Southern New Mexico Speedway to raise money, awareness to help children with disabilities and their families

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May 12, 2016

The Southern New Mexico Speedway is partnering with Witten's Warriors to raise money and awareness to help children with disabilities and their families. Witten's Warriors was founded by Steffan and Maygen Carey, after learning that their son Witten was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy. Steffan and Maygen Carey decided to positively impact the lives of children with disabilities and their families by raising awareness for Cerebral Palsy and fundraising for the Carrie Tingley Hospital Foundation.

The Carrie Tingley Hospital Foundation is New Mexico’s only statewide Foundation providing quality of life services for patients and families of Carrie Tingley Hospital, and children with disabilities across New Mexico.

The Southern New Mexico Speedway will host a fundraiser for Witten's Warriors on October 21-23. Fundraising activities will include merchandise sales and various other opportunities to support this great cause.

Bumper Jones and his #111 Modified will be dressed up in Witten's Warriors livery for this event.

Jeff Hoehn, the Executive Director of the Foundation Carrie Tingley Hospital Foundation said that funds raised by Witten's Warriors have helped hundreds of New Mexico children and their families. “Witten's Warriors is an amazing grassroots fundraiser that has captured the hearts of folks across New Mexico. The racing community, in particular, has been extremely generous and everyone is humbled and honored by their support.”

Steffan and Maygen Carey are excited by the opportunity to partner with the Southern New Mexico Speedway and said, “We know that there are children in southern New Mexico who can benefit from the programs of the Foundation so we are excited to raise awareness in this part of the state.”

To learn more about Witten's Warriors visit or visit today to learn more about the Carrie Tingley Hospital Foundation’s programs.