Kyle, Harris, Torres victorious at Southern New Mexico Speedway

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April 1, 2017  |  by Ruben Mireles

Jaime Torres won the Sun Valley Hardware USRA Stock Car feature.
Jaime Torres won the Sun Valley Hardware USRA Stock Car feature.

Fourteen Body Works Super Trucks checked in for yet another thriller. The 5/16 mile clay oval called for three wide, and side by side action. Lloyd Duffey and Dennis McMaster shared the front row. In night one of the Consolidated Solar Technologies ASCS Southwest Shootout both drivers starting in the front had a thriller side by side battle for runner-up and did the exact same battling in the start of tonight's main event. McMaster would run away with the lead with Duffey dropping positions. lap five the #J2 of Jarrett Hamilton was running the top groove as the leaders caught up, and Walton Kyle Sr took advantage of the door opening as McMaster got slowed down by Hamilton. Walton Kyle Sr would lead two laps until a caution flew for Todd Froats going for a loop in turn two. On the restart Walton Kyle Sr would lead it with Dave Deetz, Lloyd Duffey, Mike Garcia and Dennis McMaster going three wide and side by side for podium positions behind him. Mike Garcia would win the exciting battles with the top five drivers and found the top groove. Mike Garcia took the lead after finding the top, and got around Walton Kyle Sr! Walton Kyle Sr would answer the phone call and take the lead away two laps later. At the white flag Mike Garcia would find himself side by side to the black and white at the stripe and would lose it to Walton Kyle Sr in a thrilling finish with the Body Works Super Trucks.

Walton Kyle Sr. won the Body Works Super Truck feature.

Casa Nissan Legend action didn't have one climax in tonight's twenty lap main event. Dusty Riggs tried to capitalize after clipping the #717 machine of Teddy McCutcheon in night one and had to go to the back after leading. Tonight Dusty Riggs would lead early after starting on the pole position. Lap two Gunner Harris drew the yellow after spinning the #522 of Kohl McCutcheon. Dusty Riggs would lead the following six laps until two cautions in a row came out. After the caution era Dusty Riggs would continue to lead until Derek DeMartino had to work hard to get around him. Derek DeMartino would lead two laps until the #37r of Dusty Riggs would take out DeMartino in turn one!! Derek's night again would end shy due to his right front being destroyed with the incident with Dusty. Officials would ask Dusty to leave the race track due to DeMartino not being able to continue. Officials warned the drivers if there was another caution they would make it a green, white, checker finish. At the restart it became a Justin Lasiter and Dylan Harris show. Another caution would fly while the field got the white flag, but it was to close to call between the leaders, therefor officials made the call to give the drivers another shot by giving them the green and the white and battle it out for one lap. Dylan Harris would get around the #11L of Justin Lasiter out of turn two to get the main event win in the Casa Nissan legend main event.

Dylan Harris won the Casa Nissan Legends Car feature.

The Sun Valley Hardware USRA Stock cars kept the energy rolling after an exciting two main events in a row. Pete Vargas had a good opportunity to clean sweep the weekend by starting on the pole, but spun in the opening corners of the race. Vargas would go to the back. Jason Josselyn would get the pole position with Nathan Smith to the outside of him. At the start Josselyn would take off to lead till the first caution flew on lap four for debris in turn three. On the restart Victor Colobrio would catfish the Southern New Mexico Speedway and get around the #74 of Josselyn on lap eight. A caution would then fly six laps later for Nathan Smith and Jed Smith going around in turn four. Colobrio lead again after the restart with Torres working his way to second. A caution would fly to make it a green, white, checker flag finale. The last restart came to Jaime Torres's favor. The Sun Valley Hardware #44jt USRA Stock Car would upset the green machine for the win in tonight's USRA Stock Car Main Event!


Casa Nissan Legends Cars:
1. Dylan Harris (4Z)
2. Justin Lasiter (11L)
3. Brian Hanson (69)
4. Tyler Beiter (9)
5. Mike Zuloaga (902)
6. Jesse Esquivel (AK47)
7. Mike Money (23)
8. Kohl McCutcheon (522)
9. Joshua Jackson (37J)
10. Lucas Ward (11)
11. Chelsea Scott (4)
12. Daniel Blaeser (1I)
13. Brady Labree (902B)
14. Derek Demartino (0I)
15. Dusty Riggs (37R)
16. Eli Woody (1)
17. Teddy McCutcheon (717)
18. Dave Smith (11D)
19. Laura Esquivel (19)
20. Gunner Harris (54)
21. Alex Esquivel (37A)

The Body Works Super Trucks:
1. Walton Kyle Sr. (6)
2. Mike Garcia (10)
3. Lloyd Duffey (33)
4. Dave Deetz (01)
5. Devan Smith (22)
6. Dennis McMaster (16)
7. Rusty Bowen (98)
8. Todd Froats (L750)
9. Art Viramontes (5)
10. Odie Black (15)
11. William McLurg (00)
13. Josh Hammond (30)
13. Jarrett Hamilton (J2)
14. Scott Kinney (13)

Sun Valley Hardware USRA Stock Cars:
1. Jaime Torres (44JT)
2. Victor Colorbio (13)
3. Jason Josselyn (74)
4. Zach McCoy (46)
5. Donavon Flores (07)
6. Wyatt Loveland (97)
7. Bryan Bennett (10B)
8. Nathan Smith (88)
9. Pete Vargas (777)
10. Jed Smith (71)
11. Aasa-Boo Flores (05)
12. Jonathan Faulkner (34)