Party heads to Alamogordo!

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May 13, 2017  |  by Ruben Mireles

The top three finishers in the Lucas Oil POWRi WAR 305 Sprint Car feature (left to right): third-place finisher Kyle McCutcheon, winner Wes Wofford and runner-up Lorne Wofford.
The top three finishers in the Lucas Oil POWRi WAR 305 Sprint Car feature (left to right): third-place finisher Kyle McCutcheon, winner Wes Wofford and runner-up Lorne Wofford.

Emergency Services Appreciation Night at the Southern New Mexico Speedway was rocking! Fans packed the stands, and the drivers brought the action tonight!

The Jack Key Automotive Group X-Mods had 24 cars check in and it was a Justin Allen show! Tristan Gattis and Gregory Gorham shared the front row, but Allen was anxious to get to the lead. Allen would lead the opening lap. Gorham would run second with a handful of Javier Moreno. Donavon Flores and Jesse Hayne made noise in the top five as well. A caution flew on lap four for Don Parra looping it in turn two. Allen would lead a lap until caution number two flew. Moreno, who made the return to racing after taking almost a whole year off, was fast and competitive until he went to the back. On the restart Hayne found himself looking for second over Gorham! Hayne battled and battled which allowed Allen to run away. Lapped traffic didn't effect Allen as he would drive it to victory lane and add another trophy to his collection he has been making in 2017.

Justin Allen won the Jack Key Automotive Group X-Mod feature.

Seven Claimers checked in and it was a wild start. Dawson Manicki would go upside down hard into the wall and the red flag conditions came out across the Southern New Mexico Speedway. Manicki would walk away from his ride, and Ralph Fountain and Casey Minks with Turf Auto Sales and Truck Country donated $100 to Manicki after his horrific crash. At the restart only four cars remained. Jonathan Mitchel would run away. Track manager Rue Stone told flagman Jeremy Pipes to throw the competition yellow on lap five of the 10-lap main event. Stone made the final five laps clockwise around the Southern New Mexico Speedway. Alfred Hicks from Santa Fe had a good run going, but not enough to get around Mitchel for the win. The number eight car parks in victory lane for the second time with a second different driver behind the wheel in the Claimers.

Jonathan Mitchel won the Claimer feature.

Six Mini-Sprints checked in, but only four started the main event. Melissa Gorham and Tyler James Congleton out on a good show for the lead as they battled it out for the lead in the 10-lap main event. Sal Gomez and Don Kruse also put on a good battle for third. Both battles went side by side making it an interesting 10 laps. The fifteen-year-old Congleton from Albuquerque picks up his first Southern New Mexico Speedway main event win!

Tyler James Congleton won the Mini-Sprint feature.

"From my seat I had a great time, so I hope you fans did too because that was an awesome race." said Lorne Wofford who came home runner-up to Wes Wofford in tonight's Lucas Oil POWRi WAR 305 Sprint Car main event. Nineteen 305 machines checked in for battle as it was a dynamite main event! Kyle McCutcheon and Royal Jones started on the front row, but tonight a front row driver couldn't get it done. Wes Wofford who started inside not row two, but row three drove to the lead on lap one! Wofford passed Robert Herrera on the bottom of corner number two, and passing "The Wild Man" McCutcheon on the bottom of turn four. Wes would be gone and an outstanding battle between McCutcheon and Lorne Wofford took place as they battled it out for second with lapped traffic all over the race track. At the end McCutcheon had the top with four lapped cars on the top and Lorne Wofford on the bottom with zero lapped cars running the bottom. Lorne Wofford would secure the runner-up spot. Don Grable finished fourth after starting 17th! It was an outstanding race track from top to bottom. The party is at Alamogordo tonight as it was the Alamogordo trio of Wes Wofford, Lorne Wofford and McCutcheon 1-2-3 in tonight's Lucas Oil POWRi WAR 305 Sprint Car main event.

Wes Wofford and crew celebrate after he won the Lucas Oil POWRi WAR 305 Sprint Car feature.