Its round 2

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May 21, 2016  |  by Walker Akers

Its round 2 of the Border International truck 305 winged Sprint cars at the Southern New Mexico speedway and as always they never disappoint! Mini Sprints finally joining us this season as well as the claimers, the USRA Sun Valley Hardware Street Stocks and Jack Key Nissan Xmods. Huge car counts in all classes leading to some great racing all night long.

The Mini sprints started off the night for us with 15 laps and it was the 25 of Mike Marquez leading lap 1 and looking ahead. The 3s of Sal Gomez was into second and fighting off attacks from numerous drivers for that position. The 20 of Ricky Holden into third after a few more laps and running down the 3s. Only 4 laps in and the 20 goes around in turn 1! He was moving and grooving in that one but his night is over after a hard lick in that one. Going back green with the 25 still leading but here comes the 167 of Cory Taylor into second and looking to lead. Taylor would go to work on the 25 and it wasn’t long before the lead was his. With 7 to go Emily Hailey looked to charge to the front but stopped in third as the 25 ahead down a block. With 3 to go the 25 would take it way down low and the move back to the front! The 25 would never look back and as the checkered flag flew it was Mike Marquez taking home the money. The 167 Cory Taylor stuck with second tonight after leading a few laps. The 22 of Hailey holds onto third after a strong drive.

Claimers would be up to do battle next as these tanks of the track got fired up and rolling. The 4 would shoot straight to the front but Devan Smith couldn’t hold it for long because after 3 laps the 5 of Aaca-boo Flores would shoot straight out of turn 4 and lead it at the line. The 5 would get hung up by lappers more than a few times allowing the 4 to never fall back too far but it would be no problem for Flores as he cut through them like a hot knife through butter before he could get passed. Aaca-boo Flores would win this at the line for his very first time! The 4 of Smith stayed in the hunt all night but couldn’t get it done at the end. Shane McNutt in the 24 moved his way into third near the end of that one.

It would be 20 circuits for the Jack Key Nissan Xmods tonight as 17 cars got set to go spinnin. The Uno of Brain Klein leads early as the field stocks up behind him 3 wide in the pack. The 93 of Gregory Gorham into third after just two laps from starting 6th! After a few restarts the 93 was into second but chargin hard was the 7c of John Carney Sr. The 93 working the entire track to get to the lead and after 5 it was the 93 leading and pulling quickly. Half way there and half way home the 93 pulling away as the 7c finally gets his way into second after a hard fought battle. The 9 of Jammin Jimmy Ray closing into third and not done in this one. Only 5 to go and the 93 gone from the 7c and 9 who are going toe to toe for second. With 3 to go the 33 of Allen would jostle his way into the top 5 and give it a three-way battle for second. With 2 to go a caution would fly for the first time tonight. The 93 of Gorham giving up a huge lead the 7c of Carney would give it another go on the last lap but out of turn 4 it was a drag race and the 93 of Gorham had it by a half a car length with the 7c in his door stuck like glue. Gregory Gorham wins this one and John Carney the second is second. Justin Allen slides his way around Jimmy Ray for third.

Street Stocks set to go 20 laps tonight and it was Pete Vargas leading lap 1 and 2 but two in it was caution #1 in this one. The 44JT of Jaime Torres would shoot into third on the restart and looking to go for 4 in a row tonight. The 13 of Victor Colorbio is sitting in second and the 44Jt going to work on his bumper. The triple 7 of Vargas leading but big trouble for him in turn 2! The leader going around all alone and collecting a few drivers from in the pack. The 13 Colorbio is now the leader and Torres sits in second. They have a great restart but 15 to go and caution will fly again. The 0 of Lloyd Turner up to 5th already! Lloyd Turner into third after 1 but caution once again. It’ll be 3 wide for the lead this time! The 44Jt and 0 trading paint and places but the 13 pulling away. Only 10 to go and the 0 darting down low to the lead!! Only 9 laps left and the 44Jt also around the 13 for second as the 13 falls backward in the pack. Caution once again will mean we loose 5 laps which gives us 4 to go on the restart. The next 4 laps will have Torres chasing the 0 down but to no avail because when the checkered flag fly’s it’s the 0 of Lloyd Turner stopping the Torres Train and taking the win. Jaime Torres was close tonight but second will have to do. The 36 of Randy Mims bring home a solid third place tonight.

The track has come around and its 25 laps for 22 Sprint cars tonight as the Border International Truck 305 winged Sprint cars go for broke and 1,000$ to win! The 18 of Lorne Wofford started on the outside pole and would go straight to the lead but the 99.5 of Derek Demartino wasn’t gonna let him slip away just yet.  After 7 Lorne Wofford was pulling away from the 99.5 as the 54 held of the 19 for third. Those two battling and here comes the 27 of Cesar Fuentes but the 54 looses it in turn 2 and the 19 of Wes Wofford into third with 27 chasing. The 19 reeling in the 99.5 but Demartino chasing down the 18 who is leading through lappers. The 19 gave it a highside hustle and was on the bumper of the 99.5 with 13 to go. Wes giving it all he can for now but it just won’t stick. Derek Demartino moved it back down to the bottom and pulled from the 19 who was stuck in lapped traffic but Lorne Wofford still way out. With 8 to go the caution would fly for the first time in this one. Biggest looser here is the 18 who was way ahead of the pack. The 40x of Grable was on the move as well into 5th. The top 3 going to go wheeling and dealing here quickly but Lorne Wofford fights off a charge from Wes and Don for now. The 19 has a handful of the 40x as they trade places more than a few times with 5 to go. The 19 pushing the highside as the 40x grabs gears down low! The 19 pushing it just a little too far and over turn 2 he goes with 3 to go! The 19 saves it and brings it back across the track but the 27 Fuentes stays in the gas coming out of turn 2 and it’s a T-Bone steak for dinner in turn 2! The 27 with heavy damage to that car but the 19 with a tire change and back at racing. With 3 to go the 18 drags us back to the green but Donkey Don Grable is in his bumper and mounting up a charge. Don would wait one more lap and as they came to the line with 2 to go Don Grable moved it down to the bottom out of 4 and like a bottle rocket he was gone! Don Grable taking the lead on the second to last lap and checking out over the 18 of Lorne Wofford. Taking the 1,000$ to win and the winners sticker, it was the 40x of Donkey Don Grable! The 18 of Lorne Wofford fought off as long as he could but second will do tonight. Coming all the way from 16th to get third is the 131 of Royal Jones who had a spectacular race tonight!!

If you missed tonight then you do not want to miss next week as we go racing with the Salute to Indy and Military night! Any ACTIVE MILITARY member gets into the Western Tech Speedway Park and Southern New Mexico Speedway for free!
Gates open at 5:30
Racing starts at 7:45! Don’t be late as we go racing some high flyin modifieds.