Tough Enough to Wear Pink Night at the Southern New Mexico Speedway was a success, as $7,600 was raised for the fight against Breast Cancer. It was also the return of the USRA Dirt Modifieds, CDM Late Models, USRA Street Stocks, and the CSR Garage Hornets. So let's take you into the action.
   The CDM Late Models rolled to the track first and boy, that was good! Xavier Ortega in his #xxx and Cliff Hansen in his #911 started on the first row. The flagman didn't like the opening green flag as Xavier jumped the start. So, they reformed and next time it was a good green. Sherman Barnett hit some cars, forcing another yellow flag out. So, on the restart, Donnie Newcomb had a good jump! He was showing the way. He would never let go after that as his car was loving the track conditions. Scott Logston, after winning the El Paso Speedway Park Championship the previous night, gets to second. But time had ran out for Logston in his #7, as Donnie Newcomb picked up his first win of the 2013 season. Jimmy Ray came home 3rd, Fito Gallardo in 4th, and the top 5 was Sherman Barnett.
Winners from "Tough Enough To Wear Pink" Night. 
   The USRA Street Stocks had 20 cars check in. In the opening action it was Paul Telles, Jr. and Casey Preece side by side for the lead!! Donavon Flores was on the move, along with the "Cruse Missile" Brandon Cruse. They were battling like cats and dogs for the lead. Casey Preece started getting loose, and disappeared from the front of the pack. But yellow after yellow, Paul Telles, Jr. was the faster of the front crowd and he continued to pull away! Well, Paul got a flat tire on his car after battling with Donavon and Brandon Cruse. So, at the end it was a showdown between Donavon Flores and Brandon Cruse. Flores ended up holding him off for the win!! Noah Hollingshead would work to 2nd on the last lap, then Brandon Cruse in 3rd.
  The CSR Garage Hornets came out and it was a good duel in the dirt for them. Natalie Carbajal is up on front with George La Rose, they go at it for the lead. Devon Smith joined the battle until he came to a stop. That forced the yellow flag as he was stuck in the mud in the high line of turns 3 and 4. It was a muddy track after the rain out last week, a lot of moister in the bottom of the track as well. So, it came up through the night. Back into the Hornet action, here comes Ben Ives. Ives started 12th and moved up through the pack quickly!!! He was a like train off its tracks!! He was up to third in no time. In the exit of turn #4 for the final time George La Rose was 2nd and he tried passing Natalie for the lead!! So, he bumped her on the side and they both lost their speed. BEN IVES TAKES ADVANTAGE OF THEIR MISCUE AND MOTORS TO THE WIN!! It was George La Rose, who might have just helped Ben Ives win the championship, finishing 2nd. Ben really wants to win the CSR Garage Hornets title at SNMS. In two weeks, if he wins, he just might get what he wants.
  Before the USRA Dirt Modified main event we auctioned off the top 10 starting drivers. All of the money that was raised in the auction went into a pot. This is how it worked. For example, it you bid on Dusty Riggs, and Dusty Riggs wins the main event, the person who bought Dusty Riggs gets half of the pot, and the other half goes to Tough Enough To Wear Pink. So we had raised $7,600.00. The winner walked away with half of that!

    With the auction finished, all that remained was the race itself. So, in the beginning "Tip Towing" Terry Tipton was on the pole and he took off. Jimmy Ray got through the field quickly, giving Terry Tipton something to worry about!! A yellow flag came out for some cars piled up. Chad Falco was involved and went into the pits to fix the damage. Now, look at this, we gave Chad Falco 2 laps to get his car fixed. He didn't come out. So, right when the leaders got the green and were heading in the exit of turn 2, HE PULLS ON THE TRACK!!!! The leaders were getting by him, but on the next lap the flagman gave him the black flag. He still didn't come off. Then, when the leaders were going to lap him, he raced them!! So next time around TERRY TIPTON SPUN TO AVIOD HIM!!! TIPTON WENT FLYING OFF THE TRACK!! YOUR LEADER, AFTER DOMINATING, IS GOING TO GO TO THE BACK FOR A LAPPED CAR!! So, since Chad wasn't even supposed to be on the track, Terry was getting his spot back!! The fans yelled with joy, Terry got his spot back. Jimmy Ray is going to have to try something different to get Tipton. Jacob Gallardo went around Jimmy for 2nd. But your winner out of Duncan, AZ., in the Tipton Construction, McCoy Fabrication cruised to the win!! Terry, before the show said, "I'm going to win this race, even if I die trying" .
  So another great night went into the books, don't forget, Saturday the 28th is the final time the 305 Sprints cars race this year at the Southern New Mexico Speedway, so hope to see you there!!
by Ruben Mireles