Gallardos Take the Big Money

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May 28, 2016  |  by Walker Akers

It was a wild night at the Southern New Mexico Speedway as the Southwest Late Models and USRA Modifieds go for $1,000 to win each. The Gallardos put on a show last night in both classes at the Western Tech Speedway Park and tonight was no different. The Sun Valley Hardware USRA Street Stocks, Casa Nissan Legends, Super Trucks, and Mini sprints also joined the fun tonight to make things quite the ride.

The Casa Nissan Legend cars where up first with Jr Esquivel on the pole in 85. With 13 cars this field would go a full 20 laps but it would be the 37 of Dusty Riggs who started 8th getting the lead and taking a great win. The 902 of Mike Zuloaga would bring in the second night after a tough fought race from 7th. The 237 of Steven Scuba Arellano stole the win away last night but tonight third will have to do as he holds off a hard charging gunner Harris who is 4th.

The Super trucks would have a go at it next as 15 laps was set. The Uno of Brian Kleine started on the outside row 1 and would shoot to the lead quickly. The Uno drug the 44 of Christie Barnett with him and they would pull away from the field while rubbing fenders and swapping paint. With 8 laps into the 15 lapper the 44 Barnett finally got a hole down low and no doubt about it “No Mercy” Christie Barnett took the lead. The 82 of Sherman Barnett would work his way into third as the top two went back and forth but he was too far back to get anything done. The UNO would have a last lap charge on the 44 but it was to no avail because as the checkered flag waved it was the 44 of Christie Georges Barnett taking a solid win. The Uno of Kleine will have to be happy with second tonight and the 82 of Sherman Barnett holding onto third over the 98 of Rusty Bowen.

Mini Sprints buzzing out onto the track now and it was a 12 lapper for only 7 cars making the call. The 3 of Ken Ruble started on the pole and never looked back. The 167 of Cory Taylor made his way into second after starting in fifth but never really had the opportunity to take the lead from Ruble. After starting second the 1 of Will Gonzalez fell to third behind a very fast first two but gave a small charge at the end to battle the 167. At the checkered it was the 3 going flag to flag, leading every single second of this one, Ken Ruble not to be denied the win. Cory Taylor holding onto a solid second place and Will Gonzalez rounding out the top 3.

The $1,000 to win late model show had finally arrived and it would take of quick as 14 cars went a full 25 circuits around the speedway tonight. Jake Gallardo would go straight to the lead from the third position and never be denied another second of lead time. Jake won the $1,000 last night while putting it on cruise control and tonight seemed to be just the same. The G17 of Fito Gallardo started in ninth and had plenty of company to move through as the 744 of Logston, the 24x of Xavier Ortega and the 29 of Mercedes Abercrombie all started in front of him. It would take the G17 more than half the race to work his way up and after trouble for the 29 he would have a shot at the lead. The G17 never could catch the J17 and even though it was a Gallardo show, Jake Gallardo would take his J17 to victory lane two nights in a row. The G17 was chasing hard once again and second will have to do. The 22 of Jonathan Ortega finished a solid third after an 8th place start.

The Sun Valley Hardware Street Stocks showed up with 19 cars tonight so they got a full 25 laps. The biggest class we have seen this season from them produced some great racing. The 00ET of Ed Engel went to the lead after trouble from some of the starting row and the first three laps where his. The 0 of Lloyd Turner would be all the way to second after 3 laps when the yellow came out for the first time. The 7 of Don Parra would get his way into second right before the 00ET spun all alone in three and Parra would inherit the lead fro another restart. Turner would dive in on Parra and take the lead for just a second but here comes the whole field up quickly! The 44Jt of Jaime Torres into third while the 13 Colorbio and 21 Robinson are battling hard early. The 7 falling off the pace and the 44Jt into second but the top 4 would all be bumper to bumper all the way around for 5 Laps! Torres closing on the 0 and low side he goes! Torres to the lead after 8 like butter! Torres started 15th in this one and would never check the mirror because it didn’t matter. The 21z of Martin Robinson would catch the 0 of Tuner to battle for second and the low line was coming around for him as well. They would swap some paint and drag some fenders off but in the end the 21z would slice and dice his way into second. The field would bunch back together after a yellow and the 44Jt lost a huge lead. Javie Chavez would make the most of the restart in the 64 as he darted to third around the 0. The 64 and 0 swapping positions many times before the checkered would fly and keeping things interesting as the top 2 pulled away. The 21z would try and get under the 44Jt just as he had the 0 but it wouldn’t work this time as Torres held his line like a true champ. As the checkered dropped, starting 25th and finishing on top was the 44JT of Jaime Torres! The 21z of Martin Robinson with a huge drive in the second half of this one to take second clean. The 64 of Javie Chavez sliding his way into third as the 0 of Lloyd Turner holds onto 4th.

The $1,000 to win Dirt Modifieds the main feature tonight as 24 cars set 30 laps of racing! The 9 of Jimmy Ray started on the pole and was quick to the lead in this caution filled main event. The 3T of Todd Harper was all over his fenders for the first 5 laps but after that Harper would shoot into the lead with a little lucky traction. The Father son duo of Fito and Jake Gallardo would battle for third as the top two tried to pull away. Only 7 laps in ad the J17 out with trouble as Jake was looking to win all 4 $1,000 to win shows this weekend. A yellow bunches the field back together with 27 left and on the restart the G17 takes it way low from inside row two and the lead is his without a doubt! The G17 pulled away for the next 4 laps but 18 to go and caution. After a couple attempts at a restart the 9 would collect with the 111 of Bumper Jones and after a ruling from officials the 9 would leave the racing surface. The 44 of M16 would also be done after another bad restart. After finally getting the restart down the field would spread out with Fito Gallardo pulling away from Todd Harper up front. Down to 10 to go and Fito a full straight away ahead again but yellow is going to cost him again. On the restart the 07 of Flores and the 71 of Phillip Houston would go to work on the 3T of Harper who had his hands full. The 3T fighting the field off but 71 finally with an opening down low. Before it could stick the yellow would fly 1 more time. The G17 would rocket away from the field just as he had done all night but this time the 71 of Houston could clear the 3T and give it a run! With only 2 circuits left on the ticker Phillip Houston would be out of time and the G17 was gone. When the checkered waved Fito Gallardo would cruise across the line with the 71 of Phillip Houston having a great late run and taking second. The 3T of Todd Harper has to be happy with third after running up front all night long.

If you missed the action tonight then don’t make the same mistake next weekend as we go points racing at the Southern New Mexico Speedway!
Gates open at 5:30
Racin starts at 7:45!