Super Trucks stole the show

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May 6, 2017  |  by Ruben Mireles

Dave Deetz won the Body Works Super Truck feature.
Dave Deetz won the Body Works Super Truck feature.

What seemed like almost a rain out in night two of the 2017 regular weekly racing series; fans and race cars piled into the Southern New Mexico Speedway. Fans were energetic all night with the action from The Body Works Super Trucks, Sun Valley Hardware USRA Stock Cars, Shaw Trucking Southwest Dirtcar Late Models, Casa Nissan Legends, and the Rancho MiLagro USRA Modifieds.

Twenty laps for The Body Works Super Trucks as sixteen checked in for competition. Russell Allen and Lloyd Duffey started on the front row with Lloyd Duffey leading the opening laps. Dennis McMaster, Dave Deetz, and Walton Kyle Sr went three wide for third. Russell Allen would follow Lloyd Duffey until Walton Kyle Sr showed up to the party. Walton would get around Allen for second on lap four, and stole the lead on lap five. Three laps went by with battling in the top five going on, and a caution flying on lap eight. Sherman Barnett stopped on the back straightaway with Oodie Black having no where to go and rear ending the 82. On the restart Walton Kyle Sr took of with Lloyd Duffey, Dave Deetz and now Christy Barnett going three wide for runner up. Christy Barnett would win the battle and jump to second. Three laps later on lap eleven she would find herself in the lead! Walton Kyle Sr didn't give up that easy as he battled on the outside trying to regain the lead. They went side by side out of turn four with Oodie Black making it three wide as a lapped truck. Christy had a low left rear tire and lost it just a little coming off of turn four and got into Walton Kyle Sr. The caution flew and it was charged on Christy as she would get the black flag allowing Walton Kyle Sr to keep his position. On the restart Walton took off with Lloyd Duffey and now Jaime Bejarano in the mix! On lap sixteen Jaime Bejarano celebrating his birthday would jump to second after starting seventh! The next go around Bejarano would take the lead!! The birthday boy was looking for his first main event win at the Southern New Mexico Speedway. The white flag would fly and Bejarano had it until Todd Froats spun out of turn four causing a road block, and had to draw the yellow! Officials made the call to give the drivers the green and white flag and have one lap to battle it out. At the restart Bejarano took off with Dave Deetz taking the lead in turn two, but on the back straightaway Bejarano answered the phone call! Coming off of turn four Bejarano and Deetz would go side by side to a photo finish!! Dave Deetz stopped the birthday boy BY AN INCH!! THE FANS WENT NUTS! The Body Works Super Trucks stole the show in tonight's racing program.

The Sun Valley Hardware USRA Stock Cars had to go after that amazing main event, and keep the energy rolling. Twelve Sun Valley Hardware USRA Stock Cars checked in calling for a fifteen lap main event. Jed Smith lad lap one with Nathan Smith, and Bobby Canduso clashing in turn one. On the restart, Jaime Torres stole the show! Jed Smith would fade little by little as Zach McCoy and Pete Vargas would battle hard for second. A caution era took place between laps six and ten, but Jaime Torres didn't get effected by it, as he would run away to win the Sun Valley Hardware USRA Stock Car main event.

Jaime Torres won the Sun Valley Hardware USRA Stock Car feature.

A caution free twenty lap main event for the Shaw trucking Southwest Late Models took place as Jacob Gallardo started on the pole with Javier Zapin Sr to his outside. With a caution free main, Jacob Gallardo just drove it like he stole it! Fito Gallardo and Xavier Ortega put on a good show battling for fifth at the start. Mercedes Abercrombie made the return and still fats then ever! Mercedes would battle Jon Ortega for second. Those battles went on and on, but Jacob Gallardo just drove away and would dominate the Shaw trucking Southwest Dirtcar Late Model main event.

Jacob Gallardo won the Shaw Trucking DIRTcar Late Model feature.

After the Spring Fling, Casa Nissan Legend drivers were excited to be back on the race track. Twenty Casa Nissan Legend Cars checked in for battle and it was all owed by Dylan Harris. Harris lead from flag to flag with three cautions in between. Derek DeMartino who was involved in caution number two had to go to the back and came back to finish second. Dylan Harris though was long gone when Derek made his way to second, and time would run out for Derek. Dylan Harris lead it from flag to flag tonight to claim yet another win with the Casa Nissan Legends of the Southwest.

Dylan Harris won the Casa Nissan Legends Car feature.

The Rancho MiLagro USRA Modifieds was all owned by Bumper Jones!! Twenty-eight Rancho MiLagro USRA Modifieds battled in the main event, but with only four cautions Bumper Jones never looked back. Jacob Gallardo would blow an engine on lap five. Royal Jones worked his way to second, until the last caution flew on lap eleven. Tom Georges worked his way to second after starting out side row four. On lap seventeen Carlos Ahumada Jr showed his face in the top five! Carlos Ahumada Jr worked his way from the twentieth starting position!! At the end Bumper Jones would climb out of his race car with a huge smile, as he picked up the Rancho MiLagro USRA Modified main event win.

Bumper Jones won the Rancho Milagro USRA Modified feature.