Lorne Wofford Swipes Carneys Broom from Clean sweep

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July 30, 2016  |  by Walker Akers

Lorne Wofford (18) takes the checkered flag in front of John Carney Sr. (224).
Lorne Wofford (18) takes the checkered flag in front of John Carney Sr. (224).

The ASCS 3060 Southwest Winged Sprint cars have invaded the Southern New Mexico Speedway and for the final time this season, they will go wide open for 2,000 dollars! John Carney II was last nights winner at Western Tech Speedway and if he can do it again he will pocket an extra 500$. But if one of the Woffords or "The Real Deal" Rick Ziehl can step and put on a show, then Carney will have a fight on his hands. The Sun Valley Hardware Street Stocks, Shaw Trucking Late models, claimers and Jack Key Nissan Xmods will also be joining the fun tonight.

Sun Valley Hardware Street Stocks would roll the track tonight first, and a dull 20 lap main event was set. The 11 of Cliff Everage would lead the opening lap but it was the 10 of Bryan Bennett stealing the show to lead lap 4 out of turn 4. The 0 of Lloyd Turner would be all over him with 17 to go and those two would make it fun for the rest of this one. After 5 laps the 07 of Donovan Flores was closing in from third and looking to make it a three-way battle for the lead. Turner would drive under the 10 with 12 to go but nothing would stick and the 0 would fall back from the lead which opened the door for the 07 of Flores to come zooming in. Only 7 complete and the 0 giving it another shot at the line. Lloyd Turner darting to the front! The 0 was hooked up on the low line tonight. With 8 to go the first caution would fly in this one just as the 21z of Robinson was looking to shoot into second. The 0 will now lead the 10 and 07 back to green with 21z there as well. Flores shooting his 07 into second on the restart. With 15 complete and 5 to go the 0 and the 07 where pulling from the field but the 21z fighting off the 44JT for 3rd. Flores would try a slide job in turn 1 but Turner with a solid low line dig and Turner leads again! Turner would never look back after that point and all the way down to the wire the 0 would put on a clinic. Lloyd Turner would fight off a hard charging, stacked field to win this one. The 07 of Donovan Flores got a little high on the last lap and second will have to do. The 21z of Martin Robinson drives all the way into third for yet another top 3 finish.

The Shaw Trucking Southwest Late Models where breathing fore and ready for a ride tonight as they set out for 20 laps. The 22 of Jonathan Ortega was looking to clean sweep the weekend after a victory last night, and after pulling the pole he would pull away quickly. The 65 of Carlos Ahumada Jr would slide his way into second but nothing for the 22 early in this one. The 59 of Bumper Jones also there and Jones under the 65 for second after 2 laps! With only 3 laps complete the caution would wave though. The 22 leads the 59 and 65 back racing after a few more tries at it but here comes the 44 of Christie Barnett into 4th with 8 to go! Jones would start to close on the leader with 5 to go and making it look quick as he was right there with 4 to go. Jones looking low and taking the lead! Ortega back in front as he has the drive off of turn 4! Into turn 1 the 59 looking to make another move but the motor lays down and the 59 done with a trashed motor. The 22 now leads the 44 who was on the move but way back. The 44 would be too far back and at the end it was the 22 of Jonathan Ortega clean sweeping the weekend yet again! The 44 inherited the second position but drove a hard race to get there. The 65 of Carlos Ahumada jr holds onto a solid third place tonight.

Jonathan Ortega won the Shaw Trucking Southwest Late Model feature.

Claimers would roll on next and it was the 4 of Devan Smith showing them how it’s done tonight. The 4 would start on the pole and lead every lap in this one. The 24 of Shane McNutt was right on him every lap but just couldn’t make it happen tonight. The 037 of Leo Lamb was closing hard at the end but a caution with 4 to go couldn’t even get him close enough for the win. As the checkered flew it was the 4 of Devan Smith going flag to flag to lead every one. The 24 a solid second tonight for Shane McNutt and the 037 of Lamb brings it home in third.

Devan Smith won the Claimer feature.

Jack Key Nissan Xmods would be 25 laps tonight but a few cautions would cut the laps down before any real fun could actually begin. The 0H of Shane Helton would lead lap 1 but the 07 of Donovan Flores was on a charge to the front and not to be denied. After 5 cautions with 2 laps complete the officials would rule and take 5 laps off the board. It was 17 to with 2 complete and the 07 would lead the 0 and 82 back racing. Finally getting some laps complete and it’s the 3H of Noah Hollingshead trying to make a charge at the leaders now. With 14 to go another caution would wave but the 93 of Gorham was already into third! Gorham on a hard drive tonight. With 10 to go the 07 was pulling away again as the 93 and 0H where battling hard. Shane Helton would get loose in turn 2 and the 93 would go by but only 5 to go and no time for the 93 to chase down the 07 tonight. Donovan Flores would make it look easy tonight as the last 5 went smooth as butter and the 07 wins it by a quarter mile. The 93 of Gregory Gorham bringing it home in second and the 9 of Jammin Jimmy Ray with a rounded out third place.

The Southwest Region ASCS Sprint Cars have driven a long way to put on one of the best shows on dirt. John Carney II was last nights winner but Wes Wofford in 19 was charging hard in second and tonight was definitely a rollercoaster for the books.

Lorne Wofford won the ASCS Southwest Sprint Car feature.

The 18 of Lorne Wofford started on the pole tonight but the current points leader, “The Real Deal” Rick Ziehl in 20z was all over him quickly. The 18 holding off the 20z on the first lap before the caution would come out. On the restart the 20z would move into the lead on the low line as Wofford tried to make the high side sticks. The 224 of Carney II would try and slide job the 18 for second but it wont happen this time as both drivers trying to make the high side work for them. With 18 to go the 20z getting loose on the bottom and Wofford right back on him! A three way battle for the lead would follow as Wofford drove it in hard outside turn 3 and it finally holds! Lorne Wofford back to the lead with 17 to go. Lorne Wofford would pull 20 cars lengths out in the next 8 laps as Carney and Ziehl dueled it out in desert for second. Ziehl pulling Wofford back in just enough through lapped cars with 10 to go but not there yet as Carney is still driving it like he stole it. Only 6 laps left and the 224 finally finding something for the 20z and into second goes Carney!! Carney still 15 lengths back from Wofford but 4 to go and the battle was on as lappers would play a huge factor. Still 3 laps left on the board and Carney closing quickly as the 18 stuck in lapped traffic! Wofford finally clearing the lapped cars but a few love taps cost him a ton of time and 2 to go Carney Slide jobs him from the very bottom in turn 1!!! Carney pushing way up into the cushion and Lorne Wofford never lets out!! Wofford drives over the rear end of the 224 and 18 leads again! Mistake from the 224 there as he looses a ton of ground on the 18. Lorne Wofford would bust up the Carney Sweep as the 18 crosses the line in first tonight! The 224 of John Carney II was on a charge tonight but too much slide at the end would do it in and second would have to do. The 74 of Colton Hardy would have another great finish tonight as he rounds out the top 3. The 20z of Rick Ziehl slides back into fourth and barely holds off the 19 of Wes Wofford who charges to a top 5 from starting 12th.

If you missed tonight then you missed out and you better not make the same mistake next weekend as we go racing once again! Gates open at 5:30 with racing at 7:45. Don’t be late!