Valdez, Alons, Hollingshead, Riggs, Sager win on May 17

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May 17, 2014

It was the return of the ASCS 305 Wing Sprint Cars, USRA X-Mods, USRA Street Stocks, Super Trucks, and the God Father Classic for the Casa Nissan Legends of the Southwest.


The USRA X-mod 20 lap main was "dynamite"! At the start Justin Allen pulled away, and got to work quick! Justin would pull away by a whole straight away. Justin couldn't catch a brake, because of all the cautions. Later, on a eleven lap green flag run Justin just pulled into the infield. Now it looked like Justin was going to bring it back out, but then his car gave up in front of the infield wall. So the yellow flag would wave for Justin, due to being in front of the infield wall (safety hazard). At the green Donovan Flores would take the lead, with Henry Valdez all over his back bumper. Donovan had it done in the history books, until he got super loose in turn two on the final lap!! Henry Valdez would pass him, and would get his second career win at the Southern new Mexico Speedway!!


After a crazy, "dynamite" main event for the USRA X-mods the Super Trucks put on a good show also. It was Matt Higby up on front at first. Kenny Alons was hunting him down quick, until he over shot the banking in turns 1 and 2. Walton Kyle Jr in 21 was running right on the bottom of the speedway, trying to get around Higby. Matt would hold off Walton Kyle Jr. Later in the main, Kenny Alons was back!! Kenny would get to second with a few laps to go. Matt was getting slower, and slower. Kenny Alons, and Walton Kyle Jr would tag team Matt Higby, and Kenny Alons would pass Matt Higby on the bottom for the Super Truck win!!


It was a single file race for the USRA Street Stocks. Noah Hollingshead started outside row 2 and got the lead in the first turns of the race. Noah would run away. Jason Ziehl did some passing to get o second. It looked like Noah was going to spin out a ton of time in turn 4, and Jason was going to pass Noah, but it didn't happen. Noah Hollingshead would win the USRA Street Stock main event.


Jim Funk will always be in our minds, and hearts after passing away two years ago. This year the Casa Nissan Legends put together the "God Father Classic" It was a quick race. Dusty Riggs, Brady Labree, Joshua Jackson, and Mike Zuloaga went to the back to try to come to the front and win the God Father Classic. Dusty, and Joshua would charge to the front quick! David Lackey would lead the the first part of the race, until Riggs, and Jackson passed him like if he was parked! Dusty would run away, and Jackson was second trying to catch Dusty. Dusty Riggs was too fast for Joshua Jackson, Riggs would win the Casa Nissan Legends of the Southwest God Father Classic main event!


Fourteen ASCS 305 Wing Sprint Cars checked in at the Southern New Mexico Speedway to put a good show. It was Kyle Sager, and Cesar Fuentes starting on the front row. Kyle Sager would win the drag race into turn one. Fuentes had the high line trying to make it happen. Anton Salopek would get by Cesar for second. Fuentes was falling back. Kyle Sager got to a comfy lead. Later a yellow would come out, Anton Salopek, and Cesar Fuentes would go side by side with Sager leading them to the green. Kyle was just on the hammer, and would take off. Anton had a fast machine but just couldn't get Sager. On the final lap a car spun in turn two. The race would end under yellow and Kyle Sager who has been racing for eleven years, was so excited on social media during the week for being on the brochure of the Southern New Mexico Speedway for this event. Kyle would get the win!! Kyle said if hes going to win all the time if he makes the brochure.


Next Saturday night gates open at 5:30, and racing starts at 7:45, for the return of the Barnett Harley Davidson USRA Dirt Modifieds.