John Carney, Jr. Doubles Up With Saturday Night ASCS 305 Wings Win At Southern New Mexico Speedway
John Carney, Jr. (ASCS 305 Winged Sprints), Benny Pena (Hornets), and Donavon Flores (Glen's Dash, Street Stocks and XMods) were the big winners at Southern New Mexico Speedway on the final day of August. And check out the crazy action from Jerry Gonzales.
  The Southern New Mexico Speedway was going to end the month of August with a bang, as we had the return of the Renegade ASCS 305 Winged Sprint Cars, USRA Street Stocks, CSR Garage Hornets, and the USRA X Mods. 
   In the USRA Street Stock class, Donavon Flores was looking to take a win after pulling off 16 laps before the checker in El Paso on Friday night. Starting on the tail of the pack again, he moved through quickly. Most of the race the field was single file. The battle was always in the top 5. Jason Ziehl was in the fight until he came to a stop. But I tell you what, he went to the back and after the restart, was flying back into the top 5. That is until when Jason got to 4th Brandon Cruse and Miles Widmer, who were going at it for 2nd!! Jason went three wide and passed them as if they were parked. Jason would have to settle with second,
though, as Donavon was gone! He would take the win once again in his #07. 
  CSR Garage Hornets showed the better car count this weekend with 10 cars making the call. In the beginning stages of the race David Jay, Jr. led the way, until he flew off the track in one and two. His drive shaft came off, so his night would come to an end. Larry Maag and Benny Pena battled for every crumb on the table for the lead, until slower traffic takes out Maag. Benny beats him to the checker flag, winning the CSR Hornets Feature.
   The Renegade ASCS 305 Winged Sprint Cars were pushed onto the speedway for their main event. John Carney, Jr. took the lead, Lorne Wofford challenged him and made the pass. But Lorne didn't get far until a red flag waved! Jerry Gonzalez went for a super wild ride in turns 3 and 4. On the restart, Aaron Reutzel and Tyler Jackson were battling for 4th. Cesar Fuentes held strong in 3rd. Reutzel tried to pass Fuentes but he was too fast. Then, another red and this time it was for ROYAL JONES!!! Royal's left rear tire came off. Luckily, he just tipped his car over. Ranger, his crew chief, and his crew put a tire on and were back in the race. On the restart, Wofford was back in command. Reutzel had moved to 3rd quickly!! Carney wouldn't give up! They were side by side for that spot!! Then, another red flag!! This time it was the same car, ROYAL JONES, but this time he would not be able to continue! His chassis was junk. He was taking chances, trying to get back into the top 5 after going to the back. He went 3 wide for the 5th spot, took it a little too low and caught the tires marking the berm, and he caught some air! On the restart, Aaron Reutzel pulled a slide job on Lorne. As sometimes happens, he didn't complete it and man, you're leaders both ended up on the wall!! Lorne climbed out of his car and was after Aaron, but LORNE'S CAR CATCHES ON FIRE!!! He looks back and turns around and saves his car. Since the officials called the yellow before Lorne came to a stop, he kept his spot. Reutzel, however, was out of the chase.  After that, Lorne saw the green but didn't get a good start, John Carney,Jr. passed him for the lead. They were side by side!! Wofford had to let off and John Carney the II sweeps the weekend with the win at the Southern New Mexico Speedway!!
   After a wild main event for the Sprint Cars, it's X Mod time! Sherman Barnett was strong from the green flag,racing himself into the lead. He showed the way, but yellow after yellow meant he had to fight to keep his lead on the restarts. Gregory Gorham was involved in 2 yelows, one of them was his fault, but he staid strong and dodged all the mess while working himself through the field. Donavon Flores was the driver who stayed out of trouble in the race, he's in 2nd.  Suddenly, on yet another restart, Barnett just seemed to lose a step, allowing Flores to whizz by. At the end Flores passed Sherman for the lead, winding up with the checkers. Flores went three for three Saturday night, winning Glen's Dash, the USRA Street Stock feature and closing out the night with a third victory in the USRA X Mods main event.
by Ruben Mireles