Flores Slides it all around for Win #1

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May 14, 2016  |  by Walker Akers

A mods the feature tonight but 4 other support classes gonna load the track as well. Lots of rain during the day not going to stop theses drivers as we get set for a wild a slick night of racing.

The USRA Sun Valley Hardware Street Stocks where up first for the A-mains tonight as we had 14 cars going 20 laps. Double green flag flying to get the night started and the field was away. #3D of Munoz would lead lap 1 with Jack Skillin 22 right on his bumper. The 21z of Martin Robinson had no problems getting that machine up to third but it wouldn’t matter if he passed them or not because 4 complete and it would be caution number 1 for the leader 3D spinning in turn 3!! The 22 gets collected in that and Robinson will inherit the leader after this yellow. The 21z leading lap five from the restart as the 0 of Lloyd Turner moved his machine around a rough handling 44jt into second. Few more laps run and the 0 headed straight after the 21z but trouble in turn 3 as he goes around all alone! The 44jt getting it back together after a rough few laps and into second he would go again. Only 12 circuits left around the speedway and the 21z would push way up and over turn 4!! The 44Jt of Jaime Torres coming from way back in second to in the door for the lead! Torres leads it at the line. The track would hit at the perfect time for the 44jt as he looked to pull away. With 8 to go the lapped cars would play a factor allowing the 21z to close the gap just slightly but the 44jt around clean with only 5 remaining. With 3 clicks left the 0 of Turner moved it back into third but way too far back to make it count. With 2 to go the 44jt would have a little slip and the 21z was closing the gap! As they came to the white the 21z Robinson had moved right onto the bumper of Torres to give it a last lap battle for the money! Robinson love tapping the 44jt all the way through turn 2 and costing himself a little time. Jaime Torres would hold it together and leading the lap that mattered it was Jaime Torres going clean sweep on the weekend! Martin Robinson back in that racecar tonight and second will have to do. Lloyd Turner driving that 0 machine all the way back to third from the rear!

Super trucks prove to be some of the roughest racing on the track and tonight was just as fun as always. Only 11 trucks would make it out for the 20 lapper. The 10 of Mike Garcia would take the lead early from the outside row 1 but the 6 of Walton Kyle Sr would slide it into second and just wait for his opportunity. With 6 complete and 14 to go its caution #1. Walton Kyle sr. would drive it on low on the restart but couldn’t make it stick and falls in line. After running I second for a few laps the 6 has had enough and moved it back to the bottom. After Walton Kyle Sr would shoot to the bottom out of turn 4 and lead it by a nose at the line! The 6 would charge away as the 10 of Garcia had to fend of many attacks from the hard charging field. Walton Kyle Sr would never look back after that leading the rest of the laps on the board and taking the Checkered flag in the super trucks! Mike Garcia stayed strong and held onto second after the field gave him a good run tonight. The 33 of Lloyd Duffey had the speed just ran out of time tonight and third will have to do.

The rough and tough Southwest Late Models rolled out onto the track next for a 20 lapper with 14 cars. The 3k of Keko Perez started on the pole but it was the 44 of Christie Georges Barnett going straight to the front and never looking back. After 5 laps the 44 was doing nothing but pulling from the field, as she put on a dominant show all-alone up front. It would be 12 laps in before the field got any kind of break as the caution would fly. The 3k had stayed strong in second but was loosing ground to the 44 as he dealt with the field. A new beginning here for him. The last 8 laps would have Christie Georges Barnett taking the field to school as she would go flag to flag, lead every lap undisputed and take the win for the Southwest Late models!! The 3k of Keko Perez runs solid in second after a tough charge from the 22 Jonathan Ortega who finishes third.

The littlest cars at the track sometimes make the biggest noise and tonight would be no different as the legends rolled onto the speedway for some great toe-to-toe action. Only 13 cars means only 20 laps and the 1x of Mike Zuloaga would go straight to the front with the 41z of Chris smith following close in behind. After 6 laps it was the 1x still leading but Justin Lassiter in the 13 was on the move an grabbing gears! With 14 to go it was caution #1. The 1z with a good start but the 13 of Lassiter moving it to the outside quick to make things fun. It would only take one more lap for the 13 to get to the far outside and make it stick but not to be as caution would fly before the lap was complete. The red flag would come out as the 85 Jr Esquivel would take a hard lick from Chris Gonzalez after the 85 spun. The 1x away like a rocket but trouble for the 13 as he pushed it into second again. The 13 will pull it off and call an end to that night. The 237 Steven Scuba Arellano inherited second now but nothing he could do with it as the 1z of Zuloaga was pulling pulling gone in this one. The 37a of Alex Esquivel had would also show up to play bringing the 54 of Gunner Harris along with him. Caution would fly with 6 to go bringing the field right back on top of the 1x. The 9 of Tyler Beiter had moved his way back into second before that yellow came out and he will start inside row 2 on this one. The top 4 would go bumper to bumper for 3 laps without incident but 3 to go things got heated. Taking it 3 wide down the outside backstretch the 9 would shoot into the lead with all kinds of speed! The 1x wasn’t done yet! It was door to door as they took the white but Zuloaga back in front by a hair! Drag race all the way around and the 9 would shoot high into turn 4! It looked like Tyler Beiter had it by a length but the car would jump just enough in turn 4 and Mike Zuloaga would capitalize!! Mike Zuloaga taking the checkered and the win tonight is the Casa Nissan Legend cars! The 9 of Tyler Beiter holding on for a great second as the 237 brings it home in third. Gunner Harris rounding out the top 4.

Well I had finally come. The reason you come! The reason you stay! It’s modified time!! With 25 laps on the clock it was sure to be a nail biter! The 65 of Carlos Ahumada Jr would start outside row 1 and waste no time in this one! The 65 pulled way ahead after 5 but going to have to give it all up as the caution comes out only 5 in. The m16 of Rocko Gallardo had just moved into second but going to have to slide back into third on this restart as we didn’t complete the full lap. Duane Murphy sitting in second looking ancy. The 65 Ahumada on the gas quick for the restart and out he goes again. With 17 to go the m16 would finally move around the 49 for second but way back from the leader Carlos Ahumada Jr. The m16 wouldn’t have long in second because the 07 of Donovan Flores was charging on and not to be denied! Fireball Donovan Flores charging hard for the leader after 10 laps but the 65 still a good distance ahead. The 65 would get loose out of turn 4 and into the wall he went down the front stretch! We stayed green as he pulled it out but his night was done at that point and the 07 of Fireball Donovan Flores would take the lead over and never look back. A debris caution with 11 to go would allow the field to regroup which was bad for Flores because he was in the groove and gettin’ it! The m16 would try and make a move with 5 to go but too little too late it seemed! With 3 to go a lapped car would hold up the 07 for just a second and that enough for the m16 to close the gap. AS the leaders dive it off into turn 1 it’s a big spin from lappers just I front!! The leaders somehow both get through clear and we will have a green white checkered on our hands. The 07 with another great restart and this one was pretty much done. As the checkered flag flew it was the 07 of Fireball Donovan Flores getting his first modified win at Southern New Mexico Speedway and doing it in spectacular fashion!! The m16 had a slick track but Rocko Gallardo making it look good as he brings it home in second. Duane Murphy with a strong finish in third.

If you missed the racing tonight then you better not miss out next week as we go Sprint Car Racing with the Border International Truck 305 winged Sprint cars!!!
Gates open at 5:30
Racing starting at 7:45!