Johnny Scott doubles up in Short Track Shootout Saturday

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March 18, 2017

The Southern New Mexico Speedway was rocking with 117 cars in house Saturday night for Round 2 of the inaugural Short Track Shootout presented by S&S Fishing & Rental, G3 Fitness, Mesilla Valley Transportation, Barnett Harley-Davidson and Rancho Milagro.

Colorado, New Mexico and Texas were represented in tonight's Sun Valley Hardware USRA Stock Car main event, and Donavon Flores redeemed himself after a heartbreaking defeat Friday night. It was an Allen Bradley show early until he and Cortez, Colo., driver Tony Hill got into it out of turn 2 under caution and got sent to the back. Flores inherited the lead on lap 7 and led the rest of the way with two cautions before the finish--one which forced a green-white-checkered finish--as he claimed the $500 winner's check.

Johnny Scott put on a clinic in the Jack Key Auto Group USRA X-Mod main event behind the wheel of Rick Hall's No, X15 machine. Twenty-five drivers came out to battle for $500 to win. It was a rough start as the field kicked off their main event with two straight yellow flags. Gregory Gorham got to the lead early and led two laps before Scott took to lead. There was no looking back as he had to deal with five cautions, but didn't effect him.

Night two for the Shaw Trucking UMP Late Models was represented by drivers from Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, Texas, California and Minnesota. It was the Happy, Texas, racer Rodney Sanders who led early in the 25-lap main event while Jacob Gallardo started eighth and worked his way to second on lap 7. Although Sanders crossed the finish line first, it was Gallardo getting the win after Sanders was disqualified for going to his pit before hitting the scales and tech area after the race.

Twenty Casa Nissan Legends of the Southwest showed up to battle for $500 to win. North Dakota, New Mexico, Texas and Arizona were represented in this main event that saw Dylan Harris lead the opening laps before Justin Lasiter took the lead away on lap 6. Lasiter was strong on the bottom of the race track until Harris found gold on the top line. The last 11 laps Lasiter had to battle Dave Smith for second which allowed Harris to run away with the win.

Johnny Scoot dominated the tough USRA Modified field for the $4,000 payday Saturday night. Thirty-six USRA Modifieds checked in representing New Mexico, Texas, Missouri, Arkansas, Arizona and Colorado. A caution-free but exciting 30-lap main event had the environment fired up as Scott maneuvered ahead of Jake Gallardo through 17 lapped cars for a flag-to-flag victory in round 2 of the Short Track Shootout.

The Short Track Shootout finale takes place Sunday with gates opening at 10 a.m. and racing at high noon.

Spectator general admission is just $15 and kids ages 10 and under get in for free. Family Packs are also available for $35. Pit passes are $35.

Shaw Trucking UMP Late Models will pay $3,000 to win and USRA Modifieds race for $5,000 to win. Sun Valley Hardware USRA Stock Cars, Jack Key Auto Group USRA X-Mods and Casa Nissan Legends of the Southwest are all going for a $1,000 top prize.

Entry fees are $50 for Shaw Trucking UMP Late Models and USRA Modifieds. Entry fees are $25 Sun Valley Hardware USRA Stock Cars, Jack Key Auto Group USRA X-Mods and Casa Nissan Legends of the Southwest. Transponders and RACEceivers are required for all classes.

For more information call 575-524-7913 or 505-524-7913 or visit online. You can also check us out on Facebook at and follow us on Twitter at


USRA Modifieds: 1. 1ST Johnny Scott, 2. G3 Jake Gallardo, 3. 20 Rodney Sanders, 4. 2S Stormy Scott, 5. 111 Bumper Jones, 6. 75 Terry Phillips, 7. G17 Fito Gallardo, 8. 12D Scott Drake, 9. 4W Tyler Wolf, 10. 82 Lucas Schott, 11. 44W R.C. Whitwell, 12. M16 Rick Gallardo, 13. 131 Royal Jones, 14. 9 Jimmy Ray, 15. 99 Terry Tipton, 16. 28 Tom Georges, 17. 07 Donavon Flores, 18. UNO Brian Kleine, 19. 3J Josh Cain, 20. 202 Robbie Chiles, 21. 86 Jared Perez, 22. 96 Dusty Riggs, 23. 49 Duane Murphy, 24. 18 Henry Valdez, 25. 85 Austin Adams, 26. 65 Dustin Smith.

Shaw Trucking UMP Late Models: 1. J17 Jake Gallardo, 2. 44W R.C. Whitwell, 3. 0 Jake O'Neil, 4. 75B Jeep Berry, 5. G17 Fito Gallardo, 6. 24X Xavier Ortega, 7. 89 James Laing, 8. 75 Dakota Berry, 9. 22 Jonathon Ortega, 10. 24 Rick Ortega, 11. 5M Eric McNutt, 12. 3 Javier Zapien Jr., 13. 54 Carlos Ahumada Sr., 14. 43 Dave Deetz, 15. 44 Christy Georges-Barnett, 16. 42S Don Shaw, DNS - 91 Tony Toste, DQ - 20 Rodney Sanders.

Sun Valley USRA Stock Cars: 1. 07 Donavon Flores, 2. 13 Victor Colorbio, 3. 44JT Jaime Torres, 4. 59 Travis Sutherlin, 5. 88 Nathan Smith, 6. 46 Zach McCoy, 7. 10 John Diamond, 8. 26 Allen Bradley, 9. 11 Cliff Evrage, 10. 05 Aasa-Boo Flores, 11. 97 Wyatt Loveland, 12. 00 Shawn McCarty, 13. 71 Jed Smith, 14. 007 Tony Hill, 15. 4T Timberly Swaim, 16. 36 Jason Ziehl, 17. 777 Peter Vargas, 18. 74 Jason Josselyn, 19. 143 Danny Gross Jr.

Jack Key Auto Group USRA X-Mods: 1. X15 Johnny Scott, 2. 9 Jimmy Ray, 3. 82 Sherman Barnett, 4. 93 Gregory Gorham, 5. 33 Justin Allen, 6. 3 Dickie Gorham, 7. 777 Mike Rosales, 8. K3 Kevin McDonald, 9. AK47 Rex Higgins, 10. 121 Tim Tharp, 11. 2 Jesse Haynie, 12. 0H Shane Helton, 13. 24 Derek Stuhler, 14. 52TX Paddy Rush, 15. 47G Casey Gossett, 16. 18JR Ricardo Olague Jr., 17. 41 Ralph Dutcher, 18. 21 Mariah Turnbow, 19. 94 Justin Garrett, 20. 38 Hector Prigione, 21. 17 Rob Mosely, 22. 7 Don Parra, 23. 76H Jordan Hockenhull, 24. 3H Noah Hollingshead, 25. 47 Mingo Jauregui.

Casa Nissan Legends Cars: 1. 4Z Dylan Harris, 2. 11D Dave Smith, 3. 11DL Justin Lasiter, 4. 902 C.J. Hulsey, 5. 237 Steven Arellano, 6. 2 Kenny McCutcheon, 7. 37 Joshua Jackson, 8. 9 Tyler Beiter, 9. 37A Alex Esquivel, 10. 3 Greg McCoy, 11. 11 Lucas Ward, 12. 37R Dusty Riggs, 13. 19 Laura Esquivel, 14. 717 Teddy McCutcheon, 15. 54 Gunner Harris, 16. AK47 Jese Esquivel, 17. 24 Mike Money, 18. 85 J.R. Esquivel, 19. 522 Kohl McCutcheon, 20. 69 Brian Hanson.