Fito goes Flag to Flag in G17

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September 17, 2016  |  by Walker Akers

Fito Gallardo won the USRA Modified feature.
Fito Gallardo won the USRA Modified feature.

Southern New Mexico Speedway was packed a ready for a quick night of racing once again as the USRA Dirt Modifieds made the journey back for some short track antics. The Street Stocks, Late Models, Claimers, and Mini Sprints also creating a little dust in the desert tonight as the lights come and the sun goes down.

Sun Valley Hardware USRA Street Stocks with a first shot at the tricky track tonight for 20 laps. The 777 of Pete Vargas went to an early lead but had a bumper full of 07 Donovan Flores. The 0 of Lloyd Turner would dart his way into third quickly in the first laps but the leaders still gapping out after five. Donovan Flores right on the 777 as they came into turn 3 with 6 complete and no contact but the 777 spinning it all around! Flores on the brakes and barely gets it shut down in time. No contact but yellow would fly for the 777. Pete Vargas going all the way to the back with only 14 to go. Donovan Flores now leads the 0 of Turner and 21z of Robinson. A clean restart would signal the 21z sliding his way into second with 12 to go but here comes the 44JT as well. As Flores pulled away a caution with 9 to go would shake things up. Pete Vargas was already back into the top 4 and looking to make something happen. With 5 to go the 07 holding off a hard charge from the 21z as the 777 went to work on the 0 for third. With 4 to go the 21z of Martin Robinson would come into turn 4 on the hammer and loop it all alone on the exit. The yellow flag would fly and Donovan Flores would have to try it one more time. Flores now leading the 0 and the 777 who had come all the way from the back in just 10 laps. With 4 laps on the board Donovan Flores had his work cut out for him. The 777 would get around the 0 with 3 to go and it would be a race to the checkered flag. Donovan Flores was pulling away as he took the white but out of turn 2 the 07 with a major problem! Something heading south and he would pull it in just half a lap shy! The 777 of Pete Vargas had moved all the way back into second before the 07 pulled off and getting the win in this one for the very first time was the 777 of Pete Vargas! The 0 of Lloyd Turner didn’t make it easy and second will do. Jaime Torres rounding out the top 3 in 44Jt.

Pete Vargas won the Sun Valley Hardware USRA Street Stock feature.

Everett Motorsports Mini Sprints had 15 laps on the clock tonight as the 25J of Jared Warhurst leads the opening laps. 5 laps into this one Mike Marquez was all over the back of the 25J but just couldn’t make it happen yet as they gapped out fro, the field. With only 8 laps to go the 25 of Marquez found the groove he had been searching for and shot into the lead! This 15-lap race would go caution free and as the top 2 gapped way ahead of the field this race would come to an end. The 25 of Mike Marquez leads the 25j of Jared Warhurst to the line for yet another win this season. The 3s of Sal Gomez rounds out the top 3.

Mike Marquez won the Everett Motorsports Mini Sprint feature.

Shaw Trucking Southwest Late Models with only 15 laps tonight with only 9 cars and this would be a fast and wild ride as well. The 22 of Jonathan Ortega would have no doubts tonight as he started on the pole and made the whole thing look easy. The 44 of Christy Georges would give him a run for his money after 5 laps she would shoot into the lead for a couple laps but Ortega not messing around for long and back into the lead he went with 8 to go. Christy attaching that 44 machine right to his bumper and they would keep things interesting in this one. Lappers would play a factor in this one as with 3 to go Christy would have another shot at the lead by using the lapped cars as a pick. It wouldn’t happen though and as the checkered flag dropped it was Jonathan Ortega taking home another win at Southern New Mexico Speedway. Christy Georges Barnett a solid second tonight in the Late Model as she led some laps. And topping of the top 3 was the 43 of Dr Dave Deetz with one of his best runs this season.

Jonathan Ortega won the Shaw Trucking Southwest Late Model feature.

Claimers would have a familiar face in the winners circle as Leo Lamb in the 037 put on a good show leading every lap in this 15 lap main event. A couple yellows would keep the pressure on the 037 but ultimately the fate would be the same. After receiving good pressure from the 24 of Shane McNutt all night the 037 of Leo Lamb would take the checkered flag over half a track ahead. The 24 loosing all kinds of fluid in the closing laps and barely fighting off a hard charging 4 of Devan Smith. Smith would have to be happy with third though as Shane McNutt kept the temperature down and comes home second.

Leo Lamb won the Claimer feature.

The time has finally arrived! USRA Dirt Modified time. 25 laps on the board and Fito Gallardo on the pole. This one would come down to the wire as Fito fought off many challengers. The 9 of Jammin Jimmy Ray would be the first challenger as the 07 of Donovan Flores closed in on the topside. After a red flag and some yellows the field was keeping things interesting up front but Jake Gallardo J17 on the move and into the top 4 with 19 circuits still to go around. The J17 would move under the 07 on a restart and with 17 to go Jimmy Ray would have company for second. The 44 of Christy Barnett also on a strong drive inside the top 5 with 16 to go as she tried to slice and dice. With 14 to go the J17 would be in second and trying to chase down Fito Gallardo but not happening yet as the G17 was hooked up and moving out. A caution would make things fun one more time with 12 to go and this time Christy with a drive to get around the 9. Barnett into 3rd but not much time to get the traction she needed. The top 2 would pull away again as father and son battled it out to the line. As Fito Gallardo started to pull away again he would find the tail end of lapped cars and it was about to get dicey. Fito slowed up by lappers and here comes Jake with 3 to go! A drag race for the final two laps as Jake tried to go to the bottom side. Fito would take the white flag with a good 3 car length lead but Jake still on the hammer. Into turn 3 things would go ugly for Fit Gallardo as a lapped car ran him all the way to the top of the track! Jake Gallardo never letting out into 3 and he will slide under them both! Fito on the brakes and squares the corner!! Fito back to the bottom through 4 as Jake pushes out toward the wall! They run low and middle as it’s a drag to the finish but pulling a rabbit from the hat and barely leading every lap in this one is Fito Gallardo!! Winning that by 2 inches or less at the line! Jake Gallardo happy with second tonight and a great drive from the 44 of Christy Barnett in third.

If you missed the action tonight then don’t do the same next weekend as the Border International Truck 305 Winged Sprint Cars arrive ready to rock and Roll. Gates open at 5:30 with racing at 7:45. Don’t be late.