Herrera set the front row with Grable leading the first three laps until Tyler Jackson drew the first yellow on lap three for stopping in turns one and two. At the start Wes Wofford worked his way to second with twelfth starting position Kyle McCutcheon up to third in only four laps! McCutcheon then battled Wofford for second. Four laps later "the Wildman" got it! Grable and McCutcheon then danced for the lead putting on a show with Grable not allowing McCutcheon around. A caution then flew on lap seventeen. On the restart Grable was holding McCutcheon off really good until another caution flew two laps later for Don Grable this time! Grable found himself parked on the top of turn four giving his lead away to McCutcheon. With six to go "the Wildman" would finish leading the main event to win five straight at the Southern New Mexico Speedway.

 Kyle McCutcheon won the Lucas Oil POWRi 305 Sprint Car feature.

Twelve Sun Valley Hardware USRA Stock Cars checked in for battle calling for a nice fifteen lap main event. Troy Miller and Kenny McCoy kicked the show off with McCoy quickly jumping to the lead. Kenny McCoy would lead the opening go around until a caution flew for Danny Gross on lap two. Jason Josselyn would take the lead on the restart! Josselyn had an outstanding race car after dominating his heat race and doing a solid job in the main leading with a caution and holding off the field until the 74 lost power steering. Jaime Torres would take the lead and run on lap seven. Donovan Flores would jump to second trying to catch Torres, but the 44jt was very good tonight and would win yet another one at the Southern New Mexico Speedway with the Sun Valley Hardware USRA Stock Cars.

Jaime Torres won the Sun Valley Hardware USRA Stock Car feature.

Twenty-six Jack Key Auto Group USRA X-Mods checked in for battle calling. The twenty-five lap main event started off rough with Four caution out and only four laps completed. After the caution era we got to racing. John Carney Sr lead the way with Dickie Gorham and Melissa Gorham battling for second. A caution would then fly again on lap six, but it didn't stop John Carney Sr as he would defend the lead. Jimmy Ray and Jacob Gallardo slowly worked their way into the top five. Dickie Gorham then got to the lead five laps after the restart until a caution flew again and forcing officials to cut laps after drivers approaching their twenty-five minute time limit. With five to go now on the restart Dickie Gorham and Jimmy Ray battled side by side for the lead!! Dickie Gorham would then get loose out of coroner number four and that did it as it allowed the nine of Jimmy Ray to win the Jack Key Auto Group USRA X-Mods main event.

The Fifteen Lap $1,000.00 to win presented by Casa Nissan All Star Race wrapped up the night with Cesar Fuentes and Cj Hulsey establishing the front row. Two cautions flew before completing a lap around the Southern New Mexico Speedway. The first caution was for a bad start and the second caution for Robert Herrera stopped in turn two after over shooting corners one and two. After the cautions Cesar Fuentes got to work. Cesar would lead lap one then a caution flew again for Don Grable this time stopped in turn four. Fuentes then would lead another three laps until Christian Showers drew another yellow. On the lap four restart Hulsey went to the bottom and ran over Fuentes for the lead! Rick Ziehl let them handle that on the bottom as he took advantage and got the lead on the outside! "The Real Deal" Rick Ziehl would win the $1,000 as he picks up a big one at the Southern New Mexico Speedway!