Kyle McCutcheon Caps A Double Header  At Southern New Mexico Speedway
    The ground at the Southern New Mexico Speedway shook and glowed, as it was Mesilla Valley Transportation night. It was also the return of the USRA Street Stocks, Limited X Mods, Hornets, and the Renegade ASCS 305 Sprint Cars.
    The Hornets are up first, 14 of them checked in. Larry Maag is moving into second with Rudy Tarin III in your lead. Terry Scott in 04 is holding on to a top 3. Rudy is just gone and Larry the only on holding onto him but will not get him. The next thing you know is the checkered flag waving for the MR13, Rudy Tarin in mr13!!  
    The second main event on the track is the Renegade ASCS 305 Sprint Cars!!?!?!?!?! Well, it's never to early for some sprint car action!! So let's bring 'em at you!! Twenty Sprint Cars made the call to do battle at the Southern New Mexico Speedway. One lap in, two yellows out. One of them, Don Reynolds, getting loose and forcing Fuentes to spin, who had nowhere to go. Fuentes and Reynolds go to the back. Anton Salopek will lead lap number one. Kyle McCutheon plays catch up. But the yellow will wave for Dillan Harris spinning in turn 4, taking Joseph Hernandez with him. "Show Time" ( Joseph Hernandez ) will not be able to continue. Anton Salopek in the restart with 6 to go but Kyle McCutcheon will take it away. The time will run out and your winner, getting 2 in a row and a weekend sweep, the WILD MAN KYLE MCCUTCHEON!!!
      The USRA Street Stocks are up next. Going for the lead on lap one after starting 9th, he passed 8 cars in one lap for the lead, Javie Chavez. Flores started 19th, he's running 6th. The battle to look at is your top 5!! McDaniel with Miles Widmer. Later on Justin Lasiter will join that battle. McDaniel hits the banking in 3 & 4, that puts Donavon Flores into your top 5. Now, Donavon Flores is going to go in for second and he's going to go huge. He will go 3 WIDE!!! With Jason Ziehl and Miles Widmer. But Flores will spin it!! Flores will be sent to the back. With no better challenges, Javie Chavez will end up with the 'W" for the USRA Street Stocks.  
  With the Renegade Sprints already having run their Feature, the USRA X Mods become the final main event of 30 laps, 29 cars. At the green, into one and two there's a pile up. Yellow is out, and there is a complete restart.  Once again, another pile up, this time Michael Gonzalez almost went up side down!! One lap in, 2 yellows out, here we go again. Once again, another yellow for the X Mods. So,it's yellow after yellow after yellow. Christy Georges goes to the lead. Kenny Medina will battle her but won't be able to stop her. Later on, here comes Gergory Gorham in his 93, he's running right outside your top 5. Dickie Gorham is running inside the top 5. Gregory Gorham is trying to get into your top five and he will, but the yellow will wave for Steven Villages in 75. On the restart. Patrick Carney makes a huge move, he gets into the top 5. Yellow once again. So, on the restart Georges gets back to work. Dustin Smith moves into the top 5. But he needs a whole straight away to do it.  So, holding on and taking the "W" in this wild, wild, wild one for the X Mods is Christy Georges in the Barnett Harley Davidson 44.
by Ruben Mireles