305 Winged Sprints At Southern New Mexico Speedway
    Another great night of racing at the Southern New Mexico Speedway, as it was the return of the ASCS 305 Renegade Sprint Cars, USRA Street Stocks, Legends of the Southwest, and the USRA Ignition Limited X mods.
    The USRA X-mods take the track and just by looking at the line up we know this is going to be DYNAMITE!!! The X-mods have a field of 26 CARS!!! On the pole was the number 5 of Kenny Medina, and the 77 year old Sherman Barnett. The green flag waves and Sherman gets to work!! But Sherman won't have it so easy on himself, because you know cars are coming. Christy Georges is now up on front giving Sherm something to worry about. But here comes Patrick Carney. Carney and Georges are going to go at it for 3rd. With a few more laps into the race Georges has mechanical problems. Her night will come to an end. So for the restart Sherman took off like if there's no tomorrow. Moving up in the field, he's been very tough this year, the 93 of Gregory Gorham!! He has your top 3. He will battle it out with Carney for 3rd. Gregory will win that battle. But he spent too much time trying to get through the field, therefore Gregory will finish 2nd after starting 11th!!! So the 77 year old Sherman Barnett takes the win!!! 
    The Legends of the Southwest had a 15 lap main event. On the pole is Robert Sheppard, with Wilbur Wells to his outside. The green flag waves and in the first lap here comes Dusty Riggs. He will lead lap number one. But he has to always worry about the 77 of Brady Labree, as he will move into 2nd. Robert after winning the night before in El Paso trying to get 2 in row. But Dusty was just so fast no one caught up to him, making him go to victory lane.
   The USRA Street Stocks take the track for there 15 lap main event. 14 cars checked in. John McDaniel will start outside pole and he will get to work. He will show the way. Donavon Flores is getting to work quickly, he will charge to second. But John McDaniel is well gone from your field. Flores will not get him until a yellow waves, the 812 spinning. On the restart Flores will pass John for the lead. Towards the checkerd Donavon Flores will take the win for the USRA Street Stock win.
  On the pole for tonight's main event Lorne Wofford and Cesar Fuentes. The green flag waves and Wofford gets to work. Fuentes second and Royal Jones 3rd. Harris in the 361 battling Royal for third. That goes on for a while. Wofford will go over the banking in 1 and 2, so Fuentes TO YOUR LEAD!! But later on Fuentes is stuck in traffic Wofford sticks it up high and goes for the lead! Wofford will be back in command but he will over shoot 1 and 2 again, making Fuentes your leader again. But later on Wofford will get him again and end up with the win for the Renegade ASCS 305 Sprint cars. 
by Ruben Mireles