Carney, Jr. Wins June 8th Main Event  For ASCS 305 Winged Sprints

    The Southern New Mexico Speedway opened its’ gates once again to the racing community for another great fast night of racing action. We were proud to bring you the return of the ASCS 305 Sprint Cars, USRA Street Stocks, Legends, Super Trucks, and a fifth division the USRA X-Mods.
    Entering the track first are the Super Trucks. With 10 trucks making the call, Mike Mays and Matt Higby lead the way. Matt takes the lead as Walton Kyle Sr. spins bringing out the yellow. Upon the restart, Garrett Alberson takes the lead and holds it throughout the race taking home the win in his Batteries Plus, Rio Grande Foot Clinic, Argyle Welding Supply # 43. The finish was 43, 6, 41, 82, 44, 2A, 23, 241, 88, and 18.

    A 15 lap Legend main is up next with Robert Shepperd and David Lackey on the front row. As the green flag drops, Robert Shepperd takes the lead. Rookie, #7 of Luis Esquivel pours it on and puts up a great fight with Robert taking the lead away. But here comes #96 Dusty Riggs. Working the high groove Dusty takes the lead and before you know it, the checkered flag waves. The #96 of Hatch New Mexico Dusty Riggs sponsored by TA of Las Cruces, Thunder Head Fabrication, Riggs Farms, and Desert Spring Produce wins the Legend main. Your finish is as follows: 96, 7, 72, 77, 24, 58L, 237, 14, 23, 902, and 66.

    The roar of the engines become louder as the 20 lap X-mod main pull out onto the track with Christy Georges and Chance Thedford on the front row. The green flag waves and they are under way with Christy pulling out front for the lead. Donovan Flores, starting 9th is now in 2nd with only 3 laps down breathing down Christy’s neck. As the battle ensues, the third place has Patrick and John Carney along with Justin Allen fighting each other for that spot. This evening, however, Donovan has not got the time to upset Christy as she crossed the finish line in her Barnett Harley Davidson, MSD Ignition, Indy Screen Print #44 taking the win and trophy home. The finish for the X-mods is 44, 07, 7C, 5X, 33, 75, 65, 82, 25, 999, 20A, 18, 2D, X15, R41, 75J, 36K, 39, and 65X.

   Now it’s time for the ASCS 305 winged Sprint Cars. With 20 cars starting the front row is Jerry Gonzlaes and Lorne Wofford. The green flag waves and they are off with Lorne pulling away. The wind has its effect on the cars and quite a few over shoot the banking in turns 3 and 4 but pulling it together, they continue racing until the yellow waves for Dylan Harris who spins in 2 right in front of the leader. Back to green as Lorne takes off Cesar Fuentes begins to pour on the power and yet another yellow flies. This time for Tyler Jackson who hits the wall hard. Once again Lorne takes off and as he enters turn 3 he is FLIPPING, as the red comes out Royal Jones spins in turns 1 and 2. Lorne is done for the night, which leaves the lead to Cesar Fuentes on the restart. He takes off but once again the yellow comes out for Wes Wofford as he wheel hops the 7C of John Carney II fighting for his 2nd place spot. Fuentes out in front on this restart as all but John Carney travel up in that high groove. Little John’s car works on the low groove and he over takes Fuentes, next time around, Jerry Gonzales loses it in turn 2 and the yellow flies. The #7C of John Carney II takes the green after 4 yellows and l red, and finally completes the race taking the checkered flag. Your finish is 7C, 148,9K, 27, 361, 131, 21TX, 36DD, 52NM, 3D, 52, 99, 5, 6U, 88, 98, 19, 18, 2, 99.5.

    Once again another great night of racing in the books, thanks to all our sponsors and fans for the help and support they provide. Hope to see you next Saturday night when we return with the USRA Modifieds and a special treat the CDM Late Model Championship for the Southern Series. We expect cars to travel from California, Oklahoma, Arizona, Texas and New Mexico. Should be an exciting show and we hope to see you there! Gates open at 5:30 and racing begins as the suns starts to sink in the West at 7:45.

by: Ruben Mireles