Grable Goes To the Bottom, Comes Out On Top

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August 27, 2016  |  by Walker Akers

It was a heavy and hot track tonight at Southern New Mexico Speedway but the Border International Truck 305 Winged Sprint Car were ready to rock and roll! The Southwest Late Models, USRA Street Stocks, Claimers and Xmods where all chomping at the bit as well. The class counts where extremely high tonight and no doubt about it we got things done.

Southwest Shaw Trucking Late models would take to the track first tonight and a early red would should shake things up! The J17 of Jake Gallardo would be done after that altercation as well as a few others. The G17 of Fito Gallardo now holds the lead with only 1 lap complete and 14 to go. Fito Gallardo would have company from the 43 of Dave Deetz early on but it wouldn’t take long and the G17 was gone! The 22 of Jonathan Ortega and the 43 going at it with 8 to go! The 3 of Javier Zapien Jr going into the battle as well! With 3 to go the G17 was almost back into lapping the top 3! Fito Gallardo found the groove and got going tonight. As the checkered flag waved the G17 was about to lap the 3rd place car and Fito Gallardo an outstanding finish tonight. The 22 would finally get by the 43 on the final lap and it was Jonathan Ortega in second. The 43 of Dr Dave Deetz rounding out the top 3.

Claimers would be next for a quick race as the 4 of Devan Smith darted around the 30T of Breezy Telles on lap 3 to take the lead away. Smith took it three wide in turn 3 to make that one happen! The 4 would start to pull way ahead but coming to the white flag he would hit the wall! Looked to be a night ender for the 4 as he had nowhere to go when the 24 of Shane McNutt drove right underneath him! The 24 would have the lead into 3 but the 4 of Smith standing on the gas all the way through and at the line it would be the 4 of Devan Smith taking the win! The 24 of Shane McNutt second with the 74 of Ben Ives rounding out the top 3.

USRA Sun Valley Hardware Street Stocks would have a full 15 laps of action packed moving and grooving fun tonight. The 88 of Nathan Smith would go to the lead after the first couple laps and look to make this one look easy. Smith was on a rail up front as the field fought around behind him. The 10 of John Diamond would finally clear the field and get into second but was way too far back to get anywhere tonight. With 3 to go the 88 would get into a lapper an they both go around! The lapper was in the way but Nathan Smith has to go to the back for causing that one. The 10 of John Diamond now leading! The 07 of Donovan Flores and the 0 of Lloyd Turner are right on him as well! The 0 fighting off the 44Tj for now. John Diamond would be on a drive tonight. As they came to the checkered the 0of Lloyd Turner had cleared the 07 but even diving it down low wouldn’t count in this one. John Diamond winning his first ever USRA Sun Valley Hardware Street Stock race at Southern New Mexico Speedway! The 0 of Lloyd Turner moved his way into the second spot in the closing laps and the 07 falls to third.

The Jack Key Nissan Xmods would go to battling almost instantly for their 25-lap race with 24 cars! Big trouble in turn 1 would give the 52tx of Paddy Rush the early lead we stayed green and got one complete. The 9 of Jammin Jimmy Ray was on a drive from that time forward. HE would be all over the 52tx and with 17 to go he found the groove and shot straight to the front through lapped traffic. The 33 of Justin Allen would also follow along trying to use the lapped cars as a pick to get the job done. A few more cautions would keep things interesting as Jimmy Ray tried to check out every time. The 3 of Justin Allen could never quite catch him though and as the checkered flag waved it was Jimmy Ray in 9 taking the win. The 33 of Justin Allen had a fleeting moment at the front tonight through lapped cars but second will have to do. The 52tx of Paddy Rush held off the whole field for a strong third place finish tonight.

Its Sprint car time! Border International Truck 305 winged Sprint cars on the hammer and headed our way. The 99.5 of Derek Demartino would start on the pole with the 29k of Kyle McCutcheon to his outside. The 29k would instantly capture the lead but with 3 complete and 27 to go the caution would fly for the 131 spinning over turn 3. As the caution came out the 18 of Lorne Wofford wheel hopping another car and tomahawking over turn 3! A short red after just 3 laps but both drivers would be ok. On the restart the 40x of Don Grable was on the move and getting after it. Grabble would run on the bumper of the 29k with the 19 closing in right behind for the next 6 laps but with 20 to go Kyle McCutcheon would see the 40x dart to the bottom side and steal the lead away. The caution would fly on the next lap and this restart would be hectic. Still 25 cars trying to take up only a little real estate after only 10 complete. On the restart the 12 would spin around and Dylan Harris in the 4 had nowhere to go just smashes him! Hard hit there but both drivers would be ok and we tried it again with 19 to go. The 40x would start to pull out just a little on the restart but the 29k couldn’t worry about that because here comes the 19 of Wes Wofford. Wofford all over the 29K with 16 to go. Wofford would get the groove going on the bottom of turn two and shoot underneath the 29K. McCutcheon would try and power back to him into turn 3 but the damage was done. Wofford now with 15 laps to chase down Don Grable who was blistering fast up front. With 15 to go the caution would fly. The restart would be clean and the laps would start to tick away again half way through this one. The 19 of Wes Wofford on the charge with 11 to go he was right on him as both drivers using up all the bottom that they could! The 29k of McCutcheon holding off the field in third as the leaders battle it out. Another caution with 9 to go would shake things up again. Away one more time and this time the 29K has the 19 beat into turn 1. They go toe to toe for 2 laps as the 40x gets pout in front again but Wofford would take second back again with 5 to go. Only 2 to go, and just before the drivers come to the white flag the yellow would fly! Big Debris in turn 3 and we try this one again. On the restart things would get junked. More than a few cars going around down the front stretch and the red would come out. The 20z of Rick Ziehl was on the move to the front all night from dead last start and he would be junked in this one. The 22 of Justin Lassiter would also be out after running great all night. The 6 of Jett Carney was involved but would continue as well as the 4s of Spencer Hill calling it a night. We get all those cars pulled apart and go back racing after a lengthy re. On the restart the 9 of Robert Herrera would shot to the inside of the 19 and steal the second spot away. The 29k doing the same thing into third! They would both chase after the 40x for 2 laps but to no avail. The 40x of Don Grable was on the gas and moving fast tonight and the win was his! The 9 of Robert Herrera coming out of nowhere at the end to get the second spot away and the 29K of Kyle McCutcheon rounding out the top 3.

What a night of racing! IF you missed it tonight then don’t make the same mistake twice! WE go racing again next weekend and make sure to get over to Western Tech Speedway Park on Friday night for the final race ever at that historic racetrack! Gates open at 5:30 with racing at 7:45! Don’t be late