The grandstands at Southern New Mexico Speedway were filled with a great race fans, and new faces from the city of Las Cruces. It was Fan Appreciation Night at the Speedway, presented by 101 Gold!! The general admission was only $1.00!! It was also the return of the USRA Dirt Modifieds, CDM Late Models, USRA Street Stocks, and the Legends of the South West. 
Saturday August 24th Race Winners...
Glen's Dash Winner Chris Showers, Main Event Winners Fito Gallardo (USRA Modifieds), Sherman Barnett (Late Models), Donavon Flores (USRA Street Stocks) and Dusty Riggs (Legends).
  The CDM Late Models had 13 checked in for a 20 lap main event. Sherman Barnett would get to an early lead. Jimmy Ray would follow. Fito Gallardo and Garrett Alberson were on the on the move as well, Alberson to 3rd. Jimmy Ray held 2nd. Sherman continued to dominate. A yellow came out for a car spun, later,  another yellow and this time for Garrett Alberson!!??!! Right as they were going to let 'em loose, Alberson stops. He stopped tell the corner flag man that there was a drive shaft between turns 1 and 2. That was a safety hazard, so, Garrett was given his spot back. On the restart, Alberson gave Jimmy Ray something to worry about. Jimmy got away as the field spread out. At the wave of the checker flag, Sherman Barnett took the win!!! 
   The USRA Street Stocks came out next, and man, it was a good race with a great ending. In the beginning, Christian Showers showed the way. This was just his 3rd time racing at Southern New Mexico Speedway. He won Glen's Dash For Cash earlier in the night. As he was leading the main, a yellow waved for the 812. Danny Carbajal blew an engine. Showers had a good restart, he continued to lead. But here comes Donavon Flores. Another yellow waved, this time Paul Telles, Jr. comes to a stop. Christian Showers, in his #510, still showed the way with a handfull of Donavon Flores right behind him!! It was now a green, white, checked finish. Showers has led since the drop of the green, the high line was the place to be. Flores tried low, nothing there. So look at this. Flores took it way up high in the exit of four!! Showers thought he had it won!! Flores had the high line while Showers took it down low!! Donavon won it by inches once again, but got the job done!! 
   The Legends put on a good show, as they had 20 laps for a field of 15 cars. In the beginning stages of the race, Brady Labree and Dusty Riggs were working themselves up through the field. Eric McNutt, in his 24, gave them something to worry about. They would show the fans what racing was all about! They battled and battled until Dusty Riggs got a hold of the lead. He never relinquished it, winning the Legends main event.
  After a "DYNAMITE" show with the USRA Street Stocks, let's see what the USRA Dirt Modifieds have in store for the fans. Donavon Ooley and Fito Gallardo started on the front row. The green waved and Gallardo dominated. But later on Fito Gallardo gets in a wreck in turns 3 and 4!! He came to a stop with Chris Sims. Don't know what happen there. On the restart Fito stays with the lead. He gasses it out of four. Later on another yellow came out for a car coming to a stop. This time Fito had company. Here comes Jacob Gallardo!!! The Gallardos are running 1 and 2. On the restart Fito was just way faster than son Jacob. A couple of laps later, here comes the "Fast N' Furious" 131 of Royal Jones!! Jones to 2nd. But time ran out for the 131. Fito Gallardo takes it to Victory Lane, on this Fan Appreciation Night presented by 101 Gold!!
by Ruben Mireles