Gallardo finally Gets it in 2016

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June 11, 2016  |  by Walker Akers

Its USRA modified night at the Southern New Mexico Speedway and things are about to get crazy! Its USRA modifieds, Supertrucks, Casa Nissan Legends, Southwest Shaw trucking Late models, and Sun Valley Hardware USRA street Stocks! Big classes tonight as many drivers checking in.

The Super trucks where up first it was Christie Georges Barnett going to the lead on lap 3 and never looking back. She would pass the 30 down low out of 4 and the grab was gold because she was gone. One lap later the 82 of Sherman Barnett would slide his way into second and chase down his wife in the 44. The battle for second would heat up on lap 8 as the UNO Klein tried to underneath the 82 but it would never stick after 6 laps of hard fought battling from the UNO and 82. As the checkered dropped the 44 of Christie Barnett had put on a clinic and dominated this one. The 82 Sherman Barnett fought off Brain Kleine in UNO to take second al alone as Kleine rounded out the podium.

Sun Valley Hardware USRA Street Stocks had a goat the track second tonight as the 32b of Bryan Bagwell started on the pole. The 32b would go high up and around in turn 2 on the second lap and caution would fly. The 11 of Cliff Evrage inherited the lead on this restart but the 13 of Victor Colorbio was charging through the field like a herd of cattle on the open plains. After a few no laps complete because of cautions we would finally get one complete and the 13 would get a good charge on the 11 Wouldn’t stick that time though and yellow flew again. With only two laps complete in this 20 lapper, the restart would go absolutely fantastic for the 21z of Martin Robinson! Robinson would dive it into turn 1 and steal the lead like it was his to begin with. The 21z wouldn’t be out of the woods yet though because the 13 of Colorbio would never let him out of his sights. A few more cautions would keep things interesting and keep the 13 in the hunt but at the end of the night it wasn’t meant to be. The 21z of Martin Robinson missed last weekend and the car took the win with another driver, but this weekend it’ll win again as Martin Robinson drove it all the way to the win. The 13 of Victor Colorbio was a challenge all night long in this one but second place will have to do tonight. The 777 of Pete Vargas charged all the way from the back to get third after he was sent to the back for loosing his hood. Great race in this one.

Southwest Shaw trucking Late models are some of the baddest beasts on dirt and tonight would absolutely prove that. The 80 year old, Sherman Barnett in 82 would lead the opening laps but not without company. The 22 of Jonathan Ortega and the 44 of Christie Barnett never let Sherm get more than a few lengths ahead and a tough yellow would give them exactly what they needed on lap 8. The 44 would spin after 1 more complete bringing out yet another yellow. The 82 wouldn’t be able to hold of the hard charge from the 22 this time and as they crossed the strip with 8 to go, Jonathan Ortega would shoot to the lead. The 59 of Bumper Jones wouldn’t waste the opportunity to battle with the 82 for second after Sherm fell off the pace just a little. With 13 laps in the books the 59 would move into second but way to far back from the 22 to make anything happen. The 24x of Xavier Ortega would finally get around the 82 with 4 laps left but too little too late and third was all he could do. Up front as the checkered flew it was the 22 of Jonathan Ortega clean sweeping the weekend to get another win under the belt in 2016! Second went to the 59 of Bumper Jones after a great battle and third was the 24x Xavier Ortega.

Casa Nissan Legends would take to the track for 20 circuits as well tonight but as usual they would not disappoint in action. The 37a of Alex Esquivel would lead lap 1 but out of turn 4 it was a 4 wide battle for the lead!! The 54 of Gunner Harris, 37a of Esquivel, 43 of Derek Demartino and 9 of Tyler Beiter all get away still battling but it was Gunner Harris taking the lead as the field came flying out of turn 4. The 43 would find a line into turn 1 and to the lead he went! Three different leaders in three laps would keep the people on their toes, as more than a few lengths did not separate the top 4! Gunner Harris would move back into the lead on lap 4 and look to get clear of the field but out of turn 4 on lap 5 and Gunner would spin it around all alone as the field was chargin. The 9 of Tyler Beiter was back and forth with the 43 but before the yellow flew he was second so the lead is his in this one. The 37r of Dusty Riggs had come from the way back to get into third before that restart and he would capitalize on it now. The 37r and 43 split the 9 and they took off! Derek Demartino would hold on tight but not close enough in this one after 10 with 10 to go. On lap 14 the 43 would get a good run and charge to the lead down the back but a yellow on the next lap kept him from getting way far out. Demartino would have a good restart as he lead the 37r and 902 of Mike Zuloaga who was on the move and looking good. With only 3 laps to go the 37r of Dusty Riggs would get a second win and go straight to the front out of turn 2! Riggs would take those last three laps to the bank because as the checkered flag he was pulling pulling gone from the field. He 43 of Derek Demartino had the win in his grasps tonight but let it get away as second will have to do. The 902 of Zuloaga with a very strong drive late in this one, giving him a solid third place finish.

The track was prime and it was ShowTime!! Modified ShowTime that is! The J17 of Jacob Gallardo would drive it like he was the only man on the track tonight and it worked out perfect. But a few more laps and it would have been a different story at the end as Royal Jones would put on a late race charge and make the bottom the place to be. The J17 went to the front as the green flag dropped and never looked back. The seas parted and Jacob took it to the high side for his first victory of 2016 at Southern New Mexico in his USRA modified. The 3 of Todd Harper would fall into second on the start but the field unable to keep in touch with the J17. On lap 4 the 9 of Jammin Jimmy Ray would slide his way into second to give it his go at chasing down the j17. With 5 in and 20 to go the first yellow would fly. On the restart the field would go three wide for third as the 111 of Bumper Jones found the line and made it work. The J17 had pulled from the field again but this time not as much because the 111 and G17 of Fito Gallardo where putting the pedal to the floor. After 10 laps the G17 and 111 where swapping places every lap which not only let the J17 pull out ahead but the 99 of Terry Tipton was closing fast in fourth as the 131 broke the top 5!. With eleven laps to go the G17 would switch it up completely and try to get over the top of the 111 but that didn’t work either as both drivers pushed it to the breaking point for to get second. Fito Gallardo would get around Bumper with 6 to go but a little to high out of 4 for Gallardo and Bumper Jones back into second! 3 to go and the caution would fly!! The J17 would loose a massive lead as the G17 and 111 are now going to be right in his door with the 131 of Royal Jones rocketing out of nowhere to be there too! On the restart here comes the 131 of Royal Jones into second!! The 131 just blitzed the 111 and G17 there!! What a move that was. A few more cautions cause a hold up but the outcome would be the same. Going flag to flag and winning for the first time in 2016 at Southern New Mexico Speedway, was Jacob Gallardo in J17!! The 131 of Royal Jones with a heck of a jump as he finishes second after sliding backwards early on in this one. The 111 of Bumper Jones put on a heck of a fight but third will have to do as hid dad, Royal got him beat in the last few laps. After winning last night, Fito Gallardo will settle for fourth tonight.

If you missed tonight then don’t miss out next weekend as the Border International truck 305 Winged Sprint cars rejoin us and we go a full night of racing! The gates open at 5:30 with acing starting at 7:45!
Don’t be late because the adrenaline gets pumping as soon as the motors start roaring.