“The Donk” Does it again

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September 10, 2016  |  by Walker Akers

It would be a fast and furious night at the races here at Southern New Mexico, as a bunch of rain in the last 3 days would make for a tricky track. The Border International Truck 305 Winged Sprint Cars return for the third week in a row and things would get interesting. The Street Stocks, Super Trucks, Legends, and Xmods will join the pack tonight as the track gets grooving.

USRA Sun Valley Hardware Street Stocks on track first tonight for 20 laps and Donovan Flores would waste only 4 laps to go to the lead in this one. Lloyd Turner would skyrocket from the back of the pack into 2nd with 14 to go and on a charge he went. The first caution would fly with 14 to go but sort yellow and we go back racing. Good racing in the back of the pack for top 5 as the 44Jt holds off the 21z of Martin Robinson. Donovan Flores would pull from the pack with 4 to go and it would be Jaime Torres into second over the 0 of Lloyd Turner with 1 to go! Turner would go wide in 3 and 4 but it wouldn’t happen. Up front Donovan Flores taking the 07 to victory lane again. The 44Jt of Jaime Torres Second and the 0 of Lloyd Turner third.

Supertrucks would be next with 20 laps as well and it was Brian Klein putting the hammer down and taking the win. The 6 of Walton Kyle Sr would be the leader early in this one but Uno all over him from the get go would keep things interesting. The 44 of Christy Georges Barnett was also on a charge through the pack but lappers would get in the way and nowhere to move up. At the end of this one it was the e Uno of Brian Kleine taking the win by over a full straight away. The 6 of Walton Kyle Sr with trouble in the closing laps and he would be done early. The 44 of Christy Barnett second.

Casa Nissan Legends would be 21 cars with 25 laps tonight and it was a full field. A car would go upside down on lap 1 and it was an early red flag. The 85 of Esquivel was ok and back to racing we went. Only 2 laps in and the big mover was the 43 of Derek Demartino. Demartino with a drive on the inside line nobody else had found yet and he was moving. Demartino would take the lead with 16 to go on the restart and it was now the 43 show up front. The 37r of Dusty Riggs and the 902 of Dylan Harris weren’t planning on letting him slip away though and the 37r would run his bumper hard for two more laps. Dylan Harris deciding it was him turn would come shooting through turn for and into second with 11 to go. Demartino just a little ahead of the pack now but Harris all over him. As the laps wound down the 37r of Dusty Riggs got his groove back and moved his way back to the front of the field. Riggs shooting past the 43 and things would get interesting. Cautions would leave the inside open for an attack everytime but Riggs like a true champ would hold emm off. In the end it was the 37r of Dusty Riggs holding onto the win but trouble for Demartino again as his car went south which meant the 902 of Dylan Harris would send it into second.

The Xmods 20 lap main event got kicked off with a band as only 1 lap into the 20 lap main event the front cars would get together and cause a major chain reaction. The 44 of Christy Barnett who start in the back, would get the short end of the stick. Barnett going straight into the front stretch wall and up and over and around she goes! Christy would be ok but her car was junked. Full restart and we go back racing with the 777, 07 and 38 going to the rear for being involved in that caution. Only 3 laps in Jammin Jimmy Ray was all the way into second and he had found the perfect groove on an unforgiving track. Jimmy Ray wasting no more time and shooting into turn 1 like a speeding bullet for the lead. The 67c of John Carney Sr would finally get into second but not time left to get the job done and as the checkered flag waved it was Jammin Jimmy Ray winning another main event at Southern New Mexico Speedway. John Carney sr with a second place finish after a late charge to the leaders.

The time has finally come. Border international truck 305 winged Sprint cars! It was 25 laps on the board and Wes Wofford on the pole. The 48 of Shawn Sander was to his outside and they would battle it out for the first few laps but here comes the 40x of Don Grable. Grable Charging hard on the bottom and here comes the Donk. A few cautions and red flag would fly but the19 still holding the 40x. Don Grable would find the bottom groove and come screaming to the top side to steal the lead away form the 19! Don Grable leads 10 in and 15 to go! The 40x would start to pull away but with 11 to go as the leaders cut through lappers, the 19 would get into the back of the 52 who was going a lap down and the 19 up and over into the turn 1 fence! A long red flag here as they pulled those cars apart but we would go back racing with the 18 of Lorne Wofford now in second and charging hard. With 4 to go the yellow would come out for the final time and Lorne Wofford with one more chance at the 40x. It wouldn’t happen though and winning 4 in a row would be the 40x of Don Grabble! The 18 of Lorne Wofford a strong second in this one.

Well not many race nights left at the Southern New Mexico Speedway so if you missed tonight then don’t do the same thing next Saturday! Gates open at 5:30 with racing at 7:45! Don’t be late.