27.1  Fuel must be pump gas. No additives or performance enhancers are allowed.
xv.       No tri-y headers.
Holley 4412 or an OEM two barrel Rochester. The Holley 4412 when used on a Chevy manifold may not have an adapter any thicker than ½ inch with thin gaskets.
The Holley cannot be altered. If you have a Rochester that has been modified beyond the specs, you must run our Restricted Funnel Spacer. Spacer is available at Ricks Performance and must be run with thin gaskets and no other spacers. No additional spacers allowed on either type carburetor, or any 
alteration of any kind to the manifold.
Specs are as follows:
Holley: Venturi: 1.376 max, Base plate bore: 1.690 max, Booster verticle 
demension: .430 min, Booster legs will show all casting part lines, booster leg width: .260 min , booster 
outer dimension: .605 min, booster inside dimension: .385 max, Thickness of 
throttle blade and shaft: .190 min, holley choke horn must remain. 
Rochester: Venturi: 1.376 max, Base plate bore: 1.693 max, Booster verticle 
demension: none, Booster legs will show all casting part lines, booster leg 
width: .420 min, Booster outer dimension: .584 min, Booster inside dimension: 
none, Thickness of throttle blade and shaft: .190 min, Top on Rochester may be 
modified, air filter stud may be installed between venturi.

Maximum cubic inch of 360 cubic inch with a 1% error. Compression of 9.5 or less w/ 5% error. (9.5 to 10.0 if you are 10.1 you are dqed).
   2014 Limited X Mod Rules
Engine Specs Are As Follows...
Crankshaft, cam gear and balancer must weigh a minimum of 50 lbs. Must install a 1" pipe plug to 
inspect crankshaft, or remove pan.