A New Gallardo Stands Atop the Box

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July 23, 2016  |  by Walker Akers

The return of the USRA Dirt Modifieds to Southern New Mexico Speedway was nothing short of jaw dropping, slide job bringing, pure power. The Modifieds put on a great show from start to finish as a new Gallardo would emerge atop the box. The Sun Valley Hardware USRA Street Stocks, Jack Key Nissan Xmods, Supertrucks, Casa Nissan Legend cars, and the Mini Sprints all joined in the racing tonight as well.

Supertrucks would give it a go first tonight for 20 laps. The 16 of Dennis McMaster would lead the opening lap but the field instantly going 3 wide, 3 row deep right behind him. The 44 of Christie Barnett wasted no time with the pack and shot straight into second from way back on the opening lap. The 44 went to work on the 16 after just 2 laps and with 5 in and 15 to go she would go highside hustling straight to the front out of two with a great drive off. The 44 would never get away from the 16 but the 82 of The Sherminator Sherman Barnett was all over him as with still 12 to go. The 33 of Lloyd Duffey coming to the front to play as well. Halfway there half way home and the 82 gets under the 16 for second. The 33 following suit just the same and the 44 now has to hold off the 82 and 33. Only 8 laps remaining and top 3 are bumper to bumper but the 82 to wide out of 4 and Sherm dragging up the wall! The 33 would get around the 82 there but the UNO Brian Kleine charging into third from nowhere! McMaster back on the gas as well. With 5 circuits left around the 33 all over the 44 who cant get away from his grasp. Lloyd Duffey trying to make it stick but overdrives just a little and with two to go the 44 would gap out just enough to make it smooth sailing to the finish. Christie Georges Barnett would win this one with style coming from way back early on to hold off a tough field for this one. The 33 of Duffey would fight hard for a second tonight and in third the 16 of McMaster making his way back in the nick of time.

Sun Valley Hardware USRA Street Stocks with 20 laps tonight as well and it was the 32b of Bryan Bagwell leading lap 1 but down the back on lap 2 and the 21z takes it three wide! Martin Robinson cutting that 21z right through the middle of the 32b and 51. The 07 of Donovan Flores following along with the 21z and Flores there to battle. The 0 of Lloyd Turner making it look easy as he slides all the way into third after only two. Turner taking second in turn 4 and the lead in turn 1! Still 17 to go but Turner making things work quickly in his favor. The top 3 are pulling away as the 44Jt of Jaime Torres gets into 4th from starting way in the back. With 5 complete the 0 was getting away a little but the 07 and 21z still fighting it out for second. The 07 of Flores would go under the 21z but at the same time they catch the leader who had a little stumble. Flores now second around the 21z and the top 3 all door to door bumper to bumper once again. A caution would fly with 11 to go and the top 4 would all have a shootout to the finish in this. On the restart the 07 would slide into the lead! Flores looking to make it his night for a win. A couple more caution would keep things interesting but no matter what the field did Donovan Flores would drive the last 5 laps like the national champ that he is and as the checkered flag flew it was Donovan Flores taking it. The 0 of Lloyd Turner almost throws it away with two to go but recovers and drives back under the 21z to steal the second spot away just in time. The 21z of Martin Robinson has yet another night atop the podium in third.

Mini Sprints was an exciting race as they would go 20 laps around fully wound up and ready to move. The 20AZ of Jarrett Martin would start on the pole and make this one look like a breeze. As the 20AZ pulled away up front, the 1 of Will Gonzalez would slice and dice his way into second place after only a few laps. After 6 complete the 1 was a solid second but Martin was pulling away with it and Gonzalez had no counter. Still 13 to go and the 4s of Spencer Hill into third on a charge! Will Gonzalez finding another gear with 12 to go and closing on the leader quickly! Jarrett Martin into lappers and nowhere really to go, allowing Gonzalez to come flying up on him. As the 20AZ comes out of 4 the 1 is all over him! A lapped car steps out of the line and the chaos started. The 20AZ had nowhere to go and as he slide to the outside line the 1 of Gonzalez would wheel hop him and Gonzalez headed straight for the wall in turn 4. Before Gonzalez gets to the wall he is tagged by another car and the 1 goes completely airborne! Will Gonzalez missing the cement wall but slamming straight into the catch fence 15 feet off the ground! Gonzalez shaken up but ok and his night is done. On the restart the 4s would try and get under the 20AZ but nothing would stick. The 4s would never have another shot at it as the 20AZ finding his own zip code once again and at the checkered it was the 20AZ of Jarrett Martin winning the Mini Sprints main event! The 4s of Spencer Hill moving his way into second after starting way back and third goes to the 21x of Jerrad Warhurst.

The Casa Nissan Legends always bring the heat and tonight was no different. The 85 of Jr Esquivel would leap the opening circuits but the 237 and 9 where not gonna let him get away with one tonight. The 247 of Arellano would shoot to the high side in turn 3 on lap 2 but nothing up there and 237 going backwards. The 54 of Gunner Harris into third now and chasing after the 9. Only 4 laps complete and the 9 of Tyler Beiter goes to the highside! Still nothing there and Beiter goes backwards. Harris now into second and chasing down Esquivel. They would be 5 laps in with 15 to go when things got really interesting as the 237 and 43 of Derek Demartino came back to the front to make it a challenge! The leaders going 4 wide with lappers!! Gunner Harris taking the lead away as the 237 slides into second and 43 third! Derek Demartino all over the 237 for second and 11 to go he would take it away. Harris now with a bumper full of Demartino but 10 to go and caution would fly. Harris would have a good restart but wouldn’t last for much longer because Derek Demartino was right there and wasn’t waiting any longer! Demartino shooting to the lead with 9 to go! Crossing the line just in time as the 9 spins bringing out the caution. A clean restart would ensure Derek Demartino a clean track but Gunner Harris wasn’t quite done trying yet. Harris would fight with the 43 all the way down to 3 to go when the caution would fly. Under yellow the 54 would loose a bumper and his night would be done. Steven Arellano now taking second back for this restart. The 9 of Tyler Beiter back into third as well after going all the way to the back just 5 laps ago! Derek Demartino smooth as butter the last 3 laps but Beiter fighting his way into second over the 237! Derek Demartino would win tonight’s legend main event with style as the 9 of Tyler Beiter was charging back through the field for second. Mike Zuloaga with a hard drive in the closing laps to make his way all the way into third after slow goings early on.

A full 25 laps for the USRA Dirt Modifieds would keep things interesting just a little longer tonight. The 07 of Donovan Flores would take his knowledge from the Street Stocks race and go to the front after lap 1 but it was the J16 of Joshua Gallardo all over him! The 65 of Ahumada still there as well but 2 complete and the J16 drops down low and clears both the 07 and the 65 darting into first! Only 5 laps into this one and the battle for the lead would go three wide. The 07 of Flores taking the lead back from J16! Josh Gallardo and 65 get together in turn 1 and the 65 almost around! He saves it but falling way back in this one. Now the 111 of Bumper Jones is closing in to the leaders! Jones Going to make it a 3-way battle for the lead as the J17 of Jacob Gallardo slides into 4th around the 131 of Royal Jones. J16 all over the 07 with 16 to go and Josh Gallardo takes back the lead from Donovan Flores! Bumper Jones on top of the front two with 15 to go and the top 5 are all within striking distance. Flores switching it up with 14 to go and trying the highside. Flores can’t make it stick now but here comes the J17! Jacob going door to door with bumper Jones for third! More than half way there with 10 circuits left around, the J16 pulling away with it once again as the 07 is left to deal with the 111 and J17. Bumper Jones going to the lowside under Flores and Jones steals away the second spot! Highside hasn’t come in yet for the 07 and loosing ground up there. J17 into third as the 111 holds him off. J16 is pulling away up front as the 111 and J17 battle hard for the second position. With 5 to go the 111 was closing on the J16 but it wouldn’t matter because the yellow would fly and the field would re group. Josh Gallardo with a good restart but its Royal Jones moving into 3rd over the J17! One more complete and the J17 with a drive out of 4!! J17 Jacob Gallardo goes by 2 cars and makes it a Gallardo top 2! The cousins going at it for the win tonight with only 2 circuits left! The 131 all over the J17 in the closing laps as the J16 just stepped out and checked out. As the checkered flag dropped it was a new Gallardo taking the win tonight as Josh Gallardo put up a great fight and finally earning that win this season. The J17 of Jake Gallardo would hold off the 131 on the final lap for second and a strong 3rd pace finish from Royal Jones who was hooked up and grooving along the bottom.

If you missed tonight’s action, then don’t miss out next weekend as the ASCS 360 Winged Sprint cars make their way to the Southern New Mexico Speedway! The fire-breathing dragons of dirt will bring their A-Game and we suggest you do the same! Gates open at 5:30 with racing at 7:45.