Garcia, Vargas, Harris claim victories at Southern New Mexico Speedway

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March 31, 2017  |  by Ruben Mireles

Mike Garcia won the Body Works Super Truck feature.
Mike Garcia won the Body Works Super Truck feature.

Thirteen Super Trucks checked in for battle in the opening night of the Consolidated Solar Technologies Shootout at the Southern New Mexico Speedway. Lap 1 of the 20-lap main event started with Walton Kyle Sr., the defending champion, spinning out in turns 1-2. Not one lap was completed calling for a complete restart. Take 2 for the Super Trucks was not any better as another caution would fly on lap 1. Bill McLurg spun also in turns 1-2. Restart number 4 was a better one as Dave Deetz led the first five laps with no trouble and no one giving him a challenge until Mike Garcia stood out. By lap 8 Deetz had a front row seat of lapped traffic. Garcia, who started sixth, found his way around Deetz on the outside. Garcia had to battle lapped traffic for a couple laps after getting the lead, but didn't effect him much from running away as the three trucks behind battled three wide and side by side for podium positions. Garcia in victory lane was proud to announce The Body Works to be the Official Sponsor for the Super Truck division in 2017.

Casa Nissan Legends Car action was a thriller with 17 entries having the fans on the edge of their seat for 20 laps. It started off with a bad start after Justin Lasiter and Shane Williams not starting parallel at the orange barrel in turn four. Take 2 was a great start and Lasiter took off! After lap one complete Josh Jackson spun in turns 1-2. A good 11-lap green flag run followed after that and it was a Lasiter show. Dusty Riggs was giving Lasiter some competition until he clipped the lapped car of Teddy McCutcheon in tun 1). Another caution would fly after that restart for Chelsea Scott spinning in turn 2. Lasiter would lead the next lap, and broke the next lap. Kenny McCutcheon would get just a tease of the lead for about a quarter of a track until Dave Smith took the lead before the caution flew for Lasiter stalling in turn 3. On the restart Shane Williams jumped, forcing officials to call it, and then the race going green for two laps. Derek DeMartino and Kenny McCutcheon gave Smith something to worry about for a short lap and a half until both drivers clashed in turn 4. Two more cautions would fly after that and one making it a green-white-checkered finish. Smith would lose the lead to Dylan Harris, who started tenth, and came up to win the Casa Nissan Legends Car main event.

Dylan Harris won the Casa Nissan Legends Car feature.

Sun Valley Hardware USRA Stock Car action was a Jaime Torres show for the first nine laps of the 20-lap main event. Lapped traffic came quick on lap 8. Nathan Smith and Cliff Everage would slow Torres just a tad, and here came the triple seven of Pete Vargas. Vargas tried the bottom and finally found the top and was a tenth of a second faster than Torres and would jump to the lead. From lap 9 to the finish Vargas took off and was never seen again. Vargas would dominate on a caution-free race from lap 2.

Pete Vargas won the Sun Valley Hardware USRA Stock Car feature.


Casa Nissan Legends Cars:
1. Dylan Harris (4Z)
2. Dave Smith (11D)
3. Brian Hanson (69)
4. Joshua Jackson (37J)
5. Shane Williams (94)
6. Kohl McCutcheon (522)
7. Tyler Beiter (9)
8. Daniel Blaeser (1I)
9. Lucas Ward (11)
10. Eli Woody (1)
11. Brady Labree (902B)
12. Derek Demartino (0I)
13. Kenny McCutcheon (2)
14. Justin Lasiter (11L)
15. Chelsea Scott (4)
16. Dusty Riggs (37R)
17. Teddy McCutcheon (717)

The Body Works Super Trucks:
1. Mike Garcia (10)
2. Dennis McMaster (16)
3. Dave Deetz (01)
4. Walton Kyle Sr. (6)
5. Lloyd Duffey (33)
6. Russell Allen (5)
7. Scott Kinney (13)
8. Todd Froats (L750)
9. Devan Smith (22)
10. Rusty Bowen (98)
11. Josh Hammond (30)
12. William McLurg (00)
13. Jaime Bejarano (501)

Sun Valley Hardware USRA Stock Cars:
1. Pete Vargas (777)
2. Jaime Torres (44JT)
3. Victor Colorbio (13)
4. Jason Josselyn (74)
5. Jed Smith (71)
6. Bryan Bennett (10B)
7. Wyatt Loveland (97)
8. Aasa-Boo Flores (05)
9. Cliff Evrage (11)
10. Nathan Smith (88)
11. Jonathan Faulkner (34)