Sussex goes for two

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June 4, 2016  |  by Walker Akers

The NMMRA and USAC non wing 360 sprint cars have invaded Southern New Mexico and if last night was any indicator of the events to come then tonight was gonna be epic. The Non wings sprints would check in a total of 26 drivers but Xmods, Street Stocks, legends and claimers where set to keep things interesting.

In the Sun Valley Hardware USRA Street Stocks it was the 21z of Mark Morris getting out front and holding off the entire field of 17 for cars to get his first feature win since 2001 after stepping away from racing for a few years. The 44JT of Jaime Torres would give him a run for his money but fall just short as they crossed the stripe. A good charge from the 44JT who has been blistering the competition early on in this season. The 3D of Rudy Munoz was third followed by the 5x of Rick Boelter who finished a solid 4th.

Jack Key Nissan Xmods where rolling out quickly next and it was the 2 of Jesse Haney taking the early lead from the pole. The first 5 laps belonged to the 2 as he got away clean but 5 in 15 to go and the 07 spun after getting all the way to 4th. On the restart Haney took off again but this time the x15 of Rick Hall and the 93 of Gregory Gorham where not gonna let the door get slammed in their face. With 12 to go the 93 would slide job his way into second but falling from the 2 just slightly. It would only take the 93 of Gorham 2 more laps to make up the ground on Haney but another 2 to get the job done. With 5 to go the 93 finally got a little run on the bottom and to the lead he went. Jesse Haney gave him a little love on that one but it was already to late because the next 5 laps there was no doubt about it, the 93 had it clear as day. The 93 of Gregory Gorham would be the Xmods feature winner with the 2 of Jesse Haney real close behind. The 3 of Dickie Gorham moved his way into third for a solid finish.

In the Casa Nissan Legends cars nothing is ever done slowly and that includes lead changes. The 41z of Chris Smith would lead lap 1 but 4 lead changes in 4 laps after the 9 of Tyler Beiter led lap 2, the 54 of Gunner Harris led lap 3 and then finally getting to the front was the 37r of Dusty Riggs on lap 4! The 37r would never be denied the lead again after he took it but a yellow flag would bunch the field together to make things interesting with 8 to go. After the restart the 43 of Derek DeMartino would make his way into second over the 54 and 237 but never enough time to catch the 37r of Riggs. The 54 of Gunner Harris would charge back into second position on the last lap to steal it away from the 43 who had a little trouble on the last lap. Dusty Riggs wins this one by a good stretch over Gunner Harris 54 and Derek DeMartino 43.

Claimers was the only class left between us and some USAC non-wing sprint cars so off they went for 12 laps! The 74 of Ben Ives would take the lead on lap 1 but soon the 5 of Aasa-boo Flores would take it over after a three wide battle. It was into 3 that Flores was so good and no doubt pulling. The 4 of Devan Smith was coming pretty quick but it didn’t matter how quick he was coming because Flores would loop on his own in turn 4 handing the 4 the lead without breaking a sweat. The 5 kept going but lost a ton of ground on the now leader Devan Smith. The 4 would lead and pull from the pack until lap 9 of 12 when the 5 of Flores somehow got back into second! A yellow flag just before the white flag dropped would reset the field all together giving Aasa-boo Flores one more shot at the lead in the number 5! Flores would shoot to the lead on the restart and never be touched again. Flores would win it by a stretch as the 4 of Devan Smith was second and the 74 Ben Ives third.

It was finally time! The reason they came, and the reason they stayed. It was NON-Wing time!! The 21AZ of Stevie Sussex won last night in El Paso like it was just a breeze and he started on the pole tonight! When the green flag dropped the 21az never even saw the second place car again because he was absolutely going going gone! Only 10 laps into the 30-lap race and lappers would play a factor. It didn’t matter for Sussex because he caught the lappers, cut them like butter, and kept on moving! The lapped cars would never phase the 21az as he put on a school. The 50 of Chargin Charles Davis Jr was the best show in the house as he wheeled his way from starting inside row 4 all the way to second on a tough track. Not only did Davis Jr cut the lapped cars smoother than a cream cheese spread on the morning bagel but he made it look easy as he fought off the field. Third went to the 77M of Rj Johnson who fought from an outside row 3 start to secure the podium round off tonight. Going flag to flag though was Stevie Sussex as he showed the boys how it was done at the Southern New Mexico Speedway.

If you missed the racing tonight then don’t do the same next weekend as we go modified racing! The USRA modifieds will rejoin us both Friday in El Paso and Saturday here at Southern New Mexico. Don’t be late because Gates open at 5:30 with racing going live at 7:45!