Back to back to back for Bumper Jones!

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June 3, 2017  |  by Ruben Mireles

Bumper Jones won the Rancho MiLagro USRA Modified feature.
Bumper Jones won the Rancho MiLagro USRA Modified feature.

Bumper Jones scored an extra $500.00 for going back to back to back tonight with the Rancho MiLagro USRA Modifieds. Race day was fired up early as G3 Fitness and Pine Top Construction announced they were putting a $500.00 bounty on Bumper Jones. Barnett Harley-Davidson stepped up to the plate and announced if Bumper wins he get's an extra $500! With thirty-three Rancho MiLagro USRA Modifieds in the house last night the energy was electric. Donovan Flores broke into different zip code in Stock Car action with Christy Barnett leaving the Gallardos in the dust in the Late Models. Dylan Harris goes 5 for 7 in Legend action with Walton Kyle Sr coming for 14th to win in the Super Trucks.

Kenny McCoy shared the front row with Boom Hower Skillin in tonight's twenty lap Sun Valley Hardware USRA Stock Car main event, but "Fireball" Donovan Flores shot to the lead on lap one and was GONE. Bobby Canduso battled Kenny McCoy for runner-up allowing Donovan Flores to run away even more. By lap four Flores has a straightaway lead. Two cautions would fly later, but nothing stopped the 07 of Flores as he picks up his third win of the season.

Fito Gallardo was doing exactly what Flores did in the Stock Cars and dominated, but only for the first ten laps of the Shaw Trucking Southwest Dirtcar Late Model main as Jacob Gallardo and Christy Barnett caught Fito on lap nine. The next go around they went three wide with Christy Barnett stopping the Gallardo show! As the Gallardos battled for second "No Mercy" was gone! Four laps later Gallardo answered the phone call, but only for a lap as Barnett got back to the lead. The final five laps was all owned by Christy Barnett as she stopped a Gallardo trying to get around her on the top, and bottom! Barnett picks up her second Late Model feature in 2017.

Christy Barnett won the Shaw Trucking Southwest Dirtcar Late Model feature.

Twenty Casa Nissan Legends of the Southwest checked in calling for twenty laps of exciting action. Derek DeMartino and Josh Jackson started on the front row with Dylan Harris behind in row two. DeMartino lead lap one with Harris storming to the lead on lap two. Lapped traffic came early on lap four, but the worst chunk was on lap eight when a door opened for DeMartino. Three cautions flew after allowing Harris to snatch the lead on the third restart until another caution flew for this time second and third place runners Josh Jackson and DeMartino. Both connected out of turn two and Harris had no worries left as he would pick up his 5th win out of seven main events in 2017!

The rookie Devan Smith lead the first portion of The Body Works Super Truck main event until a caution flew on lap seven. Fourteenth starter Walton Kyle Sr found himself on the lead after the restart as he worked hard to get the front wasting no time. It was all caution free from there as Walton Kyle Sr adds another win to the 2017 collection.

Thirty-three Rancho MiLagro USRA Modifieds checked in calling for more B-main action in the 2017 regular season. Ralph Adams Jr, Royal Jones, Donovan Ooley, Henry Valdez, Sherman Barnett, Brian Kleine, Max Sadler, and Kevin Clark punched their ticket into the thirty lap feature from the last chance qualifier into the feature. Dustin Smith shared the front row with Donovan Flores in high hopes for the $500 Bumper Jones bounty. At the green Dustin Smith lead the opening eight laps solid on the bottom with Donovan fast on the outside. It was a three wide race track with Jacob Gallardo in the middle and top looking to get around Flores until Jacob Gallardo's right rear brakes expired. At the restart fifth place Bumper Jones had the top on the Delaware double file restart. "I knew they were going to be slow on the restart" said Bumper Jones so he took action! From 5th to the lead went the 111 of Jones. Bumper had to work for breathing space as the field of cars was fast. Nine laps into his lead he had a half straightaway lead over Donovan Flores, Dustin Smith, Zane DeVilbiss, and Fito Gallardo. Lap nineteen called for lapped traffic with DeVilbiss working his way into second, and Fito third! A caution would fly setting us up for an outstanding finish. Jones had the top on lock down with DeVilbiss strong on the bottom. Next lap around the action changed as now Jones went to the bottom with Devilbiss running top shelf. Fito Gallardo would then put his name in the mix, as they went three wide in parts of the race track for the lead! No one stopped Bumper Jones though as he goes back to back to back! Picking up GRT race cars it's 6th win of nine races in 2017 at the Southern New Mexico Speedway.