SNM Speedway Recap of the 6-1-13 races
By: Ruben Mireles

   First main out with 12 cars and 20 laps, the USRA Street Stocks. The 3H of Noah Hollingshead and the 37 of Robert Trujillo lead the pack around to the green flag. As that flag waves, the #7 of Jerrad Warhurst gets loose, bumping the 812 of Danny Carbajal and Danny slides into #48T of Paul Telles Jr. All this happens in turn one and two with Paul suffering a chassis problem causing him to stop. A restart is called by the officials and off we go for round two. This time, the #21z of Jason Ziehl makes it 3 wide going for the lead and captures it. Brandon Cruse in his #25 begins his hunt, passing the #22 of Jack Skillin for third. Twelve laps down and Jason Ziehl coasts into the infield with engine problems, and guess what folks, Donavon Flores who made it up to second takes the lead and the checker. Your finish is as follows: 07, 25, 22, 35, 3H, 21Z, 37, 4T, 48T, 812, 7.

    Once again, Mother Nature gave us another beautiful Saturday night for racing to open the month of June. This weekend, we were proud to bring you the return of the Hornets, USRA Modifieds and Street Stocks, and the CDM Late Models.

    Next up the CDM Late Models with 15 cars and 20 laps. On the front row, a pair of Garrett’s. Garrett Higgins driving Alan Bowers #59 and our hometown young man the #43 of Garrett Alberson. The green flag drops and Garret Higgins over shoots the first turn and goes over turn 2 returning to the track in 12th place. A few laps later, the 17N of Nita Deetz spins in turns 3 and takes a direct hit from Isreal Ortega in his #11. As Nita’s night ends, Garrett Alberson is left battling with #9 Jimmy Ray, and with the restart, Garrett Higgins seems to be recovering quickly. Fourth place Scott Logston is past by Higgins as he hunts down the #82 Sherman Barnett and flies by overtaking 3rd. By this time, however Garrett Alberson has run away from the pack and stretched out his lead with Jimmy Ray trying to hold off Higgins for second. Jimmy slides a little too high and both Higgins and Barnett pass him. Time runs out and the checkered flag waves once again for the Batteries Plus, Rio Grande Foot Clinic, Argyle Welding Supply # 43 of Garrett Alberson!! Second goes to Garrett Higgins with first time in his late model #82 Sherman Barnett in third. The finish: 43, 59, 82, 9L, 7, 89, 21, 12A, 24, 911, XXX, 88, 14, 11, 17N.
The Hornets enter the track and have a very clean main with the MR13 of Rudy Tarin and the 812 of Natalie Carabajal leading the way. The Hornets get the green and out of nowhere the #12 of Larry Maag immediately jumps into the lead. Short lived, Larry gets a right rear flat tire and Rudy Tarin regains the lead. As a few laps slip by Benny Pena in his #13X creeps up to battle Rudy running side by side for numerous laps. Benny captures the lead, takes the checker and another exciting Hornet main is complete. The finish: 13x, MR13, 74, L750, 28, 28T, 4, 812, 7, 44x, 12, 3TJ, 53.

  The final main event of the evening was the USRA Modifieds starting with 23 cars for their 30 lap main. Heading up the pack is #44 Christy Georges and #9 of Jimmy Ray. As the green flag drops, Christy hesitates a little too long and Bumper Jones slides from the second row under her and takes the lead. Battles begin and it seems we are going to have a Jones’ 111, 131, 121 finish. As the laps tick down, the Jones’ look very strong and #99 Terry Tipton who won the night before has now come from 13th to 5th and is trying to get around Christy. But hold on, Royal trying to pass his son for the lead, loses it in turn 3 and spins bringing out the yellow. On the restart Holly can’t hold on to that second position and Christy takes 2nd away bringing Tom Georges right behind her. Since there are only 3 laps left, the laps go quick and Bumper Jones clinches the win from green to checker. The finish: 111, 44, 28, 121, 99, J7, 96, 93, 82, 07, 32, 29, 19, 3T, 49, 131, 22, 87, 22B, 0, 9, 30, M16.
Thank you to all of our great sponsors that help Southern New Mexico Speedway and the drivers, and of course all of you fans that make racing possible. Don’t forget in 2 weeks the CDM Super Late Model Series will come to town attracting all the top notch late models from our region. Hope to see you all next week for the return of the ASCS 305 winged sprints. Gates open @ 5:30 and racing starts at 7:45.